Saturday, April 09, 2011

Nak dengar what they do to me at slimming sanct&&ry??

I have signed up, in a moment of madness, with Slimming Sanctuary for 10 sessions of:

1. tummy thermal massage- to soften the fat
2. vibrating pads on your tummy, thighs and mummy arms (also known as babai arms , they say)
3. 2 part massage - tummy (again!) and back of thighs- to soften the fat
4. hot blanket- to make me perspire out the softened fat. ha ha!
(Never mind, after I paid for this, I immediately bought a bar of choc to console the said lumps of fat!)

Of course lah this is all crap right because we all know that dieting is input vs output - no amount of soft fat will make you lose weight if you dont (1) reduce your food and/or (2) increase your exercise. However, to have a chance to be pampered for 3 hour straight once a week,massage, go for sauna, have a jacuzzi bath, wrapped in hot blanket, get served sweet ginger tea , shower with rain shower, and end up sleeping in a quiet airconditioned room with soft music, without any children , husband, boss, clients etc..., sound fantastic , so I signed up!

And I have not regretted it! although I hate the ladies who come and sell MORE and MORE products! I do NOT need collagen~!!

Wanna know what happened today?

I stepped into 7th Heaven at Pavi.

There would be about four or five vultures er- girls around the reception. Ok sorry my description may be clouded by how much I hate it when they push all other products to me (i hate the pushing, I dont hate the products)

Then I went and kept my shoes . I got a pair of slippers and locker key. I went to keep my stuff. They showed me to a room, got me to change and then my friend came. She wanted to go have a steam bath and because I havent seen her in a while, I decided to join her. AIYOO- It was a HOT room and I could hardly breathe!! I had to leave for 30 seconds! After a while, I got used to it, and just as that happened, we were told to come out. Then shower. I was sweating buckets of course by then . After that, off we went to our separate rooms for our sessions.But before that they weigh you - hey what a surprise ! After a week of gorging on my pisang sira- and my lontong and my FLora cafe fixes, I did not lose ANY weight! Im just amazed I didn't gain any weight either~!

Off to the room I go. Quiet, clean, softly lit. The beauty consultant made me go on the table, - she's very nice her name is KINKIS. Seriously. And the first treatment today was the thingy with the vibrating pad. She put like 16 - some on my inner arms. some on my tummy, some on the thighs. Then she turned the machine on, and the pads thingy thing started to vibrate. 2 of them didn't -so I told her and she turned something else on and they started to go bzzzz!!

That done, she started on the facial. THIS WAS THE GREATEST PART!! She massaged my face, and my neck *( all those surfing the net and facebooking really strain you out you know) and shoulder!! The part I didn't enjoy so much was when she plonked a mask on my face. I get a tingly feeling on my forehead and I can't stand having anything placed over it! Some more she had covered my eyes!! Last week she covered my mouth as apparently my lips also need moisturising. I think they just wanted to shut me up lar..heheheh! Anyway I tolerated it by concentrating on the buzzing arms and thighs and tummy !! And tryng not to think that they might electrocute me!

Ok finally the buzzing stopped (although the tingling didn't) and the next thing was the massage the tummy with the thermal wave thing. Manalah I tau it all sounds so technical. Suffice to say that gunk was placed on my abdomen, and then an instrument looking not unlike the pads you use to jump start someone's heart - (ok I just googled it and its THERMIC WAVE SLIM.."Thermic Wave Slim uses Radio Frequency technology to penetrate deep within the layers of fat cells increasing the body's circulation and breaking down the fibrous tissue, essentially liquefying the fat which is then absorbed by the bloodstream and naturally excreted by the body....bla bla bla"

Anywaaayyyys...20 mins of jiggling later KINKIS massaged the tummy pulak..ok lar the back (or last week, the back of the thighs) - that part I OSO LOVE!!

The laaaast part was the hot blanket..This involve you standing up with your arms and legs open and then WRAP you in CLING FILM. Seriously. very tightly. Then they put you on the hotblankets (you don't come into direct contact lar cause there are towels) and then they cover you and they leave you. Kinkis left me with a buzzer because I get hot and panicky after 20 minutes and usually will try to open the thingy myself. I did that last time, so this time she gave me a bell for me to press and call her. This time around she was lucky that I slept at 4 am as I more or less sNORED ...only to get up at minute 22...and she popped in her head and asked me whether I was ok and through the rivers of perspiration I said TOO HOT I am DONE!

I got off, she cut the flim off (Strangely I felt very cooked) and liberated me ! And off I went to the shower again....And I was done for the day!

Today the sales lady didn't come into the room to sell me more products. I had practically barked at her not to. I sacrificed my cousin's wedding to come for the session, I wasn't going to waste it listening to how I have to take 10 bottles of this serum , and how I will be given another 10 bottles...aiyaaa....

BUT! since she didn't bother me too much today...I had a lot of fun..

Another 10 sessions! Sapa nak ikot??

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