Random babbleness

1. Just came back from KG and DadofSix's home...how do they do it...2 toddlers, and an order of macaron..SuperPeople both of them.! KG is a super calm person who can do 20 things at once but then most people who know her would allready know this he he. Now my son tak malu go and ask about CoNGO bar and balik ni I kena lah mengetry nak buat- I yang takda masa and takda tangan ni sebenarnye he he

2. Sent 3 cats to the vet tadi. By "Sent" I mean, called for the vet to come and fetch and by "cats" I mean the 2 kittens and 1 persian/tabby (perby? tabsian?) cat , There was one more tabsianperbycat but it ran away apparently.

3. My maid tak habis habis suruh I "potong" cat tu. Spay lah tu ..I told her you are paying is it..some more she tak clean after the cat or what...she leaves the litterbox as it is, she doesn't like animals, jauh sekali lah nak mandikan.well nasib lar...I allready booked for the surgery actually but I do not appreciate her feeling like she can "tell" me one.....Now my husband is saying Leave them and spaying is cruel. Heh??

4. Kids dah habis exams ..and now ada class parties....and my kids are the ones who are doing the pinatas.....and the husband was the one who went to buy the pinata's filling....and Im the one munching on the stuff....sigh

Ok goodnight!


LifeBloom said…
KG is a machine masquerading as a human *jgn marah ya KG* gurau only....hehe. Yep she is so dynamo like...but she has been like that from 7 years old laaa..too late for me :P
KG is super efficient and an energizer bunny. actually, energizer bunny pun kalah!
Zura and putri.....MEMANG DYNAMO!!!!! amaxing....
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