Thursday, April 28, 2011


Thursday! YIKES!!!

Today I pi GYM with husband..ok malas nyeeee..i fell in the toilet and hurt my back last Tuesday and so I told him takyahlah you je lah sorang pergi but he said ok tuuuu must go..and the blardie instructor pun bolayan I punya de-eh de-eh (groans and moans) and he gave me 30 sets each of everything KAU KEJAM JOHN

Anyway it felt good lah of course and when I came home husband of course tak leh nak bercakap..and then we both got suuupermotivated and said lepas subuh je must WORK OUT ! Ye lah..lepas subuh terjun balik dalam duvet tidoooorrrrr...hahahaha

Kids ok..Johan finally got his archery set ie bow and arrow..dah berapa minggu dah dia takda alat alat tu so everytime orang main dia cuba kecek orang punya, nak pinjam..kesiannnn ..husband takda lah important sangat to go and buy it - almost 900 kau! But when I said kesiann johan, kawan dia taknak share pun, and he is the only one walking around on the field, kicking pebbles , waiting for belas ihsan orang nak kasi share..terus bapak dia pergi KEPONG sana beli bow and arrow ha ha take THAT other boys yang taknak share!!!

Sophia and Daya lak this weekend going for a workshop over night at UKM about motivasi and also techniques of menjawab soalan..Johan pun I nak hantar, cauze his bm very the sedeh one....but bapak dia kata nooo he is too young....

I am organising this with Puan Harlina..but school not really supporting ..why ah?? We need 4 more kids to make it 70!

Ok have a nice day!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Goodmorning Monday!

Hi buat apa last weekend? Boring kan, daaah Monday. Where did the weekend go??

On Saturday I went for that treatment thingy. Nadine went for her debate class, where apparently she was teaching the newbies on how to conduct yourself during debate. She and other people lar. I am all for her being more active but I have to tell her lar..she cannot lah debate with mommy. Ini kan, everything I say sekarang, is a subject for debate. If I say, Nadine, good morning, she may say it's not really morning mummy.! Taulah dah 16 years old he he. I told her Nadine, I don't want you to change into those bratty teenagers who feel their moms are never right!! ..and don't take that tone with me young lady! I told her she is still my baby no matter how old she is and why is she insolent to me nowadays when I love her sooooooo much??(not above emotional blackmail, me he he) If she feels like being so, I asked her to catch herself . Listen to yourself. I trust her to be sensible with this! I would really hate it if my kids turn out to be morose, or slam doors or sulk for days!

You know who I can foresee doing that? One of my daughters who is no 3 ha ha. If I leter her she will go into major sulk mode and she will slam doors and I will yell back for her to close the door again, gently. She is a lovely girl, but emotional! I just sigh when she does that..takda energy sometimes kan?

Talking of emotional, Daya is also emotional. Come to think of it, so is Sara! The thing they cannot take is when they feel I have unjustly accused them of something. Oh the way they would defend themselves. Girls, sometimes I'm just lazy to find out who is right and I just want to whack all of you one shot- boleh tak? Sometimes je lar..heheheh not always. Sara of course (and yaya too) takes the shortcut and whack each other before I can.

I am lucky though because I don't remember my kids ever to throw tantrums, or be difficult or be spoilt. Must be because they're girls?? My nephews now are going through a stage where they show their anger by banging their heads on the floor, hitting the dad, screaming etc. I recommend that their parents stare at them in a funny way or tell them, look I cannot talk to you when you are like this, I will ignore you until you are ok. But does it work if they are 2? Maybe 42 boleh lar hahahahaha (you can still use this line ok)

We have no clue how to be parents. We are just winging it! Nadine just got a fantastically EXPENSIVE camera from her dad who did not tell me he would spend this much money on her (ye laaaa taulah duit dia......) because she wants it for her Media club. She knows I do not approve of the expense (beli lah second hand Nikon tak leh?) and she said she didn't ask for it. I am ok , she IS our daughter and we can lah say its for her PMR as well but still, don't lah terperanjat kan I like that. Parenting bukan 2 people punya kerja ke.

I told sis in law yang duduk Ireland and have 1 child tu, to get help, read books, get are not born instantly terror on how to raise children. I can see my mom giving advice to her and I can see it's not welcomed ! I feel for her because I know what it's like to have mominlaws giving advice but then , take it in the spirit its given, dearest sis in law, with humility and realisation that as much as we think we know, we DON'T know, and appreciate all the advice that our moms and moms in law give..after all they are not here for long and having them around at all is such a luxury don't be irritated..because you ARE a new parent and babies are not born with a manual.

Hey!! How come I wasn't this wise when I was in her position?? I pun ingat I terror tau..kesian laaa my inlaws. I just doa that I wasn't rude or what to my inlaws...mana tau kan, kita muda macam tu...

Wokaylahh back to work guys..I want to quit and be tai tai but apparently I have signed my life to my partner he he hehe....(unless he kicks me out for excessive internetting)

Monday, April 18, 2011


I have signed up on Twitter.

I FEEL like a total twit(ter) because I don't know how to work it. I only have like 1 follower which is my boss . I don't think I will try to master it as I am sure I will be obsessed. I will feel like telling people that I am hungry/want milo/hate that lady overtaking me/etc etc. Not sure if you want to hear that. At the moment if Im tweeting I'd be saying - why is tonight so HOT??

Oh well..Im sure I'll get it soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

the birthday day!

So, I had planned a dinner last Friday kan. It was also supposed to be a relaxing half day off day for me ..he he What actually happened was:

6.30 to 8.30 am we had a BNI meeting which I chaired. Fantastic meeting, so many referrals were generated for each other> Colin the Jadi Batek gallery chief got his dream referral from Dr fauziah who referred to him the owner of several resorts who now want to give batik scarves as gifts to the guests!! Plus attention seeking me, had to tell everyone "Hi ! Its my birthday !" hahahaha so sad..but I was soo excited.

8.30 to 9.00 am- still at Bankers club at BNI- inducting the new member Richard who comes from Kent , selling gold and silver units

9-10 am- still at Bankers club!! Bni meeting lagi- we had a power team meeting, ie, we have been divided into groups of similar interest or strategic alliances and we were the business and finance team comprising of 2 lawyers, 1 loan consultant, 1 accountant, Richard, and Bob the matsalleh pension fund investment. Ok decided that we are collectively going to hold a seminar this July! Erks!!

10.30 am-12.30- lari balik office ! ada interview kat office rupernye!! met 2 gals who were articulate and reasonably good from UUM...

12.30-12.45 pm- boss called me into my room saying i want to see you kejap and when i went in walauuuu!! there was this bouquet of flowers from BJ and Gina!! And the office and Boss' family gave a beautiful orchid!! AND the gals at the office brought out a CAKE!! Terperanjat. Believe it or not, although I had been excitedly telling all and sundry that it was my birthday I had not actually expected any gifts or what (seriously) so it was a SURPRISE when they brought out a cake! Thank you boss and gals!!

12.45pm- ran out to meet my 2 friends at klcc. One of whom had been there since 12.30 and have brought stuff for me , adn had taken LRT from home. (She had taken the day off ok!) I made the COLOSSAL mistake of taking the car, and got turned away at the various car park entry points by men in yellow suits and in the end I valet parked at Mandarin oriental. That was 1.45 pm ok!~! The friend had brought home made PULUT KUNING AND RENDANG which her sister cooked for her this morning - i was so touched....kesian dia benda tu so berat...anyway she was NOT happy but hope was a bit mollified by my grovelling. hahah. We went to Chillies for lunch. Got seated finally at 2 .15 pm

3.15- lunch finished, I rushed back to office ada clients tunggu. I asked them to meet me at Secret Recipe so I can buy them coffee for making them wait...We got stuff signed and guess what the wife bought me a CAKE! So sweet. They know it was my birthday because they had asked me to attend to them today and I had told them I was taking the half day off because I wanted to be early for the birthday dinner. Ha ha to 7- ran up to the office, had a nice and long (finally) chat with boss - daily updates etc.

7. ish- made my way to KL HIlton..waduhhh so jammed the roads, every way there was was jam med..arrived finally at 8.15 pm

8.15 pm to 9.30 pm- ALONE! At sudu restaurant! the table had been set for 15! And I was the only one there! I started eating at the buffet table. Pedulik lar orang kata apa...i was hungry man!

11. 9.30 to 11 pm- Family eventually arrived and soon the place had kids running around and was noisy. Husband gave a gorgeous bouquet of half a dozen roses ! What a surprise! (hahaha - NOT)

11 ish pm - took loads of family photos at Hilton lobby! First time all were around! Then we all went up to the room we had booked for the night where husband slept through most of the conversation that went on...

Around 12. something my parents and brothers and their families went home...left to ourselves we got ready for bed..Terpaksa order an extra bed ! 2 slept on the extra bed, 4 slept on the bed and nadine slept on the sofa!

The next day daddy nadine and sophia had to go to work and school. Daya, jojo and sara and I lazed around..missed breakfast buffet and ordered room service - nasib baik they waived the bill! Finally at 1 we checked out..nak swim tapi hujan..

All in all It was a memorable birthday, and I am lucky to have good friends and family!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Berfday harini yay yay!

Today is my berfday people!! yayyyy!!

Eee tak malu excited ...bukan turn sweet 16 or even 21, but TWO times 21~! erks- that sounds so Old....

Yups Im 42.! If I think about it I AM middle aged, aren't I. If i go off at age 84 lar- which is a good age to go, I have no problem with that! (Ask me again when im actually 84).

Although I think about the end of my days a lot, and getting old a lot, I don't actually FEEL old. I mean, I feel as if I have JUST gotten married, and JUST started work . Which is why sometimes when I see all these grown people who can dress themselves and back answer me, and call themselves my children, I feel strangely ke they are my children? - (Either that, or I'm going senile allready!!)

Yeah, 42 is actually old. Dulu tengok drama atau baca magazines, you come across the age of someone and if it's over 40 you'd think- oh, takdalah muda..I pulak suka baca Mills and Boon, the heroine would be about early 2os and the hero would be a very mature 34. or mid 30. THIRTY! Phaww now I think- what did i know at 30? hehehehe sounds so young. My baby brother is now 30. He doesn't feel 30 to me.

What more do I want at age 42? I have nothing more to achieve in terms of career and life. (that could be because I didn't aim for very much ha ha) I have everything. I'm married to a good man who prays (penting tu) and have children who I love dearly . My parents and family are all here with me. I am well except for being about 200 kilo overweight. Apa lagi nak right....Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb god is great, I have been blessed. Now my main aim is to put the kids through university and also to go for hajj-- insyallah...let's start with registering - tak register register lagi ya rabbi.....ashik terlupaaaaaaa je..tu lar how?? OK MONDAY.

Today's plan yang I plan all by my sad self, is to have family dinner sat lagi, thank goodness lah ada Hilton's member card..dapat lar 50percent. Although I told my dad its free because otherwise he wont want to go one.. Plus we are getting a room at the KL Hilton to lepak afterwards (fuwahhh- nasib baik ada diskaun), Also I plan for my husband to give me roses ha ha ha! (My husband pulak has planned a golf morning with my brother from Ireland yang balik cuti - hah BOLEH PUN TUKAR your clinic schedule, husband!)

Ok you guys! Have a good day ! Live life like its your birthday! Celebrate! (or be reminded that you are old. whichever). He he he!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Aiyoo groan groan groan....whole body is aching.....just now went to gym for the 2nd time- training for the first time (last week was assessment where they got you to try a few minutes je) this time, sampai sampai je, we had to do 20 minutes of, 10 on treadmill and 10 on the cross BORING..husband (who is my gym partner) refused to let me watch a movie on his phone...nor will the trainer Jon bring me a magazine to read. I was moaning how boring this was and in the end he turned on the music REALLY LOUD haha so boleh lah motivated sikit , hee hee

The mirrors in the gym are defective, must tell the trainer. I look positively like a balloon there. Strangely my husband looks normal! Hmm, mirror must be gender biased.

Anyway husband in the beginning was so keen , that when he has finished one set (weights or what) and waiting for trainer to turn from me to him, he would do push up lar, jumping jacks lah...ha ha..this was of course in the first 10 minutes..towards the last 10 minutes, nak pandang I oso cannot...heheh. I saja pegang pegang, nak manja manja, jeling pun tak heheheheh..SO KNOCKED OUT!

But its good lah, going to the gym..bukan cannot do at home those exercises, I mean, push up, sit up, those are all things we can do. But at home we would only do one or at the most 10. Here have to do 25!! nak tak nak kena buat..!

Takpa the trainer is cute
Myhusband lagi cute of course even with a coma expression hehehehe

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dr M

Im reading Dr M's book. He writes in a very conversational style so it makes for easy reading. Also explained how he grew up admiring the british and realising how they looted us for all we were worth and left us with a lot of immigrants and also very very poor. And now they have the cheek to comment on our policies when the mess was created by them.

Another thing I got from the book is how frustrated he is by our own Raja Raja who would have sold the state to the British for a quick buck and how he sees it happening again with our Malays who sub contract , accepts bribery, sell the AP semuanya nak kaya cepat....

Another another thing I got is how much respect he has for tradition and ethics. Kat malaysia orang redah je , respect to the elders, have gone more or less. Children can be rude to their elders. Children ignore their parents and tak jaga whether they have eaten or not or whether they are well.

Bacalah! It will inspire you ! And made you cry too. (me , I cry at everything)

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Nak dengar what they do to me at slimming sanct&&ry??

I have signed up, in a moment of madness, with Slimming Sanctuary for 10 sessions of:

1. tummy thermal massage- to soften the fat
2. vibrating pads on your tummy, thighs and mummy arms (also known as babai arms , they say)
3. 2 part massage - tummy (again!) and back of thighs- to soften the fat
4. hot blanket- to make me perspire out the softened fat. ha ha!
(Never mind, after I paid for this, I immediately bought a bar of choc to console the said lumps of fat!)

Of course lah this is all crap right because we all know that dieting is input vs output - no amount of soft fat will make you lose weight if you dont (1) reduce your food and/or (2) increase your exercise. However, to have a chance to be pampered for 3 hour straight once a week,massage, go for sauna, have a jacuzzi bath, wrapped in hot blanket, get served sweet ginger tea , shower with rain shower, and end up sleeping in a quiet airconditioned room with soft music, without any children , husband, boss, clients etc..., sound fantastic , so I signed up!

And I have not regretted it! although I hate the ladies who come and sell MORE and MORE products! I do NOT need collagen~!!

Wanna know what happened today?

I stepped into 7th Heaven at Pavi.

There would be about four or five vultures er- girls around the reception. Ok sorry my description may be clouded by how much I hate it when they push all other products to me (i hate the pushing, I dont hate the products)

Then I went and kept my shoes . I got a pair of slippers and locker key. I went to keep my stuff. They showed me to a room, got me to change and then my friend came. She wanted to go have a steam bath and because I havent seen her in a while, I decided to join her. AIYOO- It was a HOT room and I could hardly breathe!! I had to leave for 30 seconds! After a while, I got used to it, and just as that happened, we were told to come out. Then shower. I was sweating buckets of course by then . After that, off we went to our separate rooms for our sessions.But before that they weigh you - hey what a surprise ! After a week of gorging on my pisang sira- and my lontong and my FLora cafe fixes, I did not lose ANY weight! Im just amazed I didn't gain any weight either~!

Off to the room I go. Quiet, clean, softly lit. The beauty consultant made me go on the table, - she's very nice her name is KINKIS. Seriously. And the first treatment today was the thingy with the vibrating pad. She put like 16 - some on my inner arms. some on my tummy, some on the thighs. Then she turned the machine on, and the pads thingy thing started to vibrate. 2 of them didn't -so I told her and she turned something else on and they started to go bzzzz!!

That done, she started on the facial. THIS WAS THE GREATEST PART!! She massaged my face, and my neck *( all those surfing the net and facebooking really strain you out you know) and shoulder!! The part I didn't enjoy so much was when she plonked a mask on my face. I get a tingly feeling on my forehead and I can't stand having anything placed over it! Some more she had covered my eyes!! Last week she covered my mouth as apparently my lips also need moisturising. I think they just wanted to shut me up lar..heheheh! Anyway I tolerated it by concentrating on the buzzing arms and thighs and tummy !! And tryng not to think that they might electrocute me!

Ok finally the buzzing stopped (although the tingling didn't) and the next thing was the massage the tummy with the thermal wave thing. Manalah I tau it all sounds so technical. Suffice to say that gunk was placed on my abdomen, and then an instrument looking not unlike the pads you use to jump start someone's heart - (ok I just googled it and its THERMIC WAVE SLIM.."Thermic Wave Slim uses Radio Frequency technology to penetrate deep within the layers of fat cells increasing the body's circulation and breaking down the fibrous tissue, essentially liquefying the fat which is then absorbed by the bloodstream and naturally excreted by the body....bla bla bla"

Anywaaayyyys...20 mins of jiggling later KINKIS massaged the tummy pulak..ok lar the back (or last week, the back of the thighs) - that part I OSO LOVE!!

The laaaast part was the hot blanket..This involve you standing up with your arms and legs open and then WRAP you in CLING FILM. Seriously. very tightly. Then they put you on the hotblankets (you don't come into direct contact lar cause there are towels) and then they cover you and they leave you. Kinkis left me with a buzzer because I get hot and panicky after 20 minutes and usually will try to open the thingy myself. I did that last time, so this time she gave me a bell for me to press and call her. This time around she was lucky that I slept at 4 am as I more or less sNORED ...only to get up at minute 22...and she popped in her head and asked me whether I was ok and through the rivers of perspiration I said TOO HOT I am DONE!

I got off, she cut the flim off (Strangely I felt very cooked) and liberated me ! And off I went to the shower again....And I was done for the day!

Today the sales lady didn't come into the room to sell me more products. I had practically barked at her not to. I sacrificed my cousin's wedding to come for the session, I wasn't going to waste it listening to how I have to take 10 bottles of this serum , and how I will be given another 10 bottles...aiyaaa....

BUT! since she didn't bother me too much today...I had a lot of fun..

Another 10 sessions! Sapa nak ikot??

Friday, April 08, 2011


1. Baru lah nak baca paper today and saw this headlines

Injuries on Ahmad Sarbani consistent with fall: Police

What else could it be though? The guy laid sprawled on the ground. he fell. Why did he fall? a-haa!! That's the question! But whatever it is, he still fell lah, takkan he walked there and laid his head on the ground nicely before dying.

2. Katak just came into the house . Semua orang (ok , only me) yelled- Frogggg!!!!! bibiiiikkkkkk! nasib baiklah bibik tu sabar...dia bawak laaa penyapu sweep the frog out. I don't think she enjoyed it much!

3. Kids told me one boy at school reported seing a girl abducted ie pulled into a black van. Police were called. I hope this is NOT an abduction because i Have my girls there! I am praying that this is just a case of a separated couple where the dad kidnaps the child etc./

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Lost money

Today I met with a Mat Salleh member of our networking group, Mr BobSimpson. He has an interesting job. He finds you the money you never realised you had. Yup-- if you ever worked in the UK or anywhere in Europe where your salary was deducted into a pension plan, chances are that the pension fund is still there in your name, and come 55 the government will call you and you will get your pension regularly. Only problem is, for most of us who have LEFT the UK (or Europe) we would't have left an updated address and the likely thing to happen is that the govt does not know where you are, the fund will just not be collected or paid out and then when you goes back to the government. And since the pension worked like our EPF, for the 5% you contributed, the GOvt pays in 11% or something, its quite a lot of money.

On the face of it its very exciting. I mean, Doctors are the one batch of people who are not (or not supposed to be) money savvy.. 2 of Bob's clients found out they had 150,000 pounds between them- they both had worked in the UK for 15 years. My husband worked for 8!!Curious to find out how much he has jugak...We've engaged Bob to find out how much is languishing in the UK

What does Bob do for you? You still don't get the money until you are 55- it's pension maa not EPF. The only difference is, Bob tells the UK government that you want to invest your money off shore . He helps the money leave UK (and therefore leave Govt's control where in 2009 they changed the rule about pension plans and suddenly the pension lost 10%) . your pension goes off shore, and gets invested (according to your risk appetite) and come 55 years old you get the pension! PLUS you also get anything above 75% of your pension fund for you to spend. So you get money, and money. When you die, that 75% goes to your estate.

What does Bob get? A small one off fee.

Is it safe? Heck I think so . No money changes hands, Bob and his company doesn't get it, and what have you got to lose??

Hmm wished I had worked in the UK before......

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Asam garam

How are things??

Kecian my friend Kitchenguardian...she's doing well with her macarons and there are people making snide remarks etc about her..I tell you, let the woman do what she loves best lar...there's room for every one to earn ..rezeki ada for everyone insyallah.. ..haiyaaah...malaysians

and...Sadly I see the sex scandal thingy is still occupying our main pages...sigh...I cannot imagine that the video got screened in the first place! Tak malu ke, Watching porn, although legitimately! Dah lah tu.....I posted on FB just now that I care more about the fact that there are NOT ENOUGH playgrounds and parks ,every time there is a piece of forest, you can bet your grandmother's eye that it will soon be razed down into office block lah, shoplot lar etc. Case in point, my area, Taman Melawati and near the zoo. Hitherto peaceful sights for sore eyes have been razed down and turned into ugly red earth ..waaaaaahhH!! enough to make you want to run away and live in semua the same. Im not saying we should not build, I'm just aiming for BALANCE!!

On that topic, have been sore with Mr Husband for what I see as his failure to achieve BALANCE. And he has been sore with me , for making him feel that he has failed to achieve balance. He has been tremendously busy with new patients everyday and at the same time , our lives as a family goes on and there are things that the kids need, or places that they need to go to, etc, so I now am the designated driver.

Which is fine by me, except sometimes he will say "I am coming back at so and so time, to get you and I can send you /Nadine etc etc". and come the time, batang hidung tak nampak so we will anxiously call to check if (a) he is indeed coming back and (b) if not, that's ok, we can go ourselves and take the other car.

But what happens is when we call he will say NOOOO STAYYYYY I WILL come and get you..I'm JUST on my way out...and in the end he doesn't make it, and we decide HECK it we are going to go ourselves and then later when we ask him, he gets mad and he will say why did we ask him to send us in the first place?? the best line- why did you make me promise? heh??? ???????(Scratch head).

I told him I am more than happy to go myself but didn't because you insisted that you were going to send me, and he said I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN he couldn't and I should NOT have believed him. Ha ha ha! So he got all sore with me for bugging him to do this for the kids and that for the kids and why can't I sort things out myself etc even though he said he could do all those things ? And I got sore with him because hmph, takndak lah I terhegeh hegeh after you - if you want to be in hospital and do not want to be disturbed , FINE!!!

Anyway..of course lah I cannot stand not resolving this and so I talked to him yesterday and asked what exactly is going on. And before he had the chance to explained, I explained it for him hahahahahahah . I said I think he wants to please everyone, but there's so much demand on his time, and when he cannot do what he said he wants to do for us, he gets mad at himself. Also, when there's so many people demanding his attention, when we also demand his attention he gets annoyed and wish that we do not put extra pressure on his time or attention.

Well, i said, TOUGH. Heheheheh

I said, we were together since before he was a doctor. Before he passed finals, in fact. Through the junior housemanship days, through the rumah sewa with the broken furniture days, through the RM7 at the end of the month in the bank days...and the family has grown with him, and always here through then and now, so when his new commitments come it, they CANNOT push the commitment he has to the family, aside..tak betul lah. Work should never take more space than us since we were here first. Ok lah..tak tau lah whether I am being unfair.(yes I am) but apa lah sangat kejarkan kerja...U know, dulu pun we had this lifestyle what...we did travel..we did go here and there..the only difference now is we worry less about how we pay for it (until of course the tax man comes and reminds us that we should pay them) ...and I would like to think that we can be happy wherever you campak us, and whatever our circumstances...and that work and money is second to the bond we have as a family...CHEWAH!!!

So today..he's taking me for lunch ! Yayyy!!! Menannnnnnnggggg! hehehehehe

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...