Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jojo and the dentist

So what are your kids up to these days??

(Ok ok, I will do that presentation in a minute, I just want to chat sat....)

Shall I tell you about Johan- his front tooth wobbled the other day... he called from school to say he was in pain, I drove home and took him to the dentist the other day and he finally got forced to do scaling, pull one tooth out and the other molar out . I am embarrassed to say I am a bad mummy because he has one molar with half a ROOT out ok...dah poking his cheek

He is of course glad to have it out although he was crying a LOT that time. I don't think the doctor was particularly gentle!! I felt like crying myself!

I told him that when I was in labour I thought of the time that would come after. So I focused on that, and it helped. Knowing that it would be over. And I asked him to recite Alfatihah in his mind. And of course I asked him to CLOSE HIS EYES . That last part he really should have done because that would have helped. As it was he had his eyes opened...and looked at the needle coming, and yelled !

Phew! I should be as brave as him...!! I have a HUGE cavity just waiting for a dentist to hypnotise me and take it out!

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