Sunday, July 31, 2011

Date night

Yay! Finally had a date night!

Ingat kan Angelina Jolie je ada date night he he.
Actually i thought we were going off to Bad's tahlil/birthday party for his son je. So pakailah baju kurung..tapi husband said eh jangan lah pakai baju kurung, lepas tu kita karaoke nak?

Karaoke? Apa mimpi dia ni?Hmm maybe he needs a break - work is stressful perhaps..anyway I am not one to say no to him so I said yes but actually apa pulak tak pakai baju kurung kan, takkan nak pakai jeans to a tahlil .So I put on a blouse AND a long skirt. Compromise!

So after the tahlil we went lah out...he kept asking me- only if you feel like it. Kalau taknak i said i never say no to him kalau dia yang offer, walaupun sebenarnye MENGANTUK nak keluar malas sikit. So off we went and discovered first hand how BAD the traffic was. We could see Pavillion but couldn't go out. We took the first parking turning we could and imagine the horror when, after turning in, the parking was CLOSED! And we were BACK on the same road, except 20 minutes again to get to the same spot. WARGH!!

Finally we were there....and we were at the Karaoke place. 45 mins to midnight. Rate given was RM20 more expensive than after 12. I felt that was unfair since the rate included dinner but the buffet was over. BUT since husband wanted karaoke I was willing to go in gaklah. Suddenly he said let's watch Harryporter pulak lah.

Pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang..I had wanted to see HP7 for a long time but no time and with whom? So we bought tickets...which was going to start in one hour. I jadi makcik meroyan kejap when the ladies had no lights on but no signs to say it was closed. I went to see the management and said you better put the sign where everyone could see otherwise you would have ladies come in from far and then having to turn back. Hello 5 kids - toilets working is very critical for me.

So what to do?? We were surrounded by young kids and the mood was buzzing. I was of course out of place since I was bertudung linkup but then there were a few tudunged ladies (with headscarves) but some had very revealing tops or short sleeves (?)

Went to Dome, closed. theobroma, closed. In the end forced to go to 3rd floor where there were lots of people and went into LabOdega.

And here I could have kicked myself. We ordered our coffee and I ordered banana caramel thingy and calamari (I must have looked kampung because the guy explained what tapas is to me, he he I said oit I know what a tapas is) Anyway what came as a shock was my husband's remark out of the blue that the urge to smoke was still there. He did before kan, and now he's stopped. I could have kicked myself for being insensitive. Lama dia diam. When I asked if he was ok, he said he was absorbing the publike atmosphere , much like UK. Except the weather was wrong. He he! Well done lah daddy for bertahaning!will power woots!!

Anyway after that we went up to the cinema, alamak our seats 2 from the screen so a little bit sakit tengkok lar- crick!!! Movie was great although I thought the kids were a bit stiff . Alan Rickman gave such a show, even though he didnt have a long felt his love for Lily .....kesiannnn....

Showing our age, husband dozed off several times !

All in all a good night! Sekali sekala should do this!

Social commentary- really really pray that when mykids grow up they won't be hanging out likethose kids we saw! some was so PDA the max by the roadside that I wanted to honk the horn! Should we let them be or what.?? and so many young kids out at the late hour! mak bapak takmarah ke??


AzeedA said...

hahaa sounds jez like 'the movie' :)

MrsNordin said...

Ha Ha! Thumbs up to you guys for trying hard to make your date night special!

On Harry Porter - I saw Johan at the cinema when we were there at his friend's birthday party. That was very sweet of him to come up to me and say hello. Don't worry..I & Nordin also dozed off in the cinema! Hee.. hee...

La Bodega - yes! Very strong will power, Jab! But i guess, if the mind was set to not smoke anymore, he just won't do it. Bravo!!

Miss you, girl..! Selamat berpuasa & berbuka!

Anonymous said...

mak bapak bz working and by the time get home, dah malas nak layan the kids keep asking abt whether they can go out, eventually they just say YES and that's how these kids end up at the roadside at that time.


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