Dr M

Im reading Dr M's book. He writes in a very conversational style so it makes for easy reading. Also explained how he grew up admiring the british and realising how they looted us for all we were worth and left us with a lot of immigrants and also very very poor. And now they have the cheek to comment on our policies when the mess was created by them.

Another thing I got from the book is how frustrated he is by our own Raja Raja who would have sold the state to the British for a quick buck and how he sees it happening again with our Malays who sub contract , accepts bribery, sell the AP semuanya nak kaya cepat....

Another another thing I got is how much respect he has for tradition and ethics. Kat malaysia orang redah je , respect to the elders, have gone more or less. Children can be rude to their elders. Children ignore their parents and tak jaga whether they have eaten or not or whether they are well.

Bacalah! It will inspire you ! And made you cry too. (me , I cry at everything)


edelweiss said…
salam superwomanwannabe ...

my first time leaving my mark here..if not mistaken lah...hehehe

i m planning to get the book for my hubby & dad

its worth every ringgit :)
HI Edelweiss!! Thanks so much for reading,,just when i was going to stop blogging coz my blog no one comment one....he he
1na said…
Ala akak nie. hari2 sy singgah blog akak. Gelak mengekek lagi tau... jgn la stop ye :)
1na- nasib baik ada laa orang baca eheh!thank you sayangs!!
Lan0stZz said…
i cry at everything toooooo ntah pape kan? but no doubt drM's book is a good read. worth buying (or borrowing! :P)

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