Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My parents are back!

My parents are back! Yay yay!

After a period of five months with my brother and his family in Ireland, they finally returned..

Because we are Malaysians, we didn't do SQUAT until like about 2 days before their return.(Biasalah LAST MINUTE!) ie. The last week (or 2 ) Brother no 3 who has been staying in the house started to come up with reports,each one more panicky than the last like "Kaklong, the Volvo(my dad's car) cannot start". "Kaklong, the maid is not coming to clean the house". and the best one is " Kaklong, we cannot renew the roadtax of the Volvo because there are 4 months unpaid installments on it!"

Heheheh and that was because Kaklong is responsible for maintaining the payments for it. Actually Kaklong is NOT supposed to take it alone but share it with my brothers , however somehow, Kaklong (or rather Kaklong's husband may God bless your generous soul) has been maintaining. And Kaklong often forgets which date she has to pay the Maybank 2u thingy to the Car, and end up paying either more or less. So in this case, it was less. By about 4 months . When I called Maybank they told me the missed installment were somewhere in 2010 February and then June. ??Anyway that is sorted out now, so they went to do the roadtax...except my Brother no 1 whose name the car is registered under, had some samans as well so he had to settle that as well.

The fact that the Volvo cannot start pun ada kelakar nye. My brother no 3 (I have 3 brothers only lar) had been told by my father to start the car every day. Of courselah he didn't do it. Because he comes back late or he was bz...biasa lah. And with the fact of my dad's return looming ahead, he discovered that the car wouldnt start. And he was pondering hooooowwww to ask my dad for the number of the mechanic, without making my dad freak out. We came out with several alternative dialogues" babah ada tak nombor mekanik tu bah? Ha? Kereta rosak? Manaaaada...saja je nak lah, dah lama dah tak keep in touch kan..heh heh heh". Hee hee

Brother no 1 and 3 (and brother no 1's wife) , thank you for cleaning mom and dad's house..even though you left your kids here with us....and we suspect you may be out dating rather than clean mom and dad's house (seriously three days running? pelik tu hahahahhaah) but we don't mind cause they are adorable kids...(and they truly are)

Husband also did a bit of lasminute magic as well. His dad lost his car, so we bought him a persona. In the meantime, we "lent" him my dad's persona on Saturday, husband drove to Kluang with the new persona, to bring back the old that by my dad's return...he got his car back

And my brother no 1 bought groceries in the fridge...

And my brother no 2 yang duduk Ireland?? Sent annoying messages asking whether my parents' house are clean or not..heeeyyyyyyyy .....

Ok babaiiii



The whole lot is hilarious just like you. Dah besar panjang pun still kecut perut with parentskan? Same here!

tiara324542 said...

HI ..memang kecut perut!!

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