Wednesday, July 13, 2011

masa a levels

Im trying to upload this video.

camana ye?

its called Secret Lovers by Atlantic Starr...I ingat zaman A levels sebab my friend S suka sangat. I lived a very sheltered life despite being in KL. Aside from Zuriati, I didnt have any friends that I can go out to shops with. Jauh sekali lah nak lepak lepak dengan member tengok wayang ke. very very occasionally. So jarang that I remember the exact times.

1, Tengok cerita cina with my CBN friends kat Kota Raya. Dont ask me tengok cerita apa.

2. Pi Kuantan with my A level friends naik bas and lepak with the friends of a friend. Yang sedihnya one of the girls whose house we slept with, was due to go to the UK too, but DIED of brain haemorhage the day before she was supposed to go. Tragic tol...This trip was also challenging sebab my friend S decided to tell her mom she was going to Kuantan with us, missed the bus and we all thought she tak jadik , then we bumped into her at the Pantai Teluk Cempedak and she was with her BOYFRIEND ok ...heheheh ..she was way way way more advanced than any of us at that time, and let me tell you that I am nearer a kampung girl than a city girl that way.

Anyway my friend ni, yang terkantoi kat Kuantan ni, dialaaa yang selalu ada boyfriend. To look at takdalah apa sangat..macam biasa je. I lagi cute kot. (hahaha zaman tu lah) but she was a magnet to guys man!! One after another ! Ada abang senior lah, ada this budak UK balik cuti lah etc etc. Yang suspense nye when she hooked up with a working man, and used to sneak out to his house. And made me cover for her . And I gave copious advice to her. Ye lah she was top bunk and I was bottom bunk and sometimes we changed. She didn't take any of my advice I think. I used to go and buy cigarrettes for her. Boy I was admiring her and terrified for her all at the same time. I remember we were also very competitive. But I went to the uK first nyey nyeh nyey hehehehe . Strangely enough we were also very close at that time. I guess kalau gaduh sure lepas tu baik sayang nye.

Tu lah kawan masa Alevels.

Anyway i dedicate this song to her as she always sneaked out....(not that she would ever know lah I dedicate this song to her)

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