Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Asam garam

How are things??

Kecian my friend Kitchenguardian...she's doing well with her macarons and there are people making snide remarks etc about her..I tell you, let the woman do what she loves best lar...there's room for every one to earn ..rezeki ada for everyone insyallah.. ..haiyaaah...malaysians

and...Sadly I see the sex scandal thingy is still occupying our main pages...sigh...I cannot imagine that the video got screened in the first place! Tak malu ke, Watching porn, although legitimately! Dah lah tu.....I posted on FB just now that I care more about the fact that there are NOT ENOUGH playgrounds and parks ,every time there is a piece of forest, you can bet your grandmother's eye that it will soon be razed down into office block lah, shoplot lar etc. Case in point, my area, Taman Melawati and near the zoo. Hitherto peaceful sights for sore eyes have been razed down and turned into ugly red earth ..waaaaaahhH!! enough to make you want to run away and live in ..er...where? semua the same. Im not saying we should not build, I'm just aiming for BALANCE!!

On that topic, have been sore with Mr Husband for what I see as his failure to achieve BALANCE. And he has been sore with me , for making him feel that he has failed to achieve balance. He has been tremendously busy with new patients everyday and at the same time , our lives as a family goes on and there are things that the kids need, or places that they need to go to, etc, so I now am the designated driver.

Which is fine by me, except sometimes he will say "I am coming back at so and so time, to get you and I can send you /Nadine etc etc". and come the time, batang hidung tak nampak so we will anxiously call to check if (a) he is indeed coming back and (b) if not, that's ok, we can go ourselves and take the other car.

But what happens is when we call he will say NOOOO STAYYYYY I WILL come and get you..I'm JUST on my way out...and in the end he doesn't make it, and we decide HECK it we are going to go ourselves and then later when we ask him, he gets mad and he will say why did we ask him to send us in the first place?? the best line- why did you make me promise? heh??? ???????(Scratch head).

I told him I am more than happy to go myself but didn't because you insisted that you were going to send me, and he said I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN he couldn't and I should NOT have believed him. Ha ha ha! So he got all sore with me for bugging him to do this for the kids and that for the kids and why can't I sort things out myself etc even though he said he could do all those things ? And I got sore with him because hmph, takndak lah I terhegeh hegeh after you - if you want to be in hospital and do not want to be disturbed , FINE!!!

Anyway..of course lah I cannot stand not resolving this and so I talked to him yesterday and asked what exactly is going on. And before he had the chance to explained, I explained it for him hahahahahahah . I said I think he wants to please everyone, but there's so much demand on his time, and when he cannot do what he said he wants to do for us, he gets mad at himself. Also, when there's so many people demanding his attention, when we also demand his attention he gets annoyed and wish that we do not put extra pressure on his time or attention.

Well, i said, TOUGH. Heheheheh

I said, we were together since before he was a doctor. Before he passed finals, in fact. Through the junior housemanship days, through the rumah sewa with the broken furniture days, through the RM7 at the end of the month in the bank days...and the family has grown with him, and always here through then and now, so when his new commitments come it, they CANNOT push the commitment he has to the family, aside..tak betul lah. Work should never take more space than us since we were here first. Ok lah..tak tau lah whether I am being unfair.(yes I am) but apa lah sangat kejarkan kerja...U know, dulu pun we had this lifestyle what...we did travel..we did go here and there..the only difference now is we worry less about how we pay for it (until of course the tax man comes and reminds us that we should pay them) ...and I would like to think that we can be happy wherever you campak us, and whatever our circumstances...and that work and money is second to the bond we have as a family...CHEWAH!!!

So today..he's taking me for lunch ! Yayyy!!! Menannnnnnnggggg! hehehehehe


Anonymous said...

Ha!ha!ha! Asam garam kehidupan eh? Lawyer vs doctor...off course lawyer menang! he!he! go! Shila go!


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi, Khairina! Why dont we meet up for lunch?? lama na tak jumpa kan

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hmm i should tell him to give himself a break...he is doing his best...on the other hand, he has to remain a part of the family and not a wallet...

Anonymous said...

why now ppl talking bad abt Kitchen Guardian? i love her bakes and recipes. She is awesome..


azYda said...

i'm still single but do hv a bf.
yet i think the issue is pretty much the same~ finding balance about things that matters to him the most.

sometimes i'm okay with it.. at times~ sakit di jiwa! heheh..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Azyda..always remind each other what is important...and YOU are important! hehehehe

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