Bedtime stories

Wei heheyyy how are you?

How are the kids? Ok? (ok I am imagining doing a talk show lah nih hehehe)

Mine ni susah betul laaah nak tido. Ni Sara JUST went to bed. She had to stay up to make decorations for her class. Nadine pun JUST went to bed, she had debate practice just now and she came back exhausted. Sophia dah tidor dah (I think lah, her room door is shut). She came back from tuition . The one that I can guarantee would sleep like clockwork, is Daya.

Before becoming a parent I had this idea of what the right thing to do was. Kids asleep by 8.30pm, bed time story before that, I tuck them in, very lovingly, and then everyone says goodnight to Johnboy (or was that another story) . Then I became a parent and discovered that it is so leceh to tell bedtime story when they are in a different bed or room to you. I found out that as long as they breastfeed the easiest way to get them asleep is to get them attached to you in the same bed. TAK PAYAH BANGUN buat susu. Nangis je, nenen. Sakit perut? Nenen. The magic cure for everything and the main reason why I have such trouble separating from my kids. (they have no such problem he he)_

Those were the days.....For years and years everywhere we went we had to push the bed against the wall all because we had to have the kids in the bed. It started of course with a baby, and then the toddler AND the baby, and then there were the toddlerS and the baby and the list go on. Tak cukup bed, we had mattresses on the floor. Totally embarrassed to reveal this to people lah, since you don't see many pictures or illustratins of a family with kids in the same room , unless its to show poverty. Ndak ndak lagi dok overseas, where they take pride in telling us when their child slept all through the night . Rupanye a lot of Malaysian families do this. And I think we are the better for it. We are closer to our family. Although I can't for the life of me remember ever sleeping with my english trained parents. (My mom had regular schedules for milk etc and NEVER breastfed ok. She thinks I raised my kids like a gypsy. And I did! ) my babies are all wearing BRAS. yikes. And the father buys their womenly stuff (as fathers do) by the BUCKETLOAD. And if I have them all in the same bed, I would be pushed off it. Miss their childhood !

Ok then goodnight...!


MrsNordin said…
Before I had Nizzar.. when I heard friends telling me that their 5-year old still sleep with them, I shrieked, "No! You should let them sleep in their own bed!"

Now, Nizzar is 5.. and I DON'T want him to leave the bed! Ha ! Ha!
Anonymous said…
Shila, now they're bigger and in different rooms..nanti they get married and live in different homes, how? He he he

haahhahaha..kak shila will jump into their bed? no la.hahaha..kak shila ni sayanggggggggg sgt her children. Lucky children they are!
Mrs N- yes I remember you could not understand why people sleep with their kids!! Senang, J, that was the answer...hehhehe..and lagi thrill hahahah
Puteri...yeah I have done that actually! Miss my babies....
Jah- hmmmmm itu adalah satu soalan yang bagus....macamana nak peluk peluk anak kita ye
edelweiss said…
kak shila, anak i mula tidor sendiri masa dia masa masuk 7 tahun....tapi every now n then mesti dia nak menyelit between his dad dan myself. she is 9 now. tapi i akan kejut dia masuk tidor bilik sendiri...haiyooooo dia dah lah besar, mak dia sangat-sangatlah besar...mujur bapa dia tak besar...but still tak muattttttt katil hahahhahah. so off you go to ur bedroom kekekek

tapi bak kata my mom & my aunties kan kak shila...kejap saja anak dengan kita pun...ada yang 13 tahun dah ke asrama...ada jugak yang 14 tahun...once they fly off the nest, thatz it lah...lepas nih balik sekadar cuti...then masuk uni, then start kerja...tak ada lagi mcm biarlah omputih asingkan anak frm kecik...tapi kita nih biarlah masa kecik nih lah kita luangkan masa...

huihhhh panjangnya i celoteh...

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