Wednesday, July 20, 2011


One whole week without a post?? What's wrong with me??!!

Anyway how are you all? I seem to be busy these days. Alhamdulillah rezeki...since we took on my friend H on, macam banyak pulak kerja. I was worried that she might be bored!

On the work front, doing ok. A couple of months ago I worked on this case with this English lawyers and yesterday they decided to pay me a visit. They brought three senior partners with them and I sent a silent prayer to God to please let my brain have some say in whatever it was that comes out of my mouth.

Anyway they stayed for close to 2 hours and we got on really well! I was a mix of being professional and being goofy. Never mindlah, be yourself and you can't go wrong right? Hope they dont think Im a dumb blonde

Kids wise...well Jojo wants to fast so I have to wake him up at 5 to eat. Nadine of course is doing great things at the debate competition in UIA. She just started beginning of this year actually. She and 3 other Adni kids got through 82 schools to end up the top 4. Sedeynya they didnt get to the fnals.....they lost at semifinals. I just want my baby back. She's been so busy and I know she is tired and was even ill for a bit.

Sophia pulak, her teacher is coming to tutor her. This is her class teacher ok. She was mentioning that she taught tution and I asked ok begged her to please help my daughter!! her fee is RM50 per hour. So if datang 8 kali sebulan- RM400 That is what I pay for Sophia's whole YURAN per month ok. And this is only for BM! However, it may be worth it because Sophia has so little time to catch up before her UPSR. Although UPSR is just her first big exam and I want her to do well, more than that I want her to have the skills in BM. Takkan tulis surat rasmi pun tak leh kan.

Yang I boring nya... why do I have to pay this teacher EXTRA for doing what she was supposed to do in the first place???

Sara and Daya are fine... I wonder what has happened to the teacher who I had ratted out because she made Sara do the 100 squats/ Come ON Lah....apa torture ni?? I am taking them out next year. Except for Nadine. Who is in Form 5.

Ok then guys time to get Johan up!



Kak Shila, if you bring the other kids out of Adni next year, then which school are you sending them to? You, dumb blonde? Never!hehhe..

Anonymous said...

As an ex-teacher, I think the class teacher shouldn't do that. I agree with u she should help the kids in class, not make money out of them for tuition class.
Btw, what if she also tutored a couple of students in your daughter's class? Untong besar, woo:)

Superwomanwannabe said...

tak taulah mana putri...tengok mana nak pindah

Superwomanwannabe said...

Anony...memaang sah dia mengajar students lain

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