Thursday, April 28, 2011


Thursday! YIKES!!!

Today I pi GYM with husband..ok malas nyeeee..i fell in the toilet and hurt my back last Tuesday and so I told him takyahlah you je lah sorang pergi but he said ok tuuuu must go..and the blardie instructor pun bolayan I punya de-eh de-eh (groans and moans) and he gave me 30 sets each of everything KAU KEJAM JOHN

Anyway it felt good lah of course and when I came home husband of course tak leh nak bercakap..and then we both got suuupermotivated and said lepas subuh je must WORK OUT ! Ye lah..lepas subuh terjun balik dalam duvet tidoooorrrrr...hahahaha

Kids ok..Johan finally got his archery set ie bow and arrow..dah berapa minggu dah dia takda alat alat tu so everytime orang main dia cuba kecek orang punya, nak pinjam..kesiannnn ..husband takda lah important sangat to go and buy it - almost 900 kau! But when I said kesiann johan, kawan dia taknak share pun, and he is the only one walking around on the field, kicking pebbles , waiting for belas ihsan orang nak kasi share..terus bapak dia pergi KEPONG sana beli bow and arrow ha ha take THAT other boys yang taknak share!!!

Sophia and Daya lak this weekend going for a workshop over night at UKM about motivasi and also techniques of menjawab soalan..Johan pun I nak hantar, cauze his bm very the sedeh one....but bapak dia kata nooo he is too young....

I am organising this with Puan Harlina..but school not really supporting ..why ah?? We need 4 more kids to make it 70!

Ok have a nice day!!

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