Sunday, June 26, 2011

Always the follower never the leader- until now

Who would have thought that I would ever be the President of anything eh. Im now in my 3rd month of being the President of the Ampang Chapter of my networking group BNI. It doesnt mean anything politically - I don't get money out of it , I just conduct meetings and be the mouthpiece of the area director of BNI. I manage people now. I manage teams. By the way, Hey guys I want to tell you NETWORKING WORKS. It doesn't matter where you do it, and how but network network network. BNI i like because no one expects money out of introducing you to any of their contacts, no referral fee, no commission based, its purely a "I give you, you give me" concept.

I never expected to be any good at leading this group of 31 or so highly skilled businessmen and professionals . Everyone is expected to comply with a certain code of behaviour, punctuality , reliability etc, All qualities that make you a trustworthy business man. And to do that they also teach you how to strategise in your business, how to be trustworthy, how to follow up , how to make sure you succeed in your business. In the first few months of being accepted into this group I was a bit wary, I thought that there was just so much work to DO but then I realise that they are teaching me to be better at MY Business and no one gets money out of MY success or failure.

Anyway back to my non existent leadership skills, for someone who never took part in anything at school- not one single club or AJK, I am surprised that I'm doing ok with it! We had a fantastic event the other day with a great turn out and it went smoothly and I'm getting compliments on being the president! How sincere or not, that's another matter.My husband turned up and he said I was impressive and made me feel TEN FEET TALL! It meant a lot to me to impress him. I guess BNI has taught me confidence and also leadership skills!

I have a great team though. A membership coordinator, a secretary treasurer, a visitor host, an event coordinator. Everyone here is busy but they are all people who are willing to cooperate and play ball and also help eachother. So nice to be able to get that! Of course its all towards achieving a common goal of getting each other their dream referral.

For me, its nice to know that at age 42, I am finally leading something!


MrsNordin said...

Well done! Of course you can... I'm very certain of that!


Way to go!

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