Aiyoo groan groan groan....whole body is aching.....just now went to gym for the 2nd time- training for the first time (last week was assessment where they got you to try a few minutes je) this time, sampai sampai je, we had to do 20 minutes of, 10 on treadmill and 10 on the cross BORING..husband (who is my gym partner) refused to let me watch a movie on his phone...nor will the trainer Jon bring me a magazine to read. I was moaning how boring this was and in the end he turned on the music REALLY LOUD haha so boleh lah motivated sikit , hee hee

The mirrors in the gym are defective, must tell the trainer. I look positively like a balloon there. Strangely my husband looks normal! Hmm, mirror must be gender biased.

Anyway husband in the beginning was so keen , that when he has finished one set (weights or what) and waiting for trainer to turn from me to him, he would do push up lar, jumping jacks lah...ha ha..this was of course in the first 10 minutes..towards the last 10 minutes, nak pandang I oso cannot...heheh. I saja pegang pegang, nak manja manja, jeling pun tak heheheheh..SO KNOCKED OUT!

But its good lah, going to the gym..bukan cannot do at home those exercises, I mean, push up, sit up, those are all things we can do. But at home we would only do one or at the most 10. Here have to do 25!! nak tak nak kena buat..!

Takpa the trainer is cute
Myhusband lagi cute of course even with a coma expression hehehehe


1na said…
akak pi mana fitness first ke? itu la fikir, buat kt rmh motivation kurang sgt hehehehehe
kak shila, no matter what you do there, when i read what your write, semua sounds soo funny.hahaha..hubby lagi cute even with a coma expression. cute!
Congrats Shila!! Make sure ni bukan hangat2 tahi ayam aje, ok! Keep yourself fit and healthy for your kids and grandkids. Ingat itu aje...insyaAllah semangat tu will last longer.

And...happy advanced birthday wish!!
1na- i pergi dekat je- nama dia Candi Soo..the trainer tu train my partner at work so i hear about it all the time.....!!
Putri- i had a hilarious time..hehehe. pakcik tu so motivated , orang tak suruh lagi dahbuat...last last - COMA!
MTT- hear ye, hear ye! Allready i dont want to go...! With the swimming lagi..flat lar!!
Lan0stZz said…
lol i cant stop laughing imagining chepi doing jumping jack and later went into that coma expression hehehehe. so funny!!! Hope u 2 will survive the exercise regime happily :D

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