Sunday, June 26, 2011

Always the follower never the leader- until now

Who would have thought that I would ever be the President of anything eh. Im now in my 3rd month of being the President of the Ampang Chapter of my networking group BNI. It doesnt mean anything politically - I don't get money out of it , I just conduct meetings and be the mouthpiece of the area director of BNI. I manage people now. I manage teams. By the way, Hey guys I want to tell you NETWORKING WORKS. It doesn't matter where you do it, and how but network network network. BNI i like because no one expects money out of introducing you to any of their contacts, no referral fee, no commission based, its purely a "I give you, you give me" concept.

I never expected to be any good at leading this group of 31 or so highly skilled businessmen and professionals . Everyone is expected to comply with a certain code of behaviour, punctuality , reliability etc, All qualities that make you a trustworthy business man. And to do that they also teach you how to strategise in your business, how to be trustworthy, how to follow up , how to make sure you succeed in your business. In the first few months of being accepted into this group I was a bit wary, I thought that there was just so much work to DO but then I realise that they are teaching me to be better at MY Business and no one gets money out of MY success or failure.

Anyway back to my non existent leadership skills, for someone who never took part in anything at school- not one single club or AJK, I am surprised that I'm doing ok with it! We had a fantastic event the other day with a great turn out and it went smoothly and I'm getting compliments on being the president! How sincere or not, that's another matter.My husband turned up and he said I was impressive and made me feel TEN FEET TALL! It meant a lot to me to impress him. I guess BNI has taught me confidence and also leadership skills!

I have a great team though. A membership coordinator, a secretary treasurer, a visitor host, an event coordinator. Everyone here is busy but they are all people who are willing to cooperate and play ball and also help eachother. So nice to be able to get that! Of course its all towards achieving a common goal of getting each other their dream referral.

For me, its nice to know that at age 42, I am finally leading something!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Are full time moms better than working moms? Are they better able to keep track of their children's performance? I went to get the kids' report card the other day and I sooo have to check their work . I vowed to be more hands on and ask to see their work.

Everyone is ok except for one daughter. She makes me ask her a bazillion times, and then she will get distracted and not focused and not give me what I want. Today I feel like banging my head on the wall, I asked her for her book since 2 pm today . In between she has cried, sulked, went to make chocolate sauce, watched a show, played computer. Everytime I remember I would ask again and she would sulk . AIIIIISHHHH I am tearing my hair out . Tomorrow I am going to lock her in MY room, and then force her to show me her books. She is not too bad but boy can she be better. She would be kaput if she was out there.

Which goes to show sometimes its the child too. Another child , studies unheeded. Is very upset that she is not no 1 this year. And will not consider bathing or eating until her homework gets done. When I compare the 2, the one that is not this child, sulks and cries. And she's the older one!! TOLONG!! I told her you HAVE to compare yourself other wise you get complacent.

Immagonna head to a book shop now for parenting skills.

I will also need to holler for my partner to partner me in nagging his kids!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lepaks day??

HI there,

I am nicely sitting at home here, with my cup of coffee, my chewy choc cookie (thanks my lovely KG!) my laptop on my unify and my astro on beyond. Wearing my drawstring pants and a singlet and hair up in a bun looking like total HOBO.. and I luv it!! Thanks very much boss for putting up with my request to NOT check in at the office today. Actually yes it was to avoid chatting and eating at all those lovely restaurants near our work place thats why lah, Actually it was to wait for my Astro guy to come.

Why can't my maid tend to him , you say? Well normally I would let her, but this time I felt uncomfortable so I stayed behind. And nasib baik gak because the Astrocard was MISSING. I remember Sophia taking it so I called her school. Boleh?? and she had taken it to SCHOOL! Sophiaaaaaa!! Dahlah dia ni remote control control freak sikit! Selalu sorok remote control. Often we would be searching high and low and it'd be under her pillow. Ni, sampai bawak card to school. Anyway she read the number to the Uncle Astro who very kindly accepted that as verification and proceeded (although he will come by later to collect the old one).

Now the Astro is done and everything wants to jump out of the tv one..he he

What else is new..oh yeah! I think I have finally found a technique to make my kids read BM! COMIC BOOKS! When I went to the Report Card Day, there were several vendors outside the compound selling story books, religious books and they had comics for girls "Dear Yayah" and also Barbie/disney princess ripoff for Tudung girls called Puteri Bertudung Manik etc..So pretty and nicely drawn and good quality paper and nice huge fonts and above all PROPER MALAY! and I bought a lOT . Nasib baik jugak Astro went on the BLINK so they had nothing to do and finally took the books (macam kena paksa giler)

And...Johan and Daya love the comic SHOOTZ. Johan loves the "Panah Halilintar"! Siap nangis lagi so sedeh but then my son ni mat sensitif sikit.

And they are chasing me for the rest of the series...and Daya dah simpan all the Dear Yayah books in her room because she thought they are for her. He h ehe. Sophia refused to read the princess books because so baby baby she said...and I read a few para to her with intonation etc and when I came home last night, I saw that she was READING THE BOOK! Hallelujah and Alhamdulillah!!

I am so happy!!!

Ok ciao!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Uncle Fuad

Uncle Fuad. my mother in law's brother. no 2 in family, and known as angah to the sisters. had a stroke 8 years ago which everyone thought was the end, but survived with sheer stubborness and strength of character. Not to mention with the absolutely divinely attentive care given by his angel of a wife Auntie Ro*kiah and his children, F and M. Not a single bed sore landed on Uncle Fuad's body, an amazing miracle considering that he was bedbound for eight years.

What do I remember about Uncle Fuad. A handsome man, with white hair, was good with my father, had loads of wisdom to impart. The stroke was sudden and not expected. Savage as it left him with perfect mental capabilities, able to communicate, read the newspapers and express emotions. Everytime we go (which , sadly, was not often enough) we'd get chastised for not coming more or not staying long enough. The man may not have been able to move, but his wit was sure sharp!

2 days ago he deteriorated. Diarrhoea and also skin and bones. Immediately parents in law came. And he left us this morning at 3. Nasib baik mak and abah dapat tengok. Everyone came. We all pun went at 4. Well, we wanted to go at 4 am but duk dik duk dik, last last lepas subuh baru pergi. I could not stay for the pengkebumian - had to rush to the school to get report cards of the 5 kids .....

ni nak gi tahlil...dah lambat..tunggu princess nadine sara sophia etc siap....
Alfatihah ....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mills and Boon

My friend has told me of this site

Aiyooo as if I need more encouragement. It seems she spends a lot of time reading mills and boon online for free. All you need to do is register there. Of course lah you can also order MB there

OOooo cannot remember the last time I read a MB book...I started when I was about mom's cousin Kak La, melambak lambak buku kat rumah.. when I was about 16 I developed an aversion to staying home and always requested to spend my hols there at my opah sedara's house. I have no idea why or why they put up with me.They are closer to my age than to my mom's but then they are my mom's first cousin. During the 13th May incident I was told that I had to be smuggled out of the military camp where my dad was based , to their house in Keramat. So they were pretty close to us. The eldest was Uncle Rahim , based in Sabah, second was Kak La, third was Uncle Ajak (who was spitting image of Ralph de Macchio masa so TAK with his perut buncit heheheh) and fourth was Kak Ogie and last was Kak Ita. Funny how I called the men Uncle , but the gals Kakak . Kak Ita is just 4 years older than me and in the same school and whenever I go there I would be privy to her lovey dovey conversation with Abang Din, her bf since she was in Form 2 (she married him and recently Abang Din passed away due to diabetic complications I think , or was it heart attack- so sad since they were bf and gf since years ago). I was of course the spy lah kan for my opah gemuk (i called her that) . In that house my opah gemuk trained me to kupas bawang (took forever) and also I spent loooottss of time memakeup kan diri and also reading MB....

Back to MB..has spoilt me! I went around thinking love was this smouldering love at first sight thing where you hate the guy's guts instantly but also he gives you butterflies! heheheh I would turn down anyone who had no chemistry with me- the 2 of them hahahahahahahah. Funnily enough though, I have met someone who fit the bill, he can ALSO make me pretty annoyed sometimes too JUST like in MB! The chemistry when we met- PHWAHHH!! (ok lah, in the mild version ler ye..kita orang melayu kan,...takda lah macam mat salleh tu) tapi kalau dia masuk the same room as me, katalah during a bbq or what , you get so aware of where exactly he was standing at any given time and eventually he would find a way to be sitting next to you or standing next to you and you would be talking rubbish but shy shy . That lasted for a month before I decided heck it, and confessed hahahahahah!. Hmm come to think of it, I am acutely aware of where he is at any given time even to this day !! that could be due to a programming fault of mine than to chemistry! (My arwah wan spent a lot of time asking us "APAK KAU MANO?") Sampai sewel wan I ...parkinson..all because so worried where her husband my atok went. hi hi hi.

Anyway I had a quick read yesterday..PENATNYA!! You love her, she loves you, GETON WITH IT allready!!!! Apa nak pretend tak suka lah apa lah!! Im glad though that the heroine is no longer 18 or 21 ..realistic lah sikit...

Ok take care y'alls...sekian lah rambling saya pada pagi ni......

Monday, June 13, 2011

Vanity has struck

So pretty lah my new lay out ! hehehe

What a pathetic post kan, the previous post . ada ke. My partnerboss said HABIH MACAMANA DIA NAK BAYOR HOLIDAY ENGKO??

Yelah jugak ek...dah lah i sign up facial haritu...shhhhhhh.. ok lah takya shhhh..I dah beritau dah. tapi slow slow lar...I was thinking, kalau slimming tu, I can also do (hah hahahahah!!) but muka ni...muka dah saggy cannot do I signed up lah for the facial yang ada lift lift dan pakai mesen mesen...

Bukan lah I ni vain sangat (so vain!) But asal taknampak older sangat dahhh...memang akan lebih tua, in fact I pray that insyallah I akan jadi tua...(as in takdalah padam tiba tiba kan) but then...the proses tu kalau boleh takda lah look so obvious...since botox is not allowed, losyen losyen dan mesin mesin je lah can help...

what do you think?? Actually i know of people who go for botox- kill the nerve kan? so that the lines disappear. Somemore got injection kan. to lift the muscle. My sister in law ada recommend exercise ni nama dia FACERCISE- so you exercise your facial muscles by making funny faces. I should try

Eh eh I AM so vain!! Dah ada duit sikit bukan nak pikir sedekah ye, lagi vain ada lah ...kasi chan lah...i never pampered myself before ..mani pedi pun tak pernah ...sob sob..(kes kesian lah pulak)

(the upside though was I got compliments on how cerah /bright I look!)
Eh oklah i nak go zohor! have a good day guys!

Friday, June 10, 2011

sedey lak









Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Life updates

Before I continue the day (ok ok I confess- before i START the day i just got in my office) - let me update you on what's been happening in our house. Actually I was thinking of making a serious and reflective commentary on the nursery where the toddler died in the bathtub (can happen to anyone parents and guardians have to always be extra careful with bathtubs toddlers can drown in 2 inches of water - what la!! you'd think a nursery would be extra careful!!) - or the maid dying [what's THAT all about ?? I mean, how come its always maids who die, it's never the gardener dying or the driver dying or the cook dying its always the MAID. Why do some people see maids as dispensable and can be tortured to that extent that they won't think to do to others?? On the other hand, some maids DO TEST YOUR PATIENCE!! Like mine, who takes things out of parcels and plastic bags in my bedroom and then rearrange it - BANYAK CANTIK!! I told her I don't do that to HER ROOM how come she feels she can bukak boxes and plastic bags etc?? Especially if its a private thing like my super sexy lingerie (Ha! I wish, but let's imagine). ]

Yes! I was GOING to make a mention of serious stuff but then HECK It lah, this is a inane blog, so there. Accept it lah or , Tau takpa...hehehe.

So let's be inane. This morning I was late in sending my 2 daughters to school. Sophia was almost in tears because she missed the first 30 minutes of Arabic. She has extra classes this school hols. I was surprised and a bit upset to find out that the extra classes are actually for her internal junior assessment exams and NOT for her UPSR! (although I was assured that they overlap in some places) Aiyooo. And her BM! her BM!! mummy has to go buy that extra books for her to berlatih. The other day I asked Johan what is menantu , do you know? he said "maid". he thought I said Pembantu. Although..come to think of it, maybe some menantu gets treated like pembantu? Hmm. Anyway its sos sos sos time. I can't be berletering lah I have to actually DO something. What huh? I am allready sending Sophia to tuition. Do you know her best friend has been taken out of the Adni school by her parents, and put in a normal school in Standard 5 all over again. The reason given was that the girl is 11 years old and definitely too young to take UPSR. Actual reason is I think the mom wants the school to be more academic.

Well, I have always accepted that Adni does not stress academic excellence although I notice whenever one of the kids excel it's always because of Adni teaching hehehehe. Biasa lah. I take Adni because at least my kids have the Islamic foundation. But I do need to give them social foundation as well. I spoke to husband about this. I want my children to be all rounders and good with all levels of people. Like their dad. And I hope, their mom. Tak leh lah kawan with rich people je or bila masuk kampung, act so weird!

Anyway yes, I will now make sure Sophia does more exercises vis a vis UPSR. She just cannot be bothered. If there was a subject called Surfing the Internet she would get an AAAAA. All my kids would. And yet they come and ask me stuff like mummy, how far is the moon? I told them that's what GOOGLE is for lah! He he he.

Husband is examining today- he is the external examiner at some Uni. He is given 3 nights accommodation at Pullman Putrajaya...OHHHHHH the temptation to go .. But, Sophia has to come home at 1, then I have to pick Nadine up at 4 (she is preparing for her debate tournament(?)in 3 weeks time) and then I have to send Sophia to tution at 7. Takkan nak ponteng right?? Or..should I sos my parents...?? mOOOMMMYY can you get Sophia??? hehehehe

Alah baru je stay @ hotel - haritu we cashed in the one night free accommodation at Hilton Double tree. It was pre school hols and the roads were so jammed so the minute I reached home (separately from hubs) I hauled all the kids and we went to stay at Double3 - and told hubs to go straight there! Bestnye jadi member Hilto*n Prem**ium C*lub ni....(call me ok if you want) - you get one free night, 50 percent other rooms, one person eat free , dinner for 2 voucher and lunch for 2 voucher etc etc..Dulu can only use at KL Hilton, PJ Hilton, the Phuket Hilton and Batang Ai, but now they opened up Double 3 down the road, it's easier lah for me to use. (theoretically lar)

Ok take care, must go do work Bye bye!!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Taking for granted

Hmm apa cerita hari ni

Headache ...

In laws are here.....

(not that the 2 are related)

My parents in law comes up now and then to see their doctors at GH. Dad in law to IJN and mom in law to see her eye doctor. Every time they come life moves as normal, we would go to work, and sometimes we would come back late etc...not intentionally of course. It struck me this time that THIS IS SO RUDE and I should really take leave, or take them somewhere, or even escort them to the hospital. And come to think of it, their son is working in a private hospital, what are they doing queuing up at the GH? Berjam jam lak tu..hours of waiting to see the doc. They never ask, never dropped their son's name or used his position etc. (I would probably be waving his name left and right..naaa I wouldn't (and I didn't, the last time I was at PCMC I was gone half the day before the nurses realised who I was) ) Anyway I told my husband how I felt we were being less than fantastic children....and kesian laaa your parents etc (me myself ni tak pi call call pun MY Parents, nak pi lecture orang pasai their parents eh) )

Agaknye he felt bad, so today my husband took his dad to his hospital..and he had the full medical check up done.. happy nye...spesel lah sikit kan. Good news my dad in law is in almost perfect health considering his age ( 72) but his renal functions affected sikit lar. They are not young anymore ! After all in less than ten years I will be FIFTY! Sedau lah sikit kan...sayang sayang lah parents tu..

So now that i have successfully meddled I will go call my parents. Teruknyaaaa lah I. Seriously taking them for granted!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...