Friday, July 01, 2011

In laws

Im sitting here at PCMC waiting for dad in law to go in for his follow up today. In fact he just went in . He did a cataract operation yesterday and despite my nagging feeling that he should stay the night at the hospital, he came home. I think he is more comfortable at home,r ather than the sterile environment that is the hospital. Although its JUST a cataract operation, to us its a big deal because he has heart problem and he has gone through 2 heart operations before , so he can't go through a GA. EEEEE i cannot imagine being awake while people go and take your lense out. I would opt for total knock out please!

He's chuffed that the surgeon was Dr Mohaiya, the famous eye surgeon. Im happy my husband can do this for his father..I think we spend too little time thinking about the wellbeing of our parents. Having said that my mother steadfastly refused to go elsewhere for her therapy - she has arthritis and needs to go and have physiotherapy every week and every week she and dad would faithfully go to Selayang. I would insist and I had insisted but she is stubbornER . Come to think of it, biar lah they feel a bit independent.

My mom in law has collected funds from the siblings! We said never mind laaa we pay one....but if you want to collect collect lah, maybe good jugak my siblings in laws want to chip in and they are responsible. So I advised my husband, accept the cash, but give back to mom and dad to pay for other expenses. But, Im thinking, I better put there in writing how much the bill is, what the cost is, what it went to etc. You know, money and people. Money tak kenal adek beradek one, money does not recognise family! ...But I have the best sibling in laws ever and my husband and I have discussed this that we will NEVER fight over property. But if everything lands with my sisters in law terasa gak kan? hehehehe. NO, Mom in law and dad in law are FREE to do what they want with their money or their property we will not ever ever ever fight. Ok? YOu read it here first.

MIL and FIL now want to go home on Sunday...they get very resaah and restless if they are not at home.

Ish apa lama na abah ni. What is taking the doctor so long ni...hehehe

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