Sunday, July 31, 2011

Date night

Yay! Finally had a date night!

Ingat kan Angelina Jolie je ada date night he he.
Actually i thought we were going off to Bad's tahlil/birthday party for his son je. So pakailah baju kurung..tapi husband said eh jangan lah pakai baju kurung, lepas tu kita karaoke nak?

Karaoke? Apa mimpi dia ni?Hmm maybe he needs a break - work is stressful perhaps..anyway I am not one to say no to him so I said yes but actually apa pulak tak pakai baju kurung kan, takkan nak pakai jeans to a tahlil .So I put on a blouse AND a long skirt. Compromise!

So after the tahlil we went lah out...he kept asking me- only if you feel like it. Kalau taknak i said i never say no to him kalau dia yang offer, walaupun sebenarnye MENGANTUK nak keluar malas sikit. So off we went and discovered first hand how BAD the traffic was. We could see Pavillion but couldn't go out. We took the first parking turning we could and imagine the horror when, after turning in, the parking was CLOSED! And we were BACK on the same road, except 20 minutes again to get to the same spot. WARGH!!

Finally we were there....and we were at the Karaoke place. 45 mins to midnight. Rate given was RM20 more expensive than after 12. I felt that was unfair since the rate included dinner but the buffet was over. BUT since husband wanted karaoke I was willing to go in gaklah. Suddenly he said let's watch Harryporter pulak lah.

Pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang..I had wanted to see HP7 for a long time but no time and with whom? So we bought tickets...which was going to start in one hour. I jadi makcik meroyan kejap when the ladies had no lights on but no signs to say it was closed. I went to see the management and said you better put the sign where everyone could see otherwise you would have ladies come in from far and then having to turn back. Hello 5 kids - toilets working is very critical for me.

So what to do?? We were surrounded by young kids and the mood was buzzing. I was of course out of place since I was bertudung linkup but then there were a few tudunged ladies (with headscarves) but some had very revealing tops or short sleeves (?)

Went to Dome, closed. theobroma, closed. In the end forced to go to 3rd floor where there were lots of people and went into LabOdega.

And here I could have kicked myself. We ordered our coffee and I ordered banana caramel thingy and calamari (I must have looked kampung because the guy explained what tapas is to me, he he I said oit I know what a tapas is) Anyway what came as a shock was my husband's remark out of the blue that the urge to smoke was still there. He did before kan, and now he's stopped. I could have kicked myself for being insensitive. Lama dia diam. When I asked if he was ok, he said he was absorbing the publike atmosphere , much like UK. Except the weather was wrong. He he! Well done lah daddy for bertahaning!will power woots!!

Anyway after that we went up to the cinema, alamak our seats 2 from the screen so a little bit sakit tengkok lar- crick!!! Movie was great although I thought the kids were a bit stiff . Alan Rickman gave such a show, even though he didnt have a long felt his love for Lily .....kesiannnn....

Showing our age, husband dozed off several times !

All in all a good night! Sekali sekala should do this!

Social commentary- really really pray that when mykids grow up they won't be hanging out likethose kids we saw! some was so PDA the max by the roadside that I wanted to honk the horn! Should we let them be or what.?? and so many young kids out at the late hour! mak bapak takmarah ke??

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am so excited this year to be welcoming the month of raamadhan..the absence of evil and the shaitans will hopefully mean I can be a better person....or will I still be a victim of nafsu (wants) ?? I am my own worse enemy..laziness and self doubt will get in the way of every good intention that Ihave this month I hope god gives me the strength and the power to remember that I want to do good. I ni cakap je but nak follow through selalu lupaaa so hope this time I WILL do it!!

This month insyallah I will be seeking to share our rezeki with others (sebelum God makes you share the rezeki against your will! via that flat tyre, that lost wallet etc!- eh betull...if duit bukan rezeki you, it will go!) And I am looking to contribute to people in need.

So I found a few:

So- how do I start ye? Do I just call them? Do I make a secret donation? What ye??

Also : ada near my house :

Hope to do this !!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jojo and the dentist

So what are your kids up to these days??

(Ok ok, I will do that presentation in a minute, I just want to chat sat....)

Shall I tell you about Johan- his front tooth wobbled the other day... he called from school to say he was in pain, I drove home and took him to the dentist the other day and he finally got forced to do scaling, pull one tooth out and the other molar out . I am embarrassed to say I am a bad mummy because he has one molar with half a ROOT out ok...dah poking his cheek

He is of course glad to have it out although he was crying a LOT that time. I don't think the doctor was particularly gentle!! I felt like crying myself!

I told him that when I was in labour I thought of the time that would come after. So I focused on that, and it helped. Knowing that it would be over. And I asked him to recite Alfatihah in his mind. And of course I asked him to CLOSE HIS EYES . That last part he really should have done because that would have helped. As it was he had his eyes opened...and looked at the needle coming, and yelled !

Phew! I should be as brave as him...!! I have a HUGE cavity just waiting for a dentist to hypnotise me and take it out!

Formal conversation lesson needed

Guess what. I have been branded as banyak cakap and kelakar. Talkative and funny.

hardly a news flash, you might say, but to hear this from a third party is quite a jolt.

I and my partner took some bankers for lunch. We did quite a fair bit of work for them, and we thought we'd meet them. We were supposed to go to Pulman hotel. Me here thinking that Pulman on a weekday lunch surely kosong, empty. An hour before we went I called to book. Horrors--- all full. Marriot had place for lunch.. however the bankers were just in Mariott for lunch buffet. So that's out. One of them suggested Equatorial Bangi. Okkkk.. Called and thank goodness the Chinese restaurant could take us.

So to cut a long story short we met them and we yakked away like we were old friends. Ok ok I yakked away .. and now I heard from another friend who didn't go that the feedback was Shila was so talkative waaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Is that good or bad?

The exact words from this third party were: "Ala biasalah , sapa sapa meet you for the first time will say this: you banyak cakap (talk like there is no tomorrow) and you kelakar (funny). thats your trademark"

That's my TRADEMARK? That I talk a lot?

You know, come to think of it, the other day we had some Matsalleh guys I also talked the hindlegs off a donkey...hmm so maybe time to change - after all I am 42...if I can't do elegant now, I will never be able to!

Sigh. never mind lar. Some people are meant to be softspoken but I obviously am not. And I cant even pretend lar..So trademark trademark lar..Biarlah aku kak kiah....! :)

But! They said they felt nice that it was informal. So my question is....Can someone teach me to do formal? Prompto!

The journey to the house....aiyooo

WAH! The minute you want to buy a house so many BANKS want to you to apply loan with them!! Right before they tell you to give this form that form this form that form , of course.

We need the deposit pretty el prompto and since mom doesn't have that kind of money to borrow (I asked! So tak malu kan!!) its the Bank who has to help. My cousin Yasmin , a VP of affluent banking in an Arabic bank sent her staff and basically threatened to sever sedara if we don't take a loan from her. Ha ha. On the other hand the neighbour of this house has sent his banker over to see me. The manager can give my firm a lot of work apparently .

So : On the one hand, Arab bank where my cousin works and on the other hand: Bank where I want to get work from. I can still get work from Arab Bank but ad hoc and plus they mentioned REFERRAL FEE and I told them I DON'T GIVE KICKBACKS for work sorry!!! That is why I am dying going over here and there marketing because we do not bribe people. I don't anyway. Let others do it, I will stay high and mighty (and broke ha ha)

Sooo the Arab Bank will give us the deposit but wants 12 months bank statement. Sebok nya suruh I join in the loan.. TAK PAYAH. Let me stay out of this ...and plus how do I get to do the work as the solicitor if its for my own loan right?

So I am my husband's representative and we met this Arab Bank relationship manager, rather earnest lady who asked a lot of question to which my husband blabbed it all. Hahahahah..he was so excited I think to get a house finally. The lady later called me and asked if we wanted to increase the loan to XX amount and the answer was firmly a NO sorry can we NOT be more in hock than absolutely necessary? And you know what she said..she said I am so lucky my husband loves me so much that he lets me decide for him. Hahahah ye lar tu.. (tapi ye lah kot ha ha) Mana dia tau that my husband sebenarnya malas nak pikir??

Anyway we went to home branch of our Bank where we had banked for the last decade, where my entire family has parked their money , mak bapak etc and they told us that it will take 3 days to print our bank statement. I don't understand why , since it's my home branch, it would take 3 days! Of courselah, they could be mad at us for not making them the Bank that we are in hock to. Hi hi hi!

Sigh..on the one hand I am excited about this loan, on the other hand BAARUUUU je pikir nak pergi haji you know!!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Our new house (insyallah)

(imagine it without the inside though sebab sekarang sudah kosong)

Rumah found!

We found a house!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!

(and I can now write about it at last)

We have been looking at SO MANY Houses for the past few weeks- we've never realised how many types of houses there are! We've called up agents, viewed houses, and we have come to one conclusion:

the prices of houses in KL is crazy.

It's got to come down. I mean, in Taman Tar the houses are upwards of RMtigajuta.. and they are leasehold properties, and leasehold that has seen 30 years gone by. And there are a LOT of empty houses in Taman TAR! Believe me I know! We both like the area and thought we could survey lah the place but almalangnya we thought the price tag does not match the houses. I hope the owners will start pricing them realistically lar. RM3 mill? Seriously?

Meanwhile there was still the Valley which my sister in law is promoting.. We loved the fact that it had a lot of rooms but did not like the location much or the style of the houses. Plus we anticipate pets being walked by the lake etc and since the property has no gate around your house the pets can go right up to your front door theoretically. It was going to be a problem for us.

So we were almost giving up and decided that renting this house is ok lah for the next 4 years or so WHEN!!

Dr Fau**ziah my dentist friend told me that there was this house which JUST came up for sale near her area. Its behind the kid's school and is a 5 minute walk to it. Petang tu I dropped Jojo for Qiyam, drove past, liked the look, called the number, when the gate suddenly opened . A young man walked up to the house. It was empty and he was the neighbour in charge of selling the house . I jumped on him and asked if I can view. Went in, loved it. Small though. But ENOUGH for our needs. And the price was RIGHT. NOT RM3million and NOT RM2million. And the feeling was right. It had a lot of trees in front, JUST like our house now. It had some bunga kantan pokok kari etc behind , which to me is perfect. Its very

So I called husband and kebetulan he was also driving home and what were the odds, he was there with me in 10 minutes. He loved it too and we both offered for it and we said we were serious and the boy called his dad and within an hour of chatting (he was the neighbour after all) he took down the For sale Sign. Only small problem. He had arranged for another person to come and view. That person wanted to go home first to fetch his mom, and he had to wait for his wife to come back, and he has to go get his children, and then theywere allll coming to view the house. So this boy then called this man and said sorry the property has been sold. The man was MAD and the wife got MAD and the neighbours got several calls saying how MAD they were at them (they told me)

Alamak...hope takdalah dia letak sumpahan apa apa kat rumah tu.

So now we are looking for the LOANNNNNNN.....

Im just so relieved that the search is OVAH.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guide to Parenting (not)

You know, someone should organise a diploma programme for parenting. At the very least , masa nak kawin, in addition to the kawincourse , you must go for a parenting course. There's a range of skills I think we all need from certificate to phD. Kalau for myself this is what I need:

1. Basic Certificate in Parenting- 0 - 3 years old.

This will cover basics such as how to put on diapers, how to give the baby a bath, how to tell if the baby is crying because he's hungry or he's just bored . Also mothers will learn how to sleep with one eye open. You will also be taught how to stare down a 2 year old, how to control your temper around toddlers and how to remember that THEY are the toddler and not you. Fathers will learn how to get their own coffee from now. And why it is right to take over mother's duties as soon as they come back from work and let her go for that bubble bath.

2. Diploma- 4-7 years old.

Here you will learn how to deal with anxiety issues or separation issues. (can be the child's or the mom's). What to teach your kids,. What to feed your kids, what to let him watch on telly. Playschool and pros and cons. Prayers and doas and how everything comes from the Almighty Allah . How to potty train. How to cope with the first day of school. Course on : Is RM1.00 enough for pocket money?

3.Degree- 8-12 years old.

Further course on anxiety issues (should you let your child go to his friend's house for a sleepover ). You will learn where all the erasers and rulers that you bought go. You will learn how to organise birthday party at a drop of a hat. You will also learn that if you do not check their books they may not be doing their homework.

4. Masters merangkap PhD

Well it will take a MAsters Degree AND a PhD to cover what comes after 12 don't you think!!!! How to handle sulking teenagers, how to say NO to your kids' request to lepaks , how to say NO to your kids request NOT to come with you to kenduris and family events... how how how ...and above all, how to be a friend AND a parent and how to tell when you need to be what to them..How to be sabar and how to be strict and how to be fun. How to be disciplinarian and how to let go.

What do you think? Dapat sambutan tak??

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


One whole week without a post?? What's wrong with me??!!

Anyway how are you all? I seem to be busy these days. Alhamdulillah rezeki...since we took on my friend H on, macam banyak pulak kerja. I was worried that she might be bored!

On the work front, doing ok. A couple of months ago I worked on this case with this English lawyers and yesterday they decided to pay me a visit. They brought three senior partners with them and I sent a silent prayer to God to please let my brain have some say in whatever it was that comes out of my mouth.

Anyway they stayed for close to 2 hours and we got on really well! I was a mix of being professional and being goofy. Never mindlah, be yourself and you can't go wrong right? Hope they dont think Im a dumb blonde

Kids wise...well Jojo wants to fast so I have to wake him up at 5 to eat. Nadine of course is doing great things at the debate competition in UIA. She just started beginning of this year actually. She and 3 other Adni kids got through 82 schools to end up the top 4. Sedeynya they didnt get to the fnals.....they lost at semifinals. I just want my baby back. She's been so busy and I know she is tired and was even ill for a bit.

Sophia pulak, her teacher is coming to tutor her. This is her class teacher ok. She was mentioning that she taught tution and I asked ok begged her to please help my daughter!! her fee is RM50 per hour. So if datang 8 kali sebulan- RM400 That is what I pay for Sophia's whole YURAN per month ok. And this is only for BM! However, it may be worth it because Sophia has so little time to catch up before her UPSR. Although UPSR is just her first big exam and I want her to do well, more than that I want her to have the skills in BM. Takkan tulis surat rasmi pun tak leh kan.

Yang I boring nya... why do I have to pay this teacher EXTRA for doing what she was supposed to do in the first place???

Sara and Daya are fine... I wonder what has happened to the teacher who I had ratted out because she made Sara do the 100 squats/ Come ON Lah....apa torture ni?? I am taking them out next year. Except for Nadine. Who is in Form 5.

Ok then guys time to get Johan up!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

masa a levels

Im trying to upload this video.

camana ye?

its called Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr...I ingat zaman A levels sebab my friend S suka sangat. I lived a very sheltered life despite being in KL. Aside from Zuriati, I didnt have any friends that I can go out to shops with. Jauh sekali lah nak lepak lepak dengan member tengok wayang ke. very very occasionally. So jarang that I remember the exact times.

1, Tengok cerita cina with my CBN friends kat Kota Raya. Dont ask me tengok cerita apa.

2. Pi Kuantan with my A level friends naik bas and lepak with the friends of a friend. Yang sedihnya one of the girls whose house we slept with, was due to go to the UK too, but DIED of brain haemorhage the day before she was supposed to go. Tragic tol...This trip was also challenging sebab my friend S decided to tell her mom she was going to Kuantan with us, missed the bus and we all thought she tak jadik , then we bumped into her at the Pantai Teluk Cempedak and she was with her BOYFRIEND ok ...heheheh ..she was way way way more advanced than any of us at that time, and let me tell you that I am nearer a kampung girl than a city girl that way.

Anyway my friend ni, yang terkantoi kat Kuantan ni, dialaaa yang selalu ada boyfriend. To look at takdalah apa sangat..macam biasa je. I lagi cute kot. (hahaha zaman tu lah) but she was a magnet to guys man!! One after another ! Ada abang senior lah, ada this budak UK balik cuti lah etc etc. Yang suspense nye when she hooked up with a working man, and used to sneak out to his house. And made me cover for her . And I gave copious advice to her. Ye lah she was top bunk and I was bottom bunk and sometimes we changed. She didn't take any of my advice I think. I used to go and buy cigarrettes for her. Boy I was admiring her and terrified for her all at the same time. I remember we were also very competitive. But I went to the uK first nyey nyeh nyey hehehehe . Strangely enough we were also very close at that time. I guess kalau gaduh sure lepas tu baik sayang nye.

Tu lah kawan masa Alevels.

Anyway i dedicate this song to her as she always sneaked out....(not that she would ever know lah I dedicate this song to her)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bedtime stories

Wei heheyyy how are you?

How are the kids? Ok? (ok I am imagining doing a talk show lah nih hehehe)

Mine ni susah betul laaah nak tido. Ni Sara JUST went to bed. She had to stay up to make decorations for her class. Nadine pun JUST went to bed, she had debate practice just now and she came back exhausted. Sophia dah tidor dah (I think lah, her room door is shut). She came back from tuition . The one that I can guarantee would sleep like clockwork, is Daya.

Before becoming a parent I had this idea of what the right thing to do was. Kids asleep by 8.30pm, bed time story before that, I tuck them in, very lovingly, and then everyone says goodnight to Johnboy (or was that another story) . Then I became a parent and discovered that it is so leceh to tell bedtime story when they are in a different bed or room to you. I found out that as long as they breastfeed the easiest way to get them asleep is to get them attached to you in the same bed. TAK PAYAH BANGUN buat susu. Nangis je, nenen. Sakit perut? Nenen. The magic cure for everything and the main reason why I have such trouble separating from my kids. (they have no such problem he he)_

Those were the days.....For years and years everywhere we went we had to push the bed against the wall all because we had to have the kids in the bed. It started of course with a baby, and then the toddler AND the baby, and then there were the toddlerS and the baby and the list go on. Tak cukup bed, we had mattresses on the floor. Totally embarrassed to reveal this to people lah, since you don't see many pictures or illustratins of a family with kids in the same room , unless its to show poverty. Ndak ndak lagi dok overseas, where they take pride in telling us when their child slept all through the night . Rupanye a lot of Malaysian families do this. And I think we are the better for it. We are closer to our family. Although I can't for the life of me remember ever sleeping with my english trained parents. (My mom had regular schedules for milk etc and NEVER breastfed ok. She thinks I raised my kids like a gypsy. And I did! ) my babies are all wearing BRAS. yikes. And the father buys their womenly stuff (as fathers do) by the BUCKETLOAD. And if I have them all in the same bed, I would be pushed off it. Miss their childhood !

Ok then goodnight...!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Addicted to hotels

Guess what I have done.

I have joined Mandarin Oriental package.

Ok ok to be fair to me , the person (Marlin) called me at least 20 times. I told her I was driving (I was) and I was in a meeting ( I was) and she KEPT at it! So In the end, I was suckered into the whole stay at mO for free thing, and I bought it. And it cost RM688 . And I think its ok lah, since I get one free night and one free dinner/lunch and whatelse. Eh hangon , let me check the email she sent me on the benefits: One person eat free all the time at their 9 restaurants, one free night, one free hour massage, fifty percent off the gym (hope that doesnt cost RM5000 though).

I would like to invite my partner and his wife for a verymuch needed dinner out. Just leave no 1 to 4 with my kids guys, and ask Auntie R to take care of no 5 and 6 for about 3 hours..can ah. Or else do what I do, bother my parents. I have NOO problem calling them for a favour, I am that type of a bad daughter. :)

Joining MO is not such big deal except it seems to reinforce this perception my friends have that I just am addicted to hotels. ! I wonder whaaaat gave them that idea?? Just because I also joined Hilton premium (got 1 free night and 1 free cake and 2 free meals) and also ShangriLa (all because I have always liked the Shang and they have just renovated the Penang MIGHT as well go) and I have in the past shot out from KL at 11 pm to check in at hotels only to leave the next morning...(that was in Hyatt and that was crazy!) - it could be that. Anyway I have always liked hotels . Even when I was younger, the best part of any holiday was to open the hotel room door, and then ransack theroom! The first thing you check is the stationery, and then the minibar and then the toilets..Entah, macam best kan? Everything so clean and crisp and the towels so white and so fluffy (how DO they get it so white all the time? Do they keep buying new towels?? Mine just get frayed and lobang lobang)

Anyway guys , if you want to eat or stay at MO , Shang , Golden Sands, Doubletree, KL HIlton or PJ HIlton, Phuket HIlton , Batang Ai hilton, kuching hilton, CALL ME ok!

Friday, July 01, 2011

In laws

Im sitting here at PCMC waiting for dad in law to go in for his follow up today. In fact he just went in . He did a cataract operation yesterday and despite my nagging feeling that he should stay the night at the hospital, he came home. I think he is more comfortable at home,r ather than the sterile environment that is the hospital. Although its JUST a cataract operation, to us its a big deal because he has heart problem and he has gone through 2 heart operations before , so he can't go through a GA. EEEEE i cannot imagine being awake while people go and take your lense out. I would opt for total knock out please!

He's chuffed that the surgeon was Dr Mohaiya, the famous eye surgeon. Im happy my husband can do this for his father..I think we spend too little time thinking about the wellbeing of our parents. Having said that my mother steadfastly refused to go elsewhere for her therapy - she has arthritis and needs to go and have physiotherapy every week and every week she and dad would faithfully go to Selayang. I would insist and I had insisted but she is stubbornER . Come to think of it, biar lah they feel a bit independent.

My mom in law has collected funds from the siblings! We said never mind laaa we pay one....but if you want to collect collect lah, maybe good jugak my siblings in laws want to chip in and they are responsible. So I advised my husband, accept the cash, but give back to mom and dad to pay for other expenses. But, Im thinking, I better put there in writing how much the bill is, what the cost is, what it went to etc. You know, money and people. Money tak kenal adek beradek one, money does not recognise family! ...But I have the best sibling in laws ever and my husband and I have discussed this that we will NEVER fight over property. But if everything lands with my sisters in law terasa gak kan? hehehehe. NO, Mom in law and dad in law are FREE to do what they want with their money or their property we will not ever ever ever fight. Ok? YOu read it here first.

MIL and FIL now want to go home on Sunday...they get very resaah and restless if they are not at home.

Ish apa lama na abah ni. What is taking the doctor so long ni...hehehe

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...