Addicted to hotels

Guess what I have done.

I have joined Mandarin Oriental package.

Ok ok to be fair to me , the person (Marlin) called me at least 20 times. I told her I was driving (I was) and I was in a meeting ( I was) and she KEPT at it! So In the end, I was suckered into the whole stay at mO for free thing, and I bought it. And it cost RM688 . And I think its ok lah, since I get one free night and one free dinner/lunch and whatelse. Eh hangon , let me check the email she sent me on the benefits: One person eat free all the time at their 9 restaurants, one free night, one free hour massage, fifty percent off the gym (hope that doesnt cost RM5000 though).

I would like to invite my partner and his wife for a verymuch needed dinner out. Just leave no 1 to 4 with my kids guys, and ask Auntie R to take care of no 5 and 6 for about 3 hours..can ah. Or else do what I do, bother my parents. I have NOO problem calling them for a favour, I am that type of a bad daughter. :)

Joining MO is not such big deal except it seems to reinforce this perception my friends have that I just am addicted to hotels. ! I wonder whaaaat gave them that idea?? Just because I also joined Hilton premium (got 1 free night and 1 free cake and 2 free meals) and also ShangriLa (all because I have always liked the Shang and they have just renovated the Penang MIGHT as well go) and I have in the past shot out from KL at 11 pm to check in at hotels only to leave the next morning...(that was in Hyatt and that was crazy!) - it could be that. Anyway I have always liked hotels . Even when I was younger, the best part of any holiday was to open the hotel room door, and then ransack theroom! The first thing you check is the stationery, and then the minibar and then the toilets..Entah, macam best kan? Everything so clean and crisp and the towels so white and so fluffy (how DO they get it so white all the time? Do they keep buying new towels?? Mine just get frayed and lobang lobang)

Anyway guys , if you want to eat or stay at MO , Shang , Golden Sands, Doubletree, KL HIlton or PJ HIlton, Phuket HIlton , Batang Ai hilton, kuching hilton, CALL ME ok!


maybe would take you up on that offer...hehee...wonder can use it in KK, ada tak those hotels..hehee
Shila, you have been in the wrong profession if you are addicted to hotel. I think Emirates and Etihad are still looking for cabin crews. ;-)
RJ- do do call me...and KK..hmm kena check
Gina- heheheh as the makcik kiah stewardess is it??
Anonymous said…
I'm stucked with the Renaissance/marriott chain for 3 years already..waiting to be called by other chains of hotels. I told my friends kalau ada sesapa call diaorg, propose my name! Still..:(
Anonymous said…
Anony!! Tinggalkan nama and email u pls?
MrsNordin said…
1 person eat free... isn't it the same as 50% off for 2 pax dining at the restaurant?

I think the MO membership is quite good, especially now they have renovated the rooms. Dulu, i used the free meals at the coffee house and chinese restaurant and the hi-tea at the lounge. Room stay- only stayed once with the free room.

Yes, Marlin is quite good at selling the card...:)
I better stop J..I am too credit card happy..!!

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