Thursday, July 28, 2011

Formal conversation lesson needed

Guess what. I have been branded as banyak cakap and kelakar. Talkative and funny.

hardly a news flash, you might say, but to hear this from a third party is quite a jolt.

I and my partner took some bankers for lunch. We did quite a fair bit of work for them, and we thought we'd meet them. We were supposed to go to Pulman hotel. Me here thinking that Pulman on a weekday lunch surely kosong, empty. An hour before we went I called to book. Horrors--- all full. Marriot had place for lunch.. however the bankers were just in Mariott for lunch buffet. So that's out. One of them suggested Equatorial Bangi. Okkkk.. Called and thank goodness the Chinese restaurant could take us.

So to cut a long story short we met them and we yakked away like we were old friends. Ok ok I yakked away .. and now I heard from another friend who didn't go that the feedback was Shila was so talkative waaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Is that good or bad?

The exact words from this third party were: "Ala biasalah , sapa sapa meet you for the first time will say this: you banyak cakap (talk like there is no tomorrow) and you kelakar (funny). thats your trademark"

That's my TRADEMARK? That I talk a lot?

You know, come to think of it, the other day we had some Matsalleh guys I also talked the hindlegs off a donkey...hmm so maybe time to change - after all I am 42...if I can't do elegant now, I will never be able to!

Sigh. never mind lar. Some people are meant to be softspoken but I obviously am not. And I cant even pretend lar..So trademark trademark lar..Biarlah aku kak kiah....! :)

But! They said they felt nice that it was informal. So my question is....Can someone teach me to do formal? Prompto!

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