Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pangkor Laut Day 2 (free promo)

One whole week without a blog post/ What's wrong with me.

Well, we got back from PLR, vowing to come again. This won't be our last visit y'alls! The second day was better than the first. We came down for breakfast with 10 minutes to spare, then decided to catch the bus to the beach. It was a 10 minutes drive, so it was NOT a walkable distance (to me) . The sight that welcomed us when we reached there-- walaaaaaaauuuwww!
The sea was green, and absolutely beautiful and enticing with the shimmering sun (Was never a writer, me) .

Immediately we booked the first 2 chairs (cushioned chairs, excuse me, not one of those tacky plastic ones you get in OTHER places ha ha) and instantly this guy came up with 2 towels to put on the chair (before we can put our dainty bums on the chairs) and 2bottles of water.IN A BUCKET OF ICE, ok! Not hand it over , Nah kau, but firmly nestled in huge chunks of cold thats service.

Of course lah, the next 10 minutes it was me alone with the elements because my husband disappeared with the camera. I tell you I can sell his pics back to the resort because 80 percent of the pics taken do not have either me, him or anyone else in it. It's just chairs, or sea, or pool, or the resort itself.

Anyway I spotted a hammock at the other end of the beach, and soon we transported all our belongings there and soon I was in the said hammock, thinking of- work! Darn I had several work related phonecalls- but hey, I would rather take phone calls about work from there !

We stayed about 4 hours at the beach. Husband stayed in the water for the entire time, earning himself a burnt back. It was blazing hot, but who cares! Now my face is 2 shades darker and I can't use the normal powder anymore but again- who cares! hehehehe. I was also in the sea, although not for as long. I was the most covered up person there, with my muslimah swimming suit, covering head, hands., arms etc. There were many frolicking honeymooners and boy was I glad there were no kids!

Anyway we were supposed to go straight to the SPA - we had booked a "Couples Spa" Whatever that is, and we gobbled up our delicious (prepaid) lunch at the Chapsman Bar by the beach (me, hubby, the beach and a heck of a lot of flies) and caught the van back to the lobby.
There was going to be another van to take you to the spa. But before we reached the lobby I saw that we were at the lift tower near our room and at the last minute decided to just go back to the room. Felt a bit sunburnt and tired and thought of a short nap before the dinner . (Cancelled the SPA in the end because did not need any MORE resting!)

And of course the next thing we knew it was DARK! Quickly called Fisherman's Cove, the place where we had booked for dinner and cost extra to book- it wasn't in the package but was apparently worth going to as it had the "ambience". Haa bangun kul 10.30 MALAM ambience apalah kan?? Got on the phone with the reception to ask if there was any more dinner provided. The (malay) person said no, lah and when I asked if the kitchen can send sandwiches she said takut the boys MALAS to do. I thought to myself, wah this is not like PLR's standard kan, to hear the word Malas, after all , I know they were going to give my husband a card and cake etc tonight at Fisherman's cove . Oh well, I thought, takpalah if malas. So I asked if they can send up the cake. Mind you, our room required going up the lift, going up steps, going down steps etc, so I appreciate if people malas to come . 2 minutes later, I got another call. A non malay sounding girl saying that she was Housekeeping, and she was sending up a plate of SANDWICHES. And when I said isn't your kitchen closed? She said , never mind ma'am, it's our pleasure and our DUTY. Boleh tak?? And they sent up apa tau? A PLATE OF TUNA SANDWICHES WITH SALAD, A BOWL OF BREAD AND BUTTER PUDDING brimming with Custard , plates and cutleries and napkins ! I was soo impressed and touched. Plus sad, because the Malay receptionist girl did not get this concept of service.

And they also sent a cake. AND they had ALL signed the card! Awwwww...So we had a good night after all...

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