Thursday, March 17, 2011

Still in Sydney but not for long!

It feels really insensitive to be blogging about what we did etc when the news are telling us about the horrors in Japan and also scaring me witless about the potential of radiation.

I am watching telly at the moment,waiting for the kids to wake up. Last night's dinner (lambchop strogannoff is heating up -thank you to instant sauce in a jar) for breakfast. All clothes are now washed and dried- I think the apartment owner may come out with a loss, if she factors in the electricity cost we must have managed to run up . The washing machine has been working every morning and night. The dryer too! Kat rumah manja ada maid , kat sini buatla kau sendiri. Heheh..ok apa,semua orang kena kerah, lipat baju bersihkan toilet basuh pinggan. balik karang kena teruskan ok!

It is about 8 minutes to 7 am here and we have to go to the airport soon. I am targetting to leave at 8. The plane leaves at half past 10. the airport is 10 mins away. Anxious much?? heheheh. Well, you never know if the usually 10 minute drive is going to be an hour crawl with the morning working people traffic. So its best to be early right. Plus there's only the one bathroom here and I have four girls will take forever. Cepat cepat!

Tak puas tengok Sydney, Not enough time...I was mentioning that you should NOT get the 4 in one ticket. Not that its bad. Just that, you might not want to go to that 4 attractions when you get here. I would have preferred to go to Taronga zoo, rather than the wildlife centre. The Wildlife centre tu enclosed cages, so you see the animals all in cages. Kesian gak..the kangaroos were all lying down macam malas. No matter where you go to see animals, though, you MUST go see Aussie's animals..because Australia has so many animals insects reptiles etc that you cannot find anywhere else in the world! Lizard dia je, macam prehistoric animals. The sharks and the jelly fish and the spiders.

Anyway after seing the animals etc, we went to the Sydney Tower. Ala ala KL Tower lah except you have to go into a shopping centre first. Naik Level 5, lepas tu naik tower top. LOTS OF JAPANESE AND CHINESE people blocking our way. After we caught the 4D show(fantastic) we went home. Not because we wanted to, (although i dah penat) but because we had to eat dinner-we bought ayam halal and daging halal and kalau tak makan membazir. Plus Sydney is expensive ! Our lunch of fish and chips cost about AUD70 (kali 3) . Carik gak kalau ada Pelita ke apa tapi takda. The first night we ate kebab - portion was so huge but kena gak AUD80. Second night dinner was Ayam masak butter chicken- bapaknye masak. Again, instant sauce in the jar. Now i remember how I survived cooking in the UK dulu ! heheheheh

Semalam we went out again, this time I was determined to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Ye lah so far only caught glimpses of it as we drove along. Husband lak cannot stop stop to take picture because he was too bz concentrating on what rubbish the GPS was telling him heheheh. Ada ke tell us to go right when we are on the bloody highway. Right pi mana, cek oi?? Masuk pagar adalah.

We got to Sydney Opera House. We took the tour (must do) and got to go in the concert halls. Rupanye they had a competition for the design, and the winning one had been discarded in the bin ! Nasib baik they retrieved it. And this Danish architect designed it and it took about 16 years to complete. Semua orang impressed at the high quality design and so much thought put into it. It took 3 years for them to perfect the TILES on the roof so that they can SELFCLEAN and its still sold in Sweden and it's called Sydney! The 4 sails as roof (the whole opera house were supposed to resemble a ship or sailboat) were beautiful, looked impossible to have been constructed, and the attention to detail..amazing. Kalau Malaysia?? MAybe start with 4 sails on paper, tapi bila dah sub con , jadi one sail je kot,.....hahahhahaha. And tiles maybe dah hilang dah. hi hi hi. Sorry lah but I wish we have the same pride in our work as the orang luar has.

Pas tu we went to the ROCK. It was just a place where you can walk by the bridge..and see the Harbour bridge and the Opera House. Kaki ku sakit so I was not the happiest of bunnies, especially when the husband dragged us all back to the car park because he wanted to repark to avoid higher charges, only to find that we had hit the maximum charge. So off we went out limping on my heels , padan muka bawak heels sapa suruh. and in the end husband kesian so we stopped at McDona.

So many more things to at the Sydney Opera House they are selling Carmen tickets for AUD50 each..this is cheap apparently. If we wanted to go yesterday we would have had to pay about AUD1000 kot for the family. Sebab only A reserve seats je available and this is on a weekday! Kids were interested actually. I don't think so lah kids because a) it is blardie expensive b) it is in French.

Apa lagi ..if we had time we would go see the beach more..yesterday we drove through the sea towns...Bondi, Coogee, La Perouse...cantik lah, of course lah cantik lagi kampung nelayan di Terengganu but the places here have their charm....

Eh I have been rambling on and on and on..its almost 7.15. See you soon then!! Enjoy pics!

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