Cuti awal minggu

I am in Pangkor Laut resort guys. to be precise, I am in the library. It's an open plan concept, with huge four poster beds (!) and fans overhead, with computers and the only internet connection available.... husband is next to me on this bed, he has put his feet up on the bolster ! We baru balik makan dinner tu yang terbaring kenyang nih..on the way back to the room ada this "library" , kitorang pulak very full tummy so apa lagi, boom lah on the bed! Ada can tido je sini. Konon -konon nak update blog sebenarnya nak tido.

A while back I had booked this Malaysian package...considerably much cheaper than normal..husband taknak pergi, on call lah, sapa nak cover lah, beach on the west coast not nice lah, 1001 excuses la.But since the wife pandai to waste the husband's money, he finally said yes. Actually now he is sold on the idea, tadi ter jumpa his former student, i heard him telling the student how he was actually so tired and needed a tau takpa. (and what are the odds of meeting someone you know here?)

So we got here this afternoon, having almost missed the 2 oclock boat. Actually we did miss it. It had to turn around to fetch us. We landed on the island and we were GOBSMACKED it was so pretty. The check in process was slow so they told us to eat our (prepaid ) lunch. So so je lar...I was thinking apalah this resort, food not nice.Little did I know eh. Malam makan macam tak hengat dunia..

After lunch they took us to our room- I had booked the cheapest which is garden villa. I was looking forward to it because garden villa was the closest to the pool, the lobby, the library, the restaurant...sekali the guy took us up and down and into a lift tower and then up some more and walk some more and some more and I was thinking ni dia nak bagi kita upgrade ke nih??

Rupanye betul....we have been upgraded to hill villa- a gooddeal, actually. Tapi jenuhlah nak panjat. Lak tu tengah tengah hutan ...nasib baik lah ada TV kat bilik..boleh bising bising...
After Maghrib we went out for dinner..we had to make reservations so we chose Feast Village. Kena dress up sikit. The place was full. We all food dah kira dah masuk package, apa lagi, order macam tak hengat dunia lahkatakan...dengan lambshanknye, dengan the rib eye nye..

Tomorrow am going to try the SPA..semua orang dok recommend..

eh i better go lar..they are switching off lights..karang I takut nak naik balik bilik..


i miss you kiddoes!!!
LifeBloom said…
Love the last pic - kasut bukak one :P..just goes to show how relaxed you are :D. Memang one of the destinasi to go to this place...keep em pics coming :D and enjoy the break to the last drop !!!
pergi berdua saja nya...happy berbulan madu ya dek
Anonymous said…
I love your handbag Shila!

Lan0stZz said…
zura- kasut bukak tu standard practice!! Its nice, must go and we will carik chance to go again..with kids this time!
hi jah - i love it too! Cole Haan..takda lah sama mahal dengan lv ke tapi its nice!
Kak Ezza- heheheh berdua jelar..sekali sekalaaaaa
lana- bawak helotz!!
edelweiss said…
enjoy ur break betul-2 tuh kak shila...balik mai KL, kena kilija kelija kelija.... heheheh

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