Saturday, May 28, 2011


Nadine is leaving for Penang today...she has been selected with about 5 other kids from Adni to go attend the SGGS (St Georges GIrls School) international conference organised with SECMAO RECSAM . I had no idea what that meant, had to google to find out it stands for....wait for it......"Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation-Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics" tu dia!! .


So I read the programme, it is a series of workshop, she will be meeting all sorts of international students etc etc and yeah its very good and Im very proud of her , she certainly has a high profile in that school and that's good right. But I can't help mind my daughter leaving , I have no idea whether she is going to be safe, I hope she wont forget the time and gets left by the bus or what..heeee yes I know we sent her to YEMEN so Penang should be ok.. right??

So Nadine is 16 this year and thanks to Dadoffourplus 2 who works with me and has a habit of panicking in advance (THAT'S REAALLY ANNOYING YOU KNOW!!) , I am now checking out college fees for her degree courses , kalau lah ada rezeki...I checked out one, Oxford. Its about RM200,000 per year. HOKAY!!!!!!!! Mak datukssss!! Wahai Izreen, Lana, Atie , etc etc yang ada anak kecik...SAVE NOW!! Forgo that dinner out at the five star hotels or that holiday! (now lah baru rasa regret heh?)

Maybe we can send her to one of the local colleges....A university is a university is a university anywhere she can get into would be fine right....local or overseas....right??

On that topic, relieved to read Najib's clarification on the scholarship..Apalah chinese politician ni..should just humban them in the jail for trying to incite racial disharmony. Scholarship raaamaaaiii melayu tak dapat ok, 10 A or not. .I am not going to depend on that ...insyallah we can send on our own..or I take a loan. By "I" I mean "my husband", as in "I will go buy that lovely dinner dress costing RM750 at Ang eng "

Yeah today my husband has said yes to his friend's offer of 2 tickets for OXBRIDGE dinner. Macam guests lah. Couple of years back pun we went, that was so posh , full of mat salleyhs and minah salleys from oxford and -er cambridge, and pakai ball dresses etc.Kat Carcossa Seri Negara. I borrowed MrsNordin's baju !!

Yesterday I went to GE Mall, saw this lovely lovely baju chiffon batik at RM750...erks. And the lady JODY told me kalau letak batu svarowski (Spelling?) kena RM500. What? Kalau GOSOK je beads tak leh ke? Kan ada iron on?? Well I takda lah cakap kat dia sebab kena lah cool kan heheheheh.. Baju batik guys? Or proper bling bling? Or should I just give MrsNordin another ring? How many times anyway do I go to function munction right?

EH!! Rambling lak....I never know what to title my posts tau..will call it rambling lar. Better stop!




Yes. Mrs Nordin. Fullstop. :)kan kena save for Nadine's lah.don't worry. She will get scholarships left, right and centre at the rate she's going now.Seriously!

MrsNordin said...

You should have called me! Ada banyak baju yang belum digayakan coz tak ada function to go to! Hee.. hee...

Tak apa lah, you can keep THAT for another function!

On Nadine, ask her to study very2 hard to get good grades. Kalau dia nak buat Medicine, memang sakitlah. But if she wants to do other courses, I think you can well afford it.

Miss you, babe!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Mrs N, I should SO have called you..but on the other hand..I couldnt shop then....hehehe

I think nadine will NOT be adoctor..too outspoken and thinks too highly of self..hehehe macam babah dia je

Superwomanwannabe said...

pu3- i tak nak susahkan dia...tapi handbag i borrow gak...dari orang lain tapi,lah!

MrsNordin said...

Oh, then she should consider being a lawyer??

Nadine said...

thinks too highly of self?

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...