Semput !

Tadi SOMEONE gave me a lecture about me being careless. I lost my broadband stick plus the other day my car died on me. My car died on me and the AA guys came and I called this "someone" and you know what this some one said? He said how come the car "always"rosak with me . T he AAM came , and declared that battery had died ..JUST because I left the lights on for a couple of hours.

HMPH!! Careless? Me?? I am very miffed with this guy, so much so that our time without our kids (oops now I've outed this guy) is spent with me sulking because hey, who likes to be called careless? Cakaplah...sayang, next time be more careful lar...OR, Sayang...try not to talk to others while you are getting out of the car and make sure your lights are OFF. OR Sayang..kesiaaaan you kena tunggu lama orang AA tu datang...lain kali jangan macam tu okay...? (dengan cubitan manja)- ha ha (terlebih influence drama)

INI! Selamba je dia direct " You are careless". Terus tersemput dinda! (betul tak betul tu lain kira lar kan)



Sebenarnya- my parking place kat office ..dah dapat title officially the WORST parking place in the world. Very narrow and SHARp. Macammana DBKL pass I pun tak tau...So , bila nak turn the sharp corner tu, I turned on the lights lah. But bila dah terkeluar in the bright day light..terus terlupa my lights were on! Apatah lagi I had company next to me and we were chatting ! So when I drove around KL ...the lights were on. When the car stopped, the lights were on. And I totally forgot to switch it off.

I rasa the car died because I cabut from my Islamic conference half an hour early ..ingat nak cabut awalTU LAH DOSA... GOD DOES NOT WAIT>terus bayar CASH ok...kereta tak leh start!! tak boleh balik awal sebab kereta rosak...

And the broadband stick- well, ada, last I used it I was in Penang..then I rushed to check in, it must have fallen out..mana lah I perasan...

Careless ke itu??

(DON"T ANSWER!) he he he

Oh by the way i am going to limit the involvement of that someone in the blog since he pemalu and very image conscious one...


well..ingat kan my other half tu jer yang cakap straight forward macam pun?
Mana lah pergi hilang cakap lembut2 macam tgh bercinta dulu...asik pakai kuasa veto saja...

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