The holiday in Australia seems like a distant dream. Came home to find that partner boss has been fielding a whammy from client who has gone suddenly crazy and irrational. Since I came back, we've been busy but not too busy to find time to eat at Flora. Barely seen husband , he hit the ground running as they say..with new patients coming who waited for him to come back , and I am grouchy as I don't like him busy. What to do, can't have your cake and eat it too eh, so Alhamdullillah for all the rezeki...but can't you come home and stay awake for longer than 40 minutes?

And the kids, they have started school too and co-co (Extracurricular activities) and tuition! Oh yeah, I dah start swimming dah with Nadine and Sara..started yesterday, aiyoo, not used to exercise , so memang penat...even though all we did was bubbling (blow bubbles through nose) and practise whip kick - ie kick like frog. The one thing I could not do , was the "butterfly" which required you to go to the deep end, let go , touch the bottom, kick yourself up and then grab the sides. I panicked. Nadine naturally did it well.Menyampah hehehehe. Sara did not go last night because she just got back from school for her co-co. But next week I need to figure out how to get her earlier from school coz she wants to come so much. I think this swimmng class may just be able to teach me how to blinking swim , because it teaches you one technique at a time, and so different from the swimming classes when I was younger, with paddle boards and practising your flutterkicks.

Oh yeah , Yesterday the Japanese sensei was with us sampai malam,she had dinner at home, and waited for me to go swimming and then come back...she came home with us because today she went back to the States, for good. So she had some things to pass to me. I took her for lunch earlier at Persian restaurant. After that she came up cause she wanted to use the computer and I had a meeting anyway at the office,till 5 . She was going home after 2 years in Malaysia- miserable years, she said. She did not like the school, the people, etc etc. Malaysia she liked. I'm glad to know her, now I know how Japanese people go round and round the roundabout before they tell you what they want. They hint at it and then wait for you to figure it out! She wanted me to help her transfer her monies out to the States...although she was just chatting about it at first..it took some time before I realise that she was asking for help.. in the end she gave me her money so now I have someone else's money and I have to wire it over. She even paid me the wiring fee. No wonder she waited for me through my meetings and my swimming etc !! Ada prawn rupenye sebalik batu...

Ok lah i have to go sleep. I m very nervous. Esok I have to conduct the BNI meeting....aiyoo ....


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