Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lepaks day??

HI there,

I am nicely sitting at home here, with my cup of coffee, my chewy choc cookie (thanks my lovely KG!) my laptop on my unify and my astro on beyond. Wearing my drawstring pants and a singlet and hair up in a bun looking like total HOBO.. and I luv it!! Thanks very much boss for putting up with my request to NOT check in at the office today. Actually yes it was to avoid chatting and eating at all those lovely restaurants near our work place thats why lah, Actually it was to wait for my Astro guy to come.

Why can't my maid tend to him , you say? Well normally I would let her, but this time I felt uncomfortable so I stayed behind. And nasib baik gak because the Astrocard was MISSING. I remember Sophia taking it so I called her school. Boleh?? and she had taken it to SCHOOL! Sophiaaaaaa!! Dahlah dia ni remote control control freak sikit! Selalu sorok remote control. Often we would be searching high and low and it'd be under her pillow. Ni, sampai bawak card to school. Anyway she read the number to the Uncle Astro who very kindly accepted that as verification and proceeded (although he will come by later to collect the old one).

Now the Astro is done and everything wants to jump out of the tv one..he he

What else is new..oh yeah! I think I have finally found a technique to make my kids read BM! COMIC BOOKS! When I went to the Report Card Day, there were several vendors outside the compound selling story books, religious books and they had comics for girls "Dear Yayah" and also Barbie/disney princess ripoff for Tudung girls called Puteri Bertudung Manik etc..So pretty and nicely drawn and good quality paper and nice huge fonts and above all PROPER MALAY! and I bought a lOT . Nasib baik jugak Astro went on the BLINK so they had nothing to do and finally took the books (macam kena paksa giler)

And...Johan and Daya love the comic SHOOTZ. Johan loves the "Panah Halilintar"! Siap nangis lagi so sedeh but then my son ni mat sensitif sikit.

And they are chasing me for the rest of the series...and Daya dah simpan all the Dear Yayah books in her room because she thought they are for her. He h ehe. Sophia refused to read the princess books because so baby baby she said...and I read a few para to her with intonation etc and when I came home last night, I saw that she was READING THE BOOK! Hallelujah and Alhamdulillah!!

I am so happy!!!

Ok ciao!


Anonymous said...

Shila, ingat kan my kids je yg suka sorok remote control ni, so kira normal behaviour la tu, kan? Dalam microwave pun pernah sorok, bawa gi sekolah pun pernah.


Superwomanwannabe said...

hahahah microwave tu mesti tengah makan.....hehehe. Macam ni kita kena ada 2 tiga remote ek???:)


Ish..same here pasal the remote. I will be asking in a high shriek voice for the remote control.
As for Puteri Bertudung manik, it is by PTS publications, a renown publisher of Malay books and yes, malay dia mmg proper..cantik sgt the book, I bought the boy version for my son, apa dah nama nya..mmg mahal the book but high quality (paper & language wise). no, i don't work for PTS.hahahahhaha

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