Soo I went to the dinner..

Got the dress from this newish place in Taman Melawati selling muslimah clothes. Long flowing and with bling bling on it and most importantly IT FIT ME and it was cheap! (ok cheaper lah then Ang Eng) I went home, waited for hubby and then went to Tina's birthday party. Tina is my husband's niece and she turned 8 and she is the cutest most tembamest child you ever saw. She wanted a Haunted House party so my kids were all getting busy with homemade costumes. Sara became a cat, she had glued long paper nails on, and twisted my tudung into a black tail!

Daya wanted to be a witch except she had (a) no broom and (b) no hat! At the very last minute I spotted her carrying the HOUSE broom into the car. I stopped her. OI KOTOR larr. She wore all black so kira ok lah.

Sophia was the Grim Reaper , she had made herself a scythe and also had a skull mask. Pretty cool but then the mask was paper so it kinda torn.

Jojo wanted to be Obi Wan Kanobi but no time so I threw a white sheet on him and called him a ghost. That didn't last long since he couldn't see very far under the sheet!

Anyway when we arrived at the party there didn't seem to be anyone so I had MY scare of the day. By the way husband found a blond wig and decided to don it, calling himself Myra Hindley the serial killer. The party was actually inside and limited to Zu(my biras)'s family, and us. She had made chocolate mousse macam graveyard, ada gravestones siap, cupcakes with casper the ghost on it (marshmallow) - so cute!

We only stayed until about 6 pm- we had to rush to that dinner kan..so we did , I discovered earlier that I had left my party shoes in the office (don't ask me why) and so I needed a pair of party shoes (ie not court shoes) pronto and LENO in Taman Melawati came through with a RM45.00 pair of black patten plus velvet looking sandals! Okay lah sangat tu! Then rushed home, mandi siap and by quarter to 8 we were out of there!

It was a Black Tie event so glad that we dressed up. Lots of ex Oxford and ex Cambridge graduates there. People were having fun catching up with old friends and pretty soon I could believe it if you had told me we were back in the UK. Our hosts sat with us and since we haven't seen THEM in ages it was good to meet them and we were soon yakking away. Ok , I was soon yakking away. He he he. Husband was being grilled on all things medical by this guy in Maxis who sat next to him. I was of course the most covered up person there ...and we were among the minority who had water instead of wine.

Rant ahead, stop reading now!!

I don't know about you but I can't help feeling bothered when I see malays drinking. I am sure that they are fantastic people and they may well go into heaven instead of me, but I still cannot get used to the sight of malays holding up wine glasses and I wish they wouldn't. It's not cool for a vegan to eat meat and he will defend his right to not eat meat and no one would dream of making him eat meat at a party and nor will the vegan feel pressured to eat meat at a party, so why do we malays drink when we are at that type of event? No one is going to mind or force you if you stand up for what you believe in unless of course you think its ok, you are going to live forever and no one is going to come after you and all the things that God told you is complete bollocks. And its backed up by science even, alcohol ruins your liver bla bla bla. So why do it when everyone knows you as a muslim cannot and are not allowed to and by sheer common sense also, should not, drink? I feel you are disrepecting me, as a fellow muslim, when you drink in front of me. Having said that of course I love you.

Ok rant end.

We had fun at the dinner -after the usual speeches by Oxford and Cambridge making fun of each other , they showed the boat race in Putrajaya (everyear they have the Malaysian version of Oxford v Cambridge boat race and fiercely competitive , they are) and some one asked me if I had planned Nadine's CV yet. I should put her in rowing , he said , because that would increase her chances to go to Oxford or Cambridge . I told Nadine and she is jumping at the chance to row (I told her)- I also told her that another thing that would increase her chances, aside from rowing, is GOOD grades! ha ha ha. Jokes aside, I did check out the 2 colleges of which the speakers at the dinner are headmasters- the Kolej Tuanku Jaafar and the Kolej Yayasan UEM. Walauuu my kids would feel that they are in England (sans the cold weather). Mahal lah tapi but is it a good investment for A Levels? Will they grow up to be pratts , going to private school macam tu? I want them grounded and not feel they are too omputeh!

Ok nanti esok I will try to find another topic ok. Right now duduk pikir pasai tuuuuu je...mana nak hantar anak ...alah biaq pi lah....get them to study first...


DocYana said…
Yeay for you superwomanwannabe for having principles!! In a world where everything is chaos and people rob steal and rape left right and centre and no one blinks an eyelid at requesting for 'pocket money' (though nowadays it isn't just money but trips abroad and footie tickets) - you make me think that there is hope in this world.

Yeay again!!
I second you. And yes, I pun surrounded by people who drink dulu in my old job tak penah pun tanya y tak drink, in fact they respect me more (perasan la kan, belakang kalau kutuk tak tahu le) and siap ask abt Halal meat and all. Anyway, mmg, I agree totally with you. :)
Mana gambar?nak tgk la ur bling2 kat OX gathering opppss..Oxford.hahahha..jgn marah
Anonymous said…
Hi Shila! I can imagine how you must have felt, so far, I have not yet witnessed with my own eyes Malay drinking, I don't move in that circle or people malu to that in front of me.

BUT, I have heard my Mat Saleh consultants and non muslim colleagues mengutuk our malay gomen officers drinking! These friends of mine told me how surprised they were to see the malays drinking.

It's so scary really..how many good (future) men are out there for our daughter...sigh..

MrsNordin said…
My take on this: drink or no drink is entirely up to you. But please don't brag about it. I know of some Melayu who braaaaaged like hell about their drinking sessions as if it's the coolest thing to do. No, that's not cool. Even my non-Muslim friends don't do that, why should you?
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Hi DocYana- yaa dont get me started on the commission culture...jual kain ihram pon ada orang pernah dimintak commision you know hehehehe..apa nak jadikkkkkkkkks
Putri..ye lah your old job ramai matsalleh...depa tak kesah if you dont drink because some of them are allready tee totallers...kita ni je berlagak hehehe

ke..sedap na air tu ye? kot macam coke rasanya? hehehehe
Jah- the key word is malu...segan dah takda.....kita yang tumpang segan untuk depa...and yes, they do kutuk us..kata ada principle tapi sebenarnye tak..tengok lah orang luar mencari cari agama...dengan saintologi lah apa lah..kita yang ada ni pun, buat main main je....

i ni banyaaaak jahilnya..so maybe not the right person to talk about this..but then tensi amat gaban bila i nampak....
Mrs N- drink or no drink, dont drink in front of me, and dont OFFER me ! Ada tau...

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