Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sydney Day 1

Yo yo yo..! We're in Sydney! Yayyyy jakuns. Dah lama dah book tiket - apa lagi AirAsia ler. Ok lah, walaupun very crammed. It was a full flight. No spare seats at all. The stewards all called me auntie. Sigh..

Anyway AirAsia doesn't go to Sydney, so we landed in Melbourne and then caught Tiger Airways to Sydney. Samalah tiket murah however AirAsiaLCCT is so much cleaner lah , kira standard lagi bagus lah daripada this matsalleh airport. Kitorang dah tercepat sampai dari pukul 11 pagi although the flight was at 3. I don't think my husband liked me very much as I rushed everyone - I get very anxious when there is a deadline, although this is only with flights or trains etc. For work i relakkkkksss je hehehehehe ..

We finally arrived and decided- we have to take a car! Thank goodness we found one that can fit all of us. As we were registering, horrors, where's my laptop? Ran back to the arrivals place and finally found it at the airline place- tertinggal in the plane.

We found our apartment quite easily thanks to Ms GPS. Nice walk up apartment! 2 bedroom, large living room with futon, another bed by the door, WASHING MACHINE and DRYER!! and clean and new bathroom with STRONG SHOWER so to me this is ala ala HIlton allready he he. The lady who checked us in gave us a bottle of WINE to welcome us - we sent it back . Perhaps I should have just chucked it in the bin, instead of encouraging her to drink it.

Of course lah kan, once arrived in front of the was hard to get out again. Plus we were actually very very tired..the day before the kids had their sports day and spent the morning marching. (that could be why they weren't moaning too much with all the walking from one terminal to the other that we had to do yesterday) . We checked in at 6, at 9 pm we finally got off our butt to find dinner..and that was when we discovered GPS hates us.

Husband had a fight with the GPS when it refused to find us the place we asked it to. Ok we didn't really know how to operate the damn thing, honestly. In the end we found one Brothers Kebab in Sydney and stopped to ask if it was halal. Hurray!! it was , and the portion were HUMONGOUS. habis laaaa diet aku.....dahlah sampai je airport tadi husband bought me Aeromint, chocolate terfavourite I. Is he saying he wants me podgy or what???

Anyway after wolfing down the 3 lambkebabs, 3 savlokies (meat chunks which Sara had trouble eating because of her braces but she was the one who really really wanted it) we left to find the Sydney Harbour bridge....or OPera House. Set the GPS for Opera House. It took us round and round but not to Opera House. Satay House adalah. Heheheheheh. Husband really really got mad at the GPS hehehe.

Going round and round the city, we finally found ourselves at the Harbour bridge- fanstastic view!Can't believe that the image we see all the time, is now before our very eyes. Alhamdulillah..Ni pun dah excited, imagine kalau dapat tengok Kaabah! Sure terpengsan.

We did stop to buy groceries , after that dah yawn kiri kanan so we went home...

And now, at 11.30 am , we are still in the house!! Husband dah basuh baju (so rajin lah him) while his wife snoring away! Love you lah! We are now going out. Ocean world kot.

Ok catch you later!

On another note: Australia is so direct . The road signs so funny. Wrong Way, turn back. Another one is "Left lane MUST turn left". They don't mince words , that's for sure!


LifeBloom said...

Bestnyaaaa...!!! This week Irfan is not around is my week to do extra work at the office!

Anonymous said...

i love sydney too!!!

dont miss out the fish market!

Anonymous said...

Wow best nya Shila! Have fun & dont forget fish & chips this time around..:-)



same here kak Mai, children all posted to MIL, can stay back and work late at home. Enjoying it? Kind of. teruk kan?


Bestnya Sydney. Yes, F&C a must!Had mine in Melbourne and Adelaide..sedap. and of coz uk's sedap kan?

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