Thursday, June 02, 2011

Taking for granted

Hmm apa cerita hari ni

Headache ...

In laws are here.....

(not that the 2 are related)

My parents in law comes up now and then to see their doctors at GH. Dad in law to IJN and mom in law to see her eye doctor. Every time they come life moves as normal, we would go to work, and sometimes we would come back late etc...not intentionally of course. It struck me this time that THIS IS SO RUDE and I should really take leave, or take them somewhere, or even escort them to the hospital. And come to think of it, their son is working in a private hospital, what are they doing queuing up at the GH? Berjam jam lak tu..hours of waiting to see the doc. They never ask, never dropped their son's name or used his position etc. (I would probably be waving his name left and right..naaa I wouldn't (and I didn't, the last time I was at PCMC I was gone half the day before the nurses realised who I was) ) Anyway I told my husband how I felt we were being less than fantastic children....and kesian laaa your parents etc (me myself ni tak pi call call pun MY Parents, nak pi lecture orang pasai their parents eh) )

Agaknye he felt bad, so today my husband took his dad to his hospital..and he had the full medical check up done.. happy nye...spesel lah sikit kan. Good news my dad in law is in almost perfect health considering his age ( 72) but his renal functions affected sikit lar. They are not young anymore ! After all in less than ten years I will be FIFTY! Sedau lah sikit kan...sayang sayang lah parents tu..

So now that i have successfully meddled I will go call my parents. Teruknyaaaa lah I. Seriously taking them for granted!

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MrsNordin said...

I always feel guilty bila dah lama tak call my parents. Then I would ask Nordin to speak! Hee..hee..

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