Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Soo I went to the dinner..

Got the dress from this newish place in Taman Melawati selling muslimah clothes. Long flowing and with bling bling on it and most importantly IT FIT ME and it was cheap! (ok cheaper lah then Ang Eng) I went home, waited for hubby and then went to Tina's birthday party. Tina is my husband's niece and she turned 8 and she is the cutest most tembamest child you ever saw. She wanted a Haunted House party so my kids were all getting busy with homemade costumes. Sara became a cat, she had glued long paper nails on, and twisted my tudung into a black tail!

Daya wanted to be a witch except she had (a) no broom and (b) no hat! At the very last minute I spotted her carrying the HOUSE broom into the car. I stopped her. OI KOTOR larr. She wore all black so kira ok lah.

Sophia was the Grim Reaper , she had made herself a scythe and also had a skull mask. Pretty cool but then the mask was paper so it kinda torn.

Jojo wanted to be Obi Wan Kanobi but no time so I threw a white sheet on him and called him a ghost. That didn't last long since he couldn't see very far under the sheet!

Anyway when we arrived at the party there didn't seem to be anyone so I had MY scare of the day. By the way husband found a blond wig and decided to don it, calling himself Myra Hindley the serial killer. The party was actually inside and limited to Zu(my biras)'s family, and us. She had made chocolate mousse macam graveyard, ada gravestones siap, cupcakes with casper the ghost on it (marshmallow) - so cute!

We only stayed until about 6 pm- we had to rush to that dinner kan..so we did , I discovered earlier that I had left my party shoes in the office (don't ask me why) and so I needed a pair of party shoes (ie not court shoes) pronto and LENO in Taman Melawati came through with a RM45.00 pair of black patten plus velvet looking sandals! Okay lah sangat tu! Then rushed home, mandi siap and by quarter to 8 we were out of there!

It was a Black Tie event so glad that we dressed up. Lots of ex Oxford and ex Cambridge graduates there. People were having fun catching up with old friends and pretty soon I could believe it if you had told me we were back in the UK. Our hosts sat with us and since we haven't seen THEM in ages it was good to meet them and we were soon yakking away. Ok , I was soon yakking away. He he he. Husband was being grilled on all things medical by this guy in Maxis who sat next to him. I was of course the most covered up person there ...and we were among the minority who had water instead of wine.

Rant ahead, stop reading now!!

I don't know about you but I can't help feeling bothered when I see malays drinking. I am sure that they are fantastic people and they may well go into heaven instead of me, but I still cannot get used to the sight of malays holding up wine glasses and I wish they wouldn't. It's not cool for a vegan to eat meat and he will defend his right to not eat meat and no one would dream of making him eat meat at a party and nor will the vegan feel pressured to eat meat at a party, so why do we malays drink when we are at that type of event? No one is going to mind or force you if you stand up for what you believe in unless of course you think its ok, you are going to live forever and no one is going to come after you and all the things that God told you is complete bollocks. And its backed up by science even, alcohol ruins your liver bla bla bla. So why do it when everyone knows you as a muslim cannot and are not allowed to and by sheer common sense also, should not, drink? I feel you are disrepecting me, as a fellow muslim, when you drink in front of me. Having said that of course I love you.

Ok rant end.

We had fun at the dinner -after the usual speeches by Oxford and Cambridge making fun of each other , they showed the boat race in Putrajaya (everyear they have the Malaysian version of Oxford v Cambridge boat race and fiercely competitive , they are) and some one asked me if I had planned Nadine's CV yet. I should put her in rowing , he said , because that would increase her chances to go to Oxford or Cambridge . I told Nadine and she is jumping at the chance to row (I told her)- I also told her that another thing that would increase her chances, aside from rowing, is GOOD grades! ha ha ha. Jokes aside, I did check out the 2 colleges of which the speakers at the dinner are headmasters- the Kolej Tuanku Jaafar and the Kolej Yayasan UEM. Walauuu my kids would feel that they are in England (sans the cold weather). Mahal lah tapi but is it a good investment for A Levels? Will they grow up to be pratts , going to private school macam tu? I want them grounded and not feel they are too omputeh!

Ok nanti esok I will try to find another topic ok. Right now duduk pikir pasai tuuuuu je...mana nak hantar anak ...alah biaq pi lah....get them to study first...

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Nadine is leaving for Penang today...she has been selected with about 5 other kids from Adni to go attend the SGGS (St Georges GIrls School) international conference organised with SECMAO RECSAM . I had no idea what that meant, had to google to find out it stands for....wait for it......"Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation-Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics" tu dia!! .


So I read the programme, it is a series of workshop, she will be meeting all sorts of international students etc etc and yeah its very good and Im very proud of her , she certainly has a high profile in that school and that's good right. But I can't help mind my daughter leaving , I have no idea whether she is going to be safe, I hope she wont forget the time and gets left by the bus or what..heeee yes I know we sent her to YEMEN so Penang should be ok.. right??

So Nadine is 16 this year and thanks to Dadoffourplus 2 who works with me and has a habit of panicking in advance (THAT'S REAALLY ANNOYING YOU KNOW!!) , I am now checking out college fees for her degree courses , kalau lah ada rezeki...I checked out one, Oxford. Its about RM200,000 per year. HOKAY!!!!!!!! Mak datukssss!! Wahai Izreen, Lana, Atie , etc etc yang ada anak kecik...SAVE NOW!! Forgo that dinner out at the five star hotels or that holiday! (now lah baru rasa regret heh?)

Maybe we can send her to one of the local colleges....A university is a university is a university right...so anywhere she can get into would be fine right....local or overseas....right??

On that topic, relieved to read Najib's clarification on the scholarship..Apalah chinese politician ni..should just humban them in the jail for trying to incite racial disharmony. Scholarship raaamaaaiii melayu tak dapat ok, 10 A or not. .I am not going to depend on that ...insyallah we can send on our own..or I take a loan. By "I" I mean "my husband", as in "I will go buy that lovely dinner dress costing RM750 at Ang eng "

Yeah today my husband has said yes to his friend's offer of 2 tickets for OXBRIDGE dinner. Macam guests lah. Couple of years back pun we went, that was so posh , full of mat salleyhs and minah salleys from oxford and -er cambridge, and pakai ball dresses etc.Kat Carcossa Seri Negara. I borrowed MrsNordin's baju !!

Yesterday I went to GE Mall, saw this lovely lovely baju chiffon batik at RM750...erks. And the lady JODY told me kalau letak batu svarowski (Spelling?) kena RM500. What? Kalau GOSOK je beads tak leh ke? Kan ada iron on?? Well I takda lah cakap kat dia sebab kena lah cool kan heheheheh.. Baju batik guys? Or proper bling bling? Or should I just give MrsNordin another ring? How many times anyway do I go to function munction right?

EH!! Rambling lak....I never know what to title my posts tau..will call it rambling lar. Better stop!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random babbleness

1. Just came back from KG and DadofSix's home...how do they do it...2 toddlers, and an order of macaron..SuperPeople both of them.! KG is a super calm person who can do 20 things at once but then most people who know her would allready know this he he. Now my son tak malu go and ask about CoNGO bar and balik ni I kena lah mengetry nak buat- I yang takda masa and takda tangan ni sebenarnye he he

2. Sent 3 cats to the vet tadi. By "Sent" I mean, called for the vet to come and fetch and by "cats" I mean the 2 kittens and 1 persian/tabby (perby? tabsian?) cat , There was one more tabsianperbycat but it ran away apparently.

3. My maid tak habis habis suruh I "potong" cat tu. Spay lah tu ..I told her you are paying is it..some more she tak clean after the cat or what...she leaves the litterbox as it is, she doesn't like animals, jauh sekali lah nak mandikan.well nasib lar...I allready booked for the surgery actually but I do not appreciate her feeling like she can "tell" me one.....Now my husband is saying Leave them and spaying is cruel. Heh??

4. Kids dah habis exams ..and now ada class parties....and my kids are the ones who are doing the pinatas.....and the husband was the one who went to buy the pinata's filling....and Im the one munching on the stuff....sigh

Ok goodnight!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pause for thought

Did you hear about the kids at Ulu Langat buried by landslide...kesiannya...16 died including warden..I was reading Star and apparently people who went there saw heads and limbs sticking out of the earth! In the olden days when we hear of earth swallowing you up it felt very unreal, as if the forces of nature ie God was punishing you.Well, it's a fact of life now. Lately earth has been doing a lot of swallowing up. Plus spewing up- Iceland's volcano is blowing up again.. and also cracking up - as witnessed by Japanese tsunami...

I called my friend in America and she said she was celebrating the NON ending of the earth. Totally clueless what she was talking about but apparently some one said the world is ending yesterday. What's going to happen to my documents that I have to review then?? Heh hehe

But its always good to think about world ending, God's reminder to us of the fact by giving us landslides, tsunami , volcanoes. No matter how berkoyok koyok duit you have, and how rich you grow, it will all end and we will answer to Him.....

Erks I am not ready!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

SPA- taubat!

Before you know it, it was time to go back allready!!

The SPA was postponed to the last day..nak gak buat tu.

Well, I will surely be "kutuk"ed by some of you as what happened in the SPA was NOT Shariah Compliant and let me say I have TAUBAT NASUHA never to ever ever ever go to a COUPLE SPA AGAIN and what the heck was I thinking but I actually did not think it through lah kan.. dengar je spa ok saja...heheheh or maybe some of you will think what the heck is she BABBLING ABOUT it's all so innocent waaaat.. But in my old age ni, I am a prude!!. It sounds funny when I think about it...but I was QUITE the headless chicken.

Ok ok back track! We took a bus to the SPA. We left the room all cleaned up, and packed, and then went to the lobby and booked the last boat at 6 pm to go back.. Hotel said never mind about the bags they would take them..

So there we were at the SPA. Wow so nice one. It had a separate pool only accessible to those who paid for the SPA VILLA- ie near the er- spa. They are more private and NO KIDS are allowed there (as opposed to other sections of the resort where there were kids loitering). The SPA compound is huge, there was a big waiting area and I was waiting for god knows what (my husband kot who was of course, taking pics) .
Finally they called us.

First up, washing feet. They sat us down, faced us, and put our feet in a bowl, and washed our feet. I FREAKED OUT BECAUSE A WOMAN WAS SCRUBBING MY HUSBAND'S FEET!!! I didn't care if I sounded like perempuan meroyan (hysterical) but I immediately SUMMONED the SPA reception and I said NO WOMEN ok !! Of course lah to cover line I said my husband is very shy, he doesn't like women to touch him, but since the SAID HUSBAND just duduk quietly there taking it in , and not looking PARTICULARLY SHY, I loooked kind of silly lar. TAK PEDULIK! Anyway they came and flustered and told me no, the treatment would be handled by MEN ONLY. Ok. lega sikit..

Then they separated us, and this is what sampai today my husband felt was a con, the next part was their signature BATH. Ie you kena mandi. You go to a RAINWATER bath (ie ,swim in a shallow cold water pool) and then after 5 minutes, the lady serving you would come and lead you to four pots (belanga) boiling with herbs etc and you steam your face over it for several seconds, and then you get taken to ANOTHER bath, like a Japanese one, where you sit in front of a row of pipes and wash yourself and THEN you soak in a warm ROPONGGA (ie warm pool). I spent a blissful 5 mins or so (time was immaterial) on my back looking up at the trees and the skies above in the total silence, listening to the crickets and birds . BLISS. Tak teringat husband langsung.

Then the lady took me to another place, there was a table, I was asked to DROP EVERYTHING (except the essentials lar) and get on the slab, the idea was for her to wash my back and legs and scrub lah. SAYA AMAT PEMALU OK, There will be no dropping of anything, and if I can I would do the entire treatment fully clothed OK! And then the thought struck me, is my HUSBAND going through the same thing?? Will there be a -gasp! WOMAN scrubbing him!?? Woah, nelly. I was very very very very uncomfortable with that and spent the next 2 or 3 minutes wriggling and getting Lakshmi to promise to get a male person to do that scrubbing thing. She dutifully (with a slightly scared expression) went to check and then came back to report that he has allready finished the bathing process. I dah nak balik dah I was that upset.
RUPA-RUPANYE when they said his treatment was going to be handled by a MAN, they meant a MALE masseuse.ie, bila kena urut , orang laki yang massage. Tapi yang lain lain nye, iaitu, membawa ke sini ke sana etc, all ladies. FREAK OUT.

Then they took me to the common resting area where I was then joined by a happy looking hubby (I BET!) . I asked him , so you kena jirus lah ye... he said no lah his back hurt what from the sun what....but then your kaki how? he just smiled sheepishly.. Then I said you tak segan ke?? They are women and you are half clothed. Bukan kalau orang Islam tak boleh ke? He said alaaa macam physiotherapist lah. or nurses. Hah! . he got another think coming if he thinks I am going to let female anything come close to MY HUSBAND Hisssssss (mode kuching ha haha)- reading this, I sound totally hysterical don't I . Well too bad lar NO WOMEN TOUCHING YOU HOKEH.

Ok , on with the treatment. A guy came and said er I will be in the same room as you, are you ok? I said will you see anything? And he said no, we are professionals and we cover everything . Ok . I said ok. literally 2 seconds later I called him and said NOT OK but then he said everything was allready prepared. In TWO SECONDS? ok.....so not wanting to create FURTHER SCENE and confirm everyone's suspiscion that this guest is insane, I said ok lar...
Well, they are professionals. Professional masseuse from Bali being Hindu, not really getting this sudden conservativeness pulak. Habis tu kenapa gatal nak spa right...malu malu pulak.!

The treatment was LOVELY!!! The pressure was just right and the lady massaging me did not talk at all (which is nice). Too bad I spent most of the time clutching tightly on my kain batek and praying that the other male masseuse who's working on the husband on the other side of the rooom, did not see anything. Over all I don't think he did as I was as covered up as you can get. Husband has no issue at all since the minute Eddie told him to lie down (with his face down) , he started SNORING away . For 2 hours he was snoring away and deeply asleep and for that , at least, I am glad. He was really really in need of this break.. He only woke up when they started smearing chocolate and palm sugar mixture on him! Kinky much?I got the same thing- this sounds so much nicer on paper and on Mills and Boon..the reality is-- it was STICKY !! Although I was tempted to lick my own hand the choc smelt expensive! Hehehehe

It ended with another bath - this time a CHAMPAGNE SCENTED BATH! Eee totally tersilap haribulan lar this spa...I even asked ni halal ke ni? To which the girl who massaged me told me slightly irritatedly, don't drink lar (I think she got fed up kot by my kebanyakkan songelannya). Mental note - must write to YTL on how to do a spa for muslim couples (or skittish couples) .

After that, we had our final lunch and lepak for a while until it was time to go... and we were shown live corals that they were growing .

The boat waited for us to come on board , and I noticed that the 7 or 8 people lining up to go on, were also waiting for us. I was so embarrassed to discover that they were indeed waiting for us and would not go on before us, because we are guests! And they were staff! And that, folks, just underlines the service, that was given by Pangkor Laut Resort .

Aside from the SPA incident...everything was perfectooooo...

Pangkor Laut Day 2 (free promo)

One whole week without a blog post/ What's wrong with me.

Well, we got back from PLR, vowing to come again. This won't be our last visit y'alls! The second day was better than the first. We came down for breakfast with 10 minutes to spare, then decided to catch the bus to the beach. It was a 10 minutes drive, so it was NOT a walkable distance (to me) . The sight that welcomed us when we reached there-- walaaaaaaauuuwww!
The sea was green, and absolutely beautiful and enticing with the shimmering sun ..er...shimmering. (Was never a writer, me) .

Immediately we booked the first 2 chairs (cushioned chairs, excuse me, not one of those tacky plastic ones you get in OTHER places ha ha) and instantly this guy came up with 2 towels to put on the chair (before we can put our dainty bums on the chairs) and 2bottles of water.IN A BUCKET OF ICE, ok! Not hand it over , Nah kau, but firmly nestled in huge chunks of cold ice...now thats service.

Of course lah, the next 10 minutes it was me alone with the elements because my husband disappeared with the camera. I tell you I can sell his pics back to the resort because 80 percent of the pics taken do not have either me, him or anyone else in it. It's just chairs, or sea, or pool, or the resort itself.

Anyway I spotted a hammock at the other end of the beach, and soon we transported all our belongings there and soon I was in the said hammock, thinking of- work! Darn I had several work related phonecalls- but hey, I would rather take phone calls about work from there !

We stayed about 4 hours at the beach. Husband stayed in the water for the entire time, earning himself a burnt back. It was blazing hot, but who cares! Now my face is 2 shades darker and I can't use the normal powder anymore but again- who cares! hehehehe. I was also in the sea, although not for as long. I was the most covered up person there, with my muslimah swimming suit, covering head, hands., arms etc. There were many frolicking honeymooners and boy was I glad there were no kids!

Anyway we were supposed to go straight to the SPA - we had booked a "Couples Spa" Whatever that is, and we gobbled up our delicious (prepaid) lunch at the Chapsman Bar by the beach (me, hubby, the beach and a heck of a lot of flies) and caught the van back to the lobby.
There was going to be another van to take you to the spa. But before we reached the lobby I saw that we were at the lift tower near our room and at the last minute decided to just go back to the room. Felt a bit sunburnt and tired and thought of a short nap before the dinner . (Cancelled the SPA in the end because did not need any MORE resting!)

And of course the next thing we knew it was DARK! Quickly called Fisherman's Cove, the place where we had booked for dinner and cost extra to book- it wasn't in the package but was apparently worth going to as it had the "ambience". Haa bangun kul 10.30 MALAM ambience apalah kan?? Got on the phone with the reception to ask if there was any more dinner provided. The (malay) person said no, lah and when I asked if the kitchen can send sandwiches she said takut the boys MALAS to do. I thought to myself, wah this is not like PLR's standard kan, to hear the word Malas, after all , I know they were going to give my husband a card and cake etc tonight at Fisherman's cove . Oh well, I thought, takpalah if malas. So I asked if they can send up the cake. Mind you, our room required going up the lift, going up steps, going down steps etc, so I appreciate if people malas to come . 2 minutes later, I got another call. A non malay sounding girl saying that she was Housekeeping, and she was sending up a plate of SANDWICHES. And when I said isn't your kitchen closed? She said , never mind ma'am, it's our pleasure and our DUTY. Boleh tak?? And they sent up apa tau? A PLATE OF TUNA SANDWICHES WITH SALAD, A BOWL OF BREAD AND BUTTER PUDDING brimming with Custard , plates and cutleries and napkins ! I was soo impressed and touched. Plus sad, because the Malay receptionist girl did not get this concept of service.

And they also sent a cake. AND they had ALL signed the card! Awwwww...So we had a good night after all...

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Cuti awal minggu

I am in Pangkor Laut resort guys. to be precise, I am in the library. It's an open plan concept, with huge four poster beds (!) and fans overhead, with computers and the only internet connection available.... husband is next to me on this bed, he has put his feet up on the bolster ! We baru balik makan dinner tu yang terbaring kenyang nih..on the way back to the room ada this "library" , kitorang pulak very full tummy so apa lagi, boom lah on the bed! Ada can tido je sini. Konon -konon nak update blog sebenarnya nak tido.

A while back I had booked this Malaysian package...considerably much cheaper than normal..husband taknak pergi, on call lah, sapa nak cover lah, beach on the west coast not nice lah, 1001 excuses la.But since the wife pandai to waste the husband's money, he finally said yes. Actually now he is sold on the idea, tadi ter jumpa his former student, i heard him telling the student how he was actually so tired and needed a break..aaa tau takpa. (and what are the odds of meeting someone you know here?)

So we got here this afternoon, having almost missed the 2 oclock boat. Actually we did miss it. It had to turn around to fetch us. We landed on the island and we were GOBSMACKED it was so pretty. The check in process was slow so they told us to eat our (prepaid ) lunch. So so je lar...I was thinking apalah this resort, food not nice.Little did I know eh. Malam makan macam tak hengat dunia..

After lunch they took us to our room- I had booked the cheapest which is garden villa. I was looking forward to it because garden villa was the closest to the pool, the lobby, the library, the restaurant...sekali the guy took us up and down and into a lift tower and then up some more and walk some more and some more and I was thinking ni dia nak bagi kita upgrade ke nih??

Rupanye betul....we have been upgraded to hill villa- a gooddeal, actually. Tapi jenuhlah nak panjat. Lak tu tengah tengah hutan ...nasib baik lah ada TV kat bilik..boleh bising bising...
After Maghrib we went out for dinner..we had to make reservations so we chose Feast Village. Kena dress up sikit. The place was full. We all food dah kira dah masuk package, apa lagi, order macam tak hengat dunia lahkatakan...dengan lambshanknye, dengan the rib eye nye..

Tomorrow am going to try the SPA..semua orang dok recommend..

eh i better go lar..they are switching off lights..karang I takut nak naik balik bilik..

Thursday, May 05, 2011

happy birthday husband

Today is my husband's birthday! Ok today I am going to write about you. sorry!

44 today..wow..when I met him, he was 23 kot..about 21 years ago! Kalau ada anak , dah besar dah!! (nasib baik tak kawin awal--!)

What kind of person was he when I met him? He was known to be helpful, and very active socially. Played football and tennis and everyone knew him as a good cook . Semua benda dia pandai lah . I was and I am in awe of him and his abilities. He was also very witty, and his humour tu kadang kadang pelik sikit and tends to be a bit mat salleh (ie dry) . Pada I, dia lah terror. (Baguslah sebab masa tu boys yang lain macam lembik je hahahahah- not you ok boss) .

21 years later, his humour is still there, but kekurangan patience sikit. temper tu dah ada larh. Dengan I pun dah lorat lorat sikit lar, and I have to remind him that we were friends 21 years ago and I am still that friend so no need to lorat lorat lar hor? heheheh.. But on the other hand, now dah tua,,.dah dewasa...the pressure is different..dulu dulu can main main, sekarang you are the boss, cannot lah main main sangat right...everyone looks up to you.

Apa lagi- he is a good father, and tries to pick up his children from their various events and print their things at the internet printing shop, and buys their every gadget and uniforms. Everyone expects it! They don't think- oh my dad is a busy doctor, sure he cannot pick me up , lets call mummy. Instead they think- oh my mom too busy, let's call dad. Hahahahah!

Anyway it is still fun to be married to him, and I wish him all the success in his life and for him to remain the person he is, and for him to take us to Haj soon! insyallah....

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Yesterday was a whirlwind of meetings. Phew! I don't think I can do too many of those. From 9 in the morning to about 9pm I was meeting people all in one hope- to get more business. So hope , menjadi lahhhh

Kids are ok . Dulu dulu ciak biak lah..I was everywhere and doing everything for them b ut now I just give the order only..they can bathe themselves and get ready allready> Having said that my niece who is 12 gets supervised in the bathroom once a week, maybe I should also do that? (I can hear my kids screaming in horror)

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Semput !

Tadi SOMEONE gave me a lecture about me being careless. I lost my broadband stick plus the other day my car died on me. My car died on me and the AA guys came and I called this "someone" and you know what this some one said? He said how come the car "always"rosak with me . T he AAM came , and declared that battery had died ..JUST because I left the lights on for a couple of hours.

HMPH!! Careless? Me?? I am very miffed with this guy, so much so that our time without our kids (oops now I've outed this guy) is spent with me sulking because hey, who likes to be called careless? Cakaplah...sayang, next time be more careful lar...OR, Sayang...try not to talk to others while you are getting out of the car and make sure your lights are OFF. OR Sayang..kesiaaaan you kena tunggu lama orang AA tu datang...lain kali jangan macam tu okay...? (dengan cubitan manja)- ha ha (terlebih influence drama)

INI! Selamba je dia direct " You are careless". Terus tersemput dinda! (betul tak betul tu lain kira lar kan)



Sebenarnya- my parking place kat office ..dah dapat title officially the WORST parking place in the world. Very narrow and SHARp. Macammana DBKL pass I pun tak tau...So , bila nak turn the sharp corner tu, I turned on the lights lah. But bila dah terkeluar in the bright day light..terus terlupa my lights were on! Apatah lagi I had company next to me and we were chatting ! So when I drove around KL ...the lights were on. When the car stopped, the lights were on. And I totally forgot to switch it off.

I rasa the car died because I cabut from my Islamic conference half an hour early ..ingat nak cabut awalTU LAH DOSA... GOD DOES NOT WAIT>terus bayar CASH ok...kereta tak leh start!! tak boleh balik awal sebab kereta rosak...

And the broadband stick- well, ada, last I used it I was in Penang..then I rushed to check in, it must have fallen out..mana lah I perasan...

Careless ke itu??

(DON"T ANSWER!) he he he

Oh by the way i am going to limit the involvement of that someone in the blog since he pemalu and very image conscious one...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...