Friday, March 11, 2011

Housecaptains and presidents.

The kids all ponteng sekolah yesterday. They said they've been having sports all week and if they go again yesterday they were only going to do some MORE marching etc moan moan so can they skip school please?

I said - ok! Then I tried to pretend I wasn't such a walkover by telling them that they MUST do some schoolwork NOWWWW. I want to see it when I get back ok!! Not sure whether they did or not, I came home so late. Somehow I don't think so. How to get them to do schoolwork on their own?

Actually one of my children does homework without prompting. Dahlia. She will forgo mandi, makan etc until she finishes all her work. Someone who doesn't procrastinate??Where DOES she get it from? She was also the only one who turned down my offer(or my allowance) of them staying home. She wanted to go to school she said because she had a test. Eh?? Takkan Dahlia je yang ada test? Like the dad said- daya, you have a test, and the others don't? But it seems that was right.

Nadine had to go as well. She's the house captain this year and she said it will look bad if she ponteng. So she went!

Boy I SO know how she feels. That BNI group I joined. has asked me to take on the president role, ie to lead the meeting and to have Leadership meeting, and to also guide the group. For 6 months je lah. I get to have a team. I don't I a leader?? I am the woman behind the leader usually . I offer the ideas and you carry out lah. I am the silent leader (or not so silent leader ha ha) I do not like to be seen to make an unpopular decision. I like to be liked. I cannot say no. Hmm I am so dead, aren't I.

However, since I cannot say no, I said yes. So I am the president of the Ampang group for 6 months from April to October. Goodluck lahhhhhhhh diri ku... Kenalah paksa berdisiplin lebih..macam today ada meeting...around 6.20 I have to be there..So I am already awake. To leave by 6. Subuh kat sana (Bankers' Club) . And, cannot ponteng!. And , cannot lambat! And..oh mygawd banyaknye AND. Alah takda apalah kan? Bukan president apa apa pun kan..small thing only....

Eh Ok lah ..I continue buat kerja sikit week takda kat office..cuti yay yay so kena lah habiskan partner tu sampai sakit kepala in advance memikir kan kerja I yang dia kena handle.


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