Sunday, April 17, 2011

the birthday day!

So, I had planned a dinner last Friday kan. It was also supposed to be a relaxing half day off day for me ..he he What actually happened was:

6.30 to 8.30 am we had a BNI meeting which I chaired. Fantastic meeting, so many referrals were generated for each other> Colin the Jadi Batek gallery chief got his dream referral from Dr fauziah who referred to him the owner of several resorts who now want to give batik scarves as gifts to the guests!! Plus attention seeking me, had to tell everyone "Hi ! Its my birthday !" hahahaha so sad..but I was soo excited.

8.30 to 9.00 am- still at Bankers club at BNI- inducting the new member Richard who comes from Kent , selling gold and silver units

9-10 am- still at Bankers club!! Bni meeting lagi- we had a power team meeting, ie, we have been divided into groups of similar interest or strategic alliances and we were the business and finance team comprising of 2 lawyers, 1 loan consultant, 1 accountant, Richard, and Bob the matsalleh pension fund investment. Ok decided that we are collectively going to hold a seminar this July! Erks!!

10.30 am-12.30- lari balik office ! ada interview kat office rupernye!! met 2 gals who were articulate and reasonably good from UUM...

12.30-12.45 pm- boss called me into my room saying i want to see you kejap and when i went in walauuuu!! there was this bouquet of flowers from BJ and Gina!! And the office and Boss' family gave a beautiful orchid!! AND the gals at the office brought out a CAKE!! Terperanjat. Believe it or not, although I had been excitedly telling all and sundry that it was my birthday I had not actually expected any gifts or what (seriously) so it was a SURPRISE when they brought out a cake! Thank you boss and gals!!

12.45pm- ran out to meet my 2 friends at klcc. One of whom had been there since 12.30 and have brought stuff for me , adn had taken LRT from home. (She had taken the day off ok!) I made the COLOSSAL mistake of taking the car, and got turned away at the various car park entry points by men in yellow suits and in the end I valet parked at Mandarin oriental. That was 1.45 pm ok!~! The friend had brought home made PULUT KUNING AND RENDANG which her sister cooked for her this morning - i was so touched....kesian dia benda tu so berat...anyway she was NOT happy but hope was a bit mollified by my grovelling. hahah. We went to Chillies for lunch. Got seated finally at 2 .15 pm

3.15- lunch finished, I rushed back to office ada clients tunggu. I asked them to meet me at Secret Recipe so I can buy them coffee for making them wait...We got stuff signed and guess what the wife bought me a CAKE! So sweet. They know it was my birthday because they had asked me to attend to them today and I had told them I was taking the half day off because I wanted to be early for the birthday dinner. Ha ha to 7- ran up to the office, had a nice and long (finally) chat with boss - daily updates etc.

7. ish- made my way to KL HIlton..waduhhh so jammed the roads, every way there was was jam med..arrived finally at 8.15 pm

8.15 pm to 9.30 pm- ALONE! At sudu restaurant! the table had been set for 15! And I was the only one there! I started eating at the buffet table. Pedulik lar orang kata apa...i was hungry man!

11. 9.30 to 11 pm- Family eventually arrived and soon the place had kids running around and was noisy. Husband gave a gorgeous bouquet of half a dozen roses ! What a surprise! (hahaha - NOT)

11 ish pm - took loads of family photos at Hilton lobby! First time all were around! Then we all went up to the room we had booked for the night where husband slept through most of the conversation that went on...

Around 12. something my parents and brothers and their families went home...left to ourselves we got ready for bed..Terpaksa order an extra bed ! 2 slept on the extra bed, 4 slept on the bed and nadine slept on the sofa!

The next day daddy nadine and sophia had to go to work and school. Daya, jojo and sara and I lazed around..missed breakfast buffet and ordered room service - nasib baik they waived the bill! Finally at 1 we checked out..nak swim tapi hujan..

All in all It was a memorable birthday, and I am lucky to have good friends and family!


MrsNordin said...

Wow.. that sure look like you've had a fantastic time on your birthday! That's why we should announce our birthdays so that people know and we get lots of surprises! Hee.. hee...

Tapi, kalau tak dapat apa2... err.. sorry lah, ya?

I look forward to seeing those photos. Take care!

edelweiss said...

happy belated birthday :)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...