happy birthday husband

Today is my husband's birthday! Ok today I am going to write about you. sorry!

44 today..wow..when I met him, he was 23 kot..about 21 years ago! Kalau ada anak , dah besar dah!! (nasib baik tak kawin awal--!)

What kind of person was he when I met him? He was known to be helpful, and very active socially. Played football and tennis and everyone knew him as a good cook . Semua benda dia pandai lah . I was and I am in awe of him and his abilities. He was also very witty, and his humour tu kadang kadang pelik sikit and tends to be a bit mat salleh (ie dry) . Pada I, dia lah terror. (Baguslah sebab masa tu boys yang lain macam lembik je hahahahah- not you ok boss) .

21 years later, his humour is still there, but kekurangan patience sikit. temper tu dah ada larh. Dengan I pun dah lorat lorat sikit lar, and I have to remind him that we were friends 21 years ago and I am still that friend so no need to lorat lorat lar hor? heheheh.. But on the other hand, now dah tua,,.dah dewasa...the pressure is different..dulu dulu can main main, sekarang you are the boss, cannot lah main main sangat right...everyone looks up to you.

Apa lagi- he is a good father, and tries to pick up his children from their various events and print their things at the internet printing shop, and buys their every gadget and uniforms. Everyone expects it! They don't think- oh my dad is a busy doctor, sure he cannot pick me up , lets call mummy. Instead they think- oh my mom too busy, let's call dad. Hahahahah!

Anyway it is still fun to be married to him, and I wish him all the success in his life and for him to remain the person he is, and for him to take us to Haj soon! insyallah....


majan said…
edelweiss said…

happy birthday tuan doktor ya !
Happy 44th Birthday, Jab!! Soon it will be Chepul's turn later this month. Taurians memang cepat marah bila tua2 ni...
LifeBloom said…
Lovely ode Shila :D. Semoga beroleh kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat..:D

btw bukan taurian saja yang cepat marah2 bila tua...semua nya sama kot..hehehe
Kaklong said…
Actually we think:

Oh mommy didn't drive. Let's call daddy.
Lan0stZz said…
happy birthday chePi!!

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