Thursday, July 28, 2011

The journey to the house....aiyooo

WAH! The minute you want to buy a house so many BANKS want to you to apply loan with them!! Right before they tell you to give this form that form this form that form , of course.

We need the deposit pretty el prompto and since mom doesn't have that kind of money to borrow (I asked! So tak malu kan!!) its the Bank who has to help. My cousin Yasmin , a VP of affluent banking in an Arabic bank sent her staff and basically threatened to sever sedara if we don't take a loan from her. Ha ha. On the other hand the neighbour of this house has sent his banker over to see me. The manager can give my firm a lot of work apparently .

So : On the one hand, Arab bank where my cousin works and on the other hand: Bank where I want to get work from. I can still get work from Arab Bank but ad hoc and plus they mentioned REFERRAL FEE and I told them I DON'T GIVE KICKBACKS for work sorry!!! That is why I am dying going over here and there marketing because we do not bribe people. I don't anyway. Let others do it, I will stay high and mighty (and broke ha ha)

Sooo the Arab Bank will give us the deposit but wants 12 months bank statement. Sebok nya suruh I join in the loan.. TAK PAYAH. Let me stay out of this ...and plus how do I get to do the work as the solicitor if its for my own loan right?

So I am my husband's representative and we met this Arab Bank relationship manager, rather earnest lady who asked a lot of question to which my husband blabbed it all. Hahahahah..he was so excited I think to get a house finally. The lady later called me and asked if we wanted to increase the loan to XX amount and the answer was firmly a NO sorry can we NOT be more in hock than absolutely necessary? And you know what she said..she said I am so lucky my husband loves me so much that he lets me decide for him. Hahahah ye lar tu.. (tapi ye lah kot ha ha) Mana dia tau that my husband sebenarnya malas nak pikir??

Anyway we went to home branch of our Bank where we had banked for the last decade, where my entire family has parked their money , mak bapak etc and they told us that it will take 3 days to print our bank statement. I don't understand why , since it's my home branch, it would take 3 days! Of courselah, they could be mad at us for not making them the Bank that we are in hock to. Hi hi hi!

Sigh..on the one hand I am excited about this loan, on the other hand BAARUUUU je pikir nak pergi haji you know!!!


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Anonymous said...

Niiiiceee house Shila! Lucky you dapat dulu than the other potential owner! He!he! Rasa fofular when all bankers berebut rebut approach with their so called 'better offer/interest rate" than the rest kan?

Haji wise better go while still young (from my experience larr coz macam tak larat nak buat all the physical activities) he!he!


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