Friday, March 18, 2011

melbourne day 2

hi now we are in melbourne. Arrived yesterday afternoon. Would like to say that we arrived in plenty of time at the sydney airport and we calmly checked in but sadly, no. The highway was jammed so by the time we arrived it was past 9. We had to check in by 9.45. Then we had to park the car at the car rental place and discovered there was no parking place. Nasib baik one guy pulled out so we could park. Then we ran to check in, phew , long queue . Then as we got to the top of the line I found out that i had left the laptop in the car so another heartstopping moment. Husband ran (haha no he didn't , he was cool about it) to the car and retrieved it and we waited patiently . Then we all went in and Sophia had her bag chosen to be randomly checked thoroughly by the security people so that delayed us more. Rushed to the gate which was of course the very end of the building and dah 10 am...thank goodness the flight was delayed. God is great. In the plane everyone SLEPT . Then we arrived and discovered that there was NO CAR available to hire. I didn't really look into it because I thought we may be able to get around without it but then I rasa , with all of us, and our stuff, maybe not. Husband went walking to other rental car offices and in the end he came back and said he got one...thank goodness!! A tarago lak tu (Estima) so familiar ler.

Eh boring nye post kat atas ni, what the heck , at least I can read back and recall how kecoh yesterday was he he! Anyway we got to our house - wow jauhnye lar but actually it works out to be convenient sebab its halfway between the city and the airport. The house is sooo cute but sejuklah nak mati. Melbourne is very cold lah! ada ke 15 degrees, entah apa apa . After offloading our stuff we headed out to town. Melbourne melambak trams so discovered the hard way that we cannot simply turn right if there is a tram coming down from the opposite direction because the tram will hit you. Headed to Federation square not because we know what it had but we read (3 minutes before) that that this was the place to be. So we went and first thing first, look for food. Very good place at the Federation Square called Chinotto- which is italian ran by chinese so ok lah . The kids ordered risotto lah, pizza lah, calamari lah and gnocchi. Pandainye yang makan mak and bapak. Padanlah jeans dah tak muat.

Then we went to the river which is just behind the federation square building. Sebenarnye ada banyak benda nak buat kat sini...sayang je sbb tak da time..we went to the Australian Centre for Animation and had lots of fun playing with effects like shadows, matrix film effect..teramat amatlah jakunz. Pantang nampak display "Touch this for sound" semua orang touch. One thing good about the kids is they are easily amused. Pi lalu kat river, ada playground pun dah happy. Main dengan swinglah, pasir lah, naik hammock lah ...thank goodness there were no children around he he!


Ok lah today we are just about to set off..bye ...

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