Listen to me carrying on!!

Am in love with Nick Cage. So one dimensional yet such a great actor. Watching Sorcerer's Apprentice at the moment with jojo and Shah, my brother. It's hilarious!!!

Husband has gone to Manong . his uncle passed away ....Innalillahiwainnaillahi roojiun.- my father in law's eldest brother.

My father in law has 3 other siblings. Two went to settle in Perak. the other one, the only sister, remained in Johor until recently - she is now with her daughter in KL. Having said that we rarely see her. TERUK KAN! We are terrible. The uncle who died was the eldest, living in Manong. Childless. I met him once. His house is just behind the Perak River (HUGE in the rain).

Poor dad in law..last week his car got stolen. He was at the mosque, he put the keys in the drawer in the mosque,(ok dont ask WHY did he do THAT?? Did that) finished prayers and found the car missing. He came up to KL today in a cab, and went to Manong with my husband. We are looking for a replacement car for him. But on the other hand, maybe he shouldn't drive anymore? He IS 72 and has had 2 heart attacks. But nothing ages you more than people treating you like you are old. Kan? I personally hope to still be traipsing around the world (or rather, FINALLY be traipsing around the world) at the age of 80. With my husband by my side of course. (who would be carrying the bags??)You know what, I bet at 80 I would still be smsing him "Where ARE You???" ..just hope I don't ask "WHO are you?" Aiyoo, please God , spare me from late wan had it...and it ain't pretty. So sad especially when you see bright bright men and women, suffering from it. So please. God , preserve my sanity and mind. Plus god knows what MORE rubbish I am likely to spew out if I really lose my mind.

Anyway how are you? So glad that it's Friday eh. I have been nursing this headache for 2 days..but I think that is cavity related. I have these 2 huge cavities covering 2 molars....and I know I need a root canal..but I've been putting it off...Dr Lim in AmpWalk is wonderful to babies like me so I'm thinking of going there. Although Dr Fauziah in Melawati is cheaper by far. (Dr L may cost more than RM3k!) BUt he DOES pamper you , let you stop many times, let you gargle even though you tak rasa nak gargle...listen to your rambling on about your psychological fear of dentist and what happened to you in Labuan when the army dentist pulled out your tooth and how you hid in the big drain to avoid having to go..etc, you know, the usual stories people tell)

Kids are busy with their sports day. The actual sports day is on the 12th. But with Adni, there's several parts to it. Tomorrow is the Putri (Princesses) Sports Day. The kids (Johan's age) finished their sports day today. So on the 12th what else is left I asked. The track events for boys and girls. You know, Adni has an interschool event where they would compete with other schools . There was one time when they competed against ISKL. The ISKL guys won. It was something to see though, the ISKL guys in their white shorts and singlets. And the Adni guys with their Islamic long track bottoms etc. Ha ha. Shows you that Islam is no barrier to anything. Only barrier is in your mind , y'allz!!

Ok how do I end this rambling eh.. you guys have a good weekend ok!


ADNI should play against the ISKL girls in their shortest of shorts. Hehehe...

Dhaka International School HS principal was good. She would catch all these girls who wore shorts shorter than 4" from their knees and forced them to wear baggy pants kept in her closet. She said the school isn't a beach resort.

Tapi ISKL ni tutup mata aje. Some girls would even fold up their already pendek shorts and teachers turn blind eyes aje. As a mum, I find that quite offensive actually.
Kak Teh said…
salam, just got your message in my bog - ya, sure , i do have friends yang pandai buat kueh mueh melayu di London - ask her to contact me:
Waah if adni plays the girls. it would have to be tertutup (closed) nanti the adni boys get excited hehehehehe..takpalah malaysia panas kot.....or kaki lawa ke....

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