Saturday, June 25, 2011


Are full time moms better than working moms? Are they better able to keep track of their children's performance? I went to get the kids' report card the other day and I sooo have to check their work . I vowed to be more hands on and ask to see their work.

Everyone is ok except for one daughter. She makes me ask her a bazillion times, and then she will get distracted and not focused and not give me what I want. Today I feel like banging my head on the wall, I asked her for her book since 2 pm today . In between she has cried, sulked, went to make chocolate sauce, watched a show, played computer. Everytime I remember I would ask again and she would sulk . AIIIIISHHHH I am tearing my hair out . Tomorrow I am going to lock her in MY room, and then force her to show me her books. She is not too bad but boy can she be better. She would be kaput if she was out there.

Which goes to show sometimes its the child too. Another child , studies unheeded. Is very upset that she is not no 1 this year. And will not consider bathing or eating until her homework gets done. When I compare the 2, the one that is not this child, sulks and cries. And she's the older one!! TOLONG!! I told her you HAVE to compare yourself other wise you get complacent.

Immagonna head to a book shop now for parenting skills.

I will also need to holler for my partner to partner me in nagging his kids!!


Anonymous said...

Relax and dont be hard on yourself. not all kids are the same though they come from the same parents.

try not to nag at your other daughter too much and use other method/approach to get her to study. kids their age does not like the parents to nag at them and will start to develop a kind of hatred feeling towards parents when that happens.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks very much Anony, needed that piece of advice ! Yeah I am getting a biiit stressed....

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