Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Life updates

Before I continue the day (ok ok I confess- before i START the day i just got in my office) - let me update you on what's been happening in our house. Actually I was thinking of making a serious and reflective commentary on the nursery where the toddler died in the bathtub (can happen to anyone parents and guardians have to always be extra careful with bathtubs toddlers can drown in 2 inches of water - what la!! you'd think a nursery would be extra careful!!) - or the maid dying [what's THAT all about ?? I mean, how come its always maids who die, it's never the gardener dying or the driver dying or the cook dying its always the MAID. Why do some people see maids as dispensable and can be tortured to that extent that they won't think to do to others?? On the other hand, some maids DO TEST YOUR PATIENCE!! Like mine, who takes things out of parcels and plastic bags in my bedroom and then rearrange it - BANYAK CANTIK!! I told her I don't do that to HER ROOM how come she feels she can bukak boxes and plastic bags etc?? Especially if its a private thing like my super sexy lingerie (Ha! I wish, but let's imagine). ]

Yes! I was GOING to make a mention of serious stuff but then HECK It lah, this is a inane blog, so there. Accept it lah or , Tau takpa...hehehe.

So let's be inane. This morning I was late in sending my 2 daughters to school. Sophia was almost in tears because she missed the first 30 minutes of Arabic. She has extra classes this school hols. I was surprised and a bit upset to find out that the extra classes are actually for her internal junior assessment exams and NOT for her UPSR! (although I was assured that they overlap in some places) Aiyooo. And her BM! her BM!! mummy has to go buy that extra books for her to berlatih. The other day I asked Johan what is menantu , do you know? he said "maid". he thought I said Pembantu. Although..come to think of it, maybe some menantu gets treated like pembantu? Hmm. Anyway its sos sos sos time. I can't be berletering lah I have to actually DO something. What huh? I am allready sending Sophia to tuition. Do you know her best friend has been taken out of the Adni school by her parents, and put in a normal school in Standard 5 all over again. The reason given was that the girl is 11 years old and definitely too young to take UPSR. Actual reason is I think the mom wants the school to be more academic.

Well, I have always accepted that Adni does not stress academic excellence although I notice whenever one of the kids excel it's always because of Adni teaching hehehehe. Biasa lah. I take Adni because at least my kids have the Islamic foundation. But I do need to give them social foundation as well. I spoke to husband about this. I want my children to be all rounders and good with all levels of people. Like their dad. And I hope, their mom. Tak leh lah kawan with rich people je or bila masuk kampung, act so weird!

Anyway yes, I will now make sure Sophia does more exercises vis a vis UPSR. She just cannot be bothered. If there was a subject called Surfing the Internet she would get an AAAAA. All my kids would. And yet they come and ask me stuff like mummy, how far is the moon? I told them that's what GOOGLE is for lah! He he he.

Husband is examining today- he is the external examiner at some Uni. He is given 3 nights accommodation at Pullman Putrajaya...OHHHHHH the temptation to go .. But, Sophia has to come home at 1, then I have to pick Nadine up at 4 (she is preparing for her debate tournament(?)in 3 weeks time) and then I have to send Sophia to tution at 7. Takkan nak ponteng right?? Or..should I sos my parents...?? mOOOMMMYY can you get Sophia??? hehehehe

Alah baru je stay @ hotel - haritu we cashed in the one night free accommodation at Hilton Double tree. It was pre school hols and the roads were so jammed so the minute I reached home (separately from hubs) I hauled all the kids and we went to stay at Double3 - and told hubs to go straight there! Bestnye jadi member Hilto*n Prem**ium C*lub ni....(call me ok if you want) - you get one free night, 50 percent other rooms, one person eat free , dinner for 2 voucher and lunch for 2 voucher etc etc..Dulu can only use at KL Hilton, PJ Hilton, the Phuket Hilton and Batang Ai, but now they opened up Double 3 down the road, it's easier lah for me to use. (theoretically lar)

Ok take care, must go do work Bye bye!!

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