rambling @ home..

I'm working from home today.

I am so glad that (a) I can and (b) my boss tak marah. Jangan jelez you allzzzzz!! heheh. Actually melambak kerja- I have a lot to get on with. I seem to NOT be able to do it at the actual office, because of many small distractions ..like me blogging ...like me yearning for lunch at 10.30 am ..like us eating at Flora...again...So today I think I want to STAY in one place. I am dressed like Im going to work and sitting in front of the PC. But first- just a QUIIIICCCKKK blog. he he.

The TV is busted so its quiet. Ceh tak boleh nak tengok Bones /Burns Notice/ favourite of all times NCIS laa macam ni!! Quick- call the Astro man!

Husband is still at home, by the way. Entah apa his mimpi, he is now spring cleaning the closet. In front of my laptop here I can see a mountain of clothes that the girls have outgrown of and that he has taken out of the storage room (ok it wasn't a storage room when we first moved in here...it was supposed to be Johan's room ) He is now mumbling- baju hitam ni sapa boleh pakai? To which I will absentmindedly reply- bagi Hajar/Mohamad/Yusuf/Yasser (my brother and my friends' kids) ..Hope they don't mind getting handmedowns. Some of them still new tau..sometimes they ARE new, because we bought and then the bibik kept the bag, and then we forgot we bought...hehehehehe. Sayang, sayang.

Johan is at home with me. I convinced the dear husband that I want Johan to study at home and anyway it's sports fever week this week (their sports day is 12th March) - they are practising their "battlecries" now and Nadine and Sophia has come into my room ransacking/er looking for track bottoms. They came out of my room with their dad's pants. Because I don't have any trackbottoms that can fit them. Ok ok, I dont have any trackbottoms.

Ok Ok ...better go and do this work that I have a lot of....


mamasita said…
Love your teasing easy style of your home coverage..very down to earth..:D
hi mamasita..thats the highest accolade i can think of...being down to earth! Love you mwahh!!
suria said…
your writing is so entertaining...miss you..chu
chu...miss u tak...

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