Berfday harini yay yay!

Today is my berfday people!! yayyyy!!

Eee tak malu excited ...bukan turn sweet 16 or even 21, but TWO times 21~! erks- that sounds so Old....

Yups Im 42.! If I think about it I AM middle aged, aren't I. If i go off at age 84 lar- which is a good age to go, I have no problem with that! (Ask me again when im actually 84).

Although I think about the end of my days a lot, and getting old a lot, I don't actually FEEL old. I mean, I feel as if I have JUST gotten married, and JUST started work . Which is why sometimes when I see all these grown people who can dress themselves and back answer me, and call themselves my children, I feel strangely ke they are my children? - (Either that, or I'm going senile allready!!)

Yeah, 42 is actually old. Dulu tengok drama atau baca magazines, you come across the age of someone and if it's over 40 you'd think- oh, takdalah muda..I pulak suka baca Mills and Boon, the heroine would be about early 2os and the hero would be a very mature 34. or mid 30. THIRTY! Phaww now I think- what did i know at 30? hehehehe sounds so young. My baby brother is now 30. He doesn't feel 30 to me.

What more do I want at age 42? I have nothing more to achieve in terms of career and life. (that could be because I didn't aim for very much ha ha) I have everything. I'm married to a good man who prays (penting tu) and have children who I love dearly . My parents and family are all here with me. I am well except for being about 200 kilo overweight. Apa lagi nak right....Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb god is great, I have been blessed. Now my main aim is to put the kids through university and also to go for hajj-- insyallah...let's start with registering - tak register register lagi ya rabbi.....ashik terlupaaaaaaa je..tu lar how?? OK MONDAY.

Today's plan yang I plan all by my sad self, is to have family dinner sat lagi, thank goodness lah ada Hilton's member card..dapat lar 50percent. Although I told my dad its free because otherwise he wont want to go one.. Plus we are getting a room at the KL Hilton to lepak afterwards (fuwahhh- nasib baik ada diskaun), Also I plan for my husband to give me roses ha ha ha! (My husband pulak has planned a golf morning with my brother from Ireland yang balik cuti - hah BOLEH PUN TUKAR your clinic schedule, husband!)

Ok you guys! Have a good day ! Live life like its your birthday! Celebrate! (or be reminded that you are old. whichever). He he he!


tireless mom said…
Happy birthday Shila. Larrr... baru 42, excited nya macam 24. Semoga panjang umur and murah rezki and cepat cepat dapat pergi haji.
Happy birthday Shila...still young la tu...akak ni dah nak masuk setengah abad dah,but who cares only numbers yang menaik jer...
Tapi kan...semakin tua kita di dunia ni, masa kita semakin kurang...

Enjoy yr dinner and roses today....
1na said…
Happy Birthday kak =)

Yang penting semangat tu kuat. Sy doakan akak dan keluarga diberkati, dilindungi dan dilimpahi rahmatNya.

Jgn lupa Isnin nie ye hahahahaa
suria said…
Happy Birthday Sheila.

Happy 24 forever!!! Age is just a number. If your spirit says you are 24. then you are 24. :-)

Hope the flowers are beautiful! See...I told you that flowers were coming your way, kan kan kan? :-)
Lan0stZz said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAK SHILA!! u r so young at heart and to our eyes so no worry lah. stay young & bubbly forever! :D
mamasita said…
Happy Belated Birthday Shila!! I wanted to leave a comment that day tapi I kata nantilah..tengok, dah banyak hari baru buat..:))
Hope you had a very lovely celebration..
eh eh 42..masih muder sexy lah youuuuu!!!

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