Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am so excited this year to be welcoming the month of raamadhan..the absence of evil and the shaitans will hopefully mean I can be a better person....or will I still be a victim of nafsu (wants) ?? I am my own worse enemy..laziness and self doubt will get in the way of every good intention that Ihave this month I hope god gives me the strength and the power to remember that I want to do good. I ni cakap je but nak follow through selalu lupaaa so hope this time I WILL do it!!

This month insyallah I will be seeking to share our rezeki with others (sebelum God makes you share the rezeki against your will! via that flat tyre, that lost wallet etc!- eh betull...if duit bukan rezeki you, it will go!) And I am looking to contribute to people in need.

So I found a few:

So- how do I start ye? Do I just call them? Do I make a secret donation? What ye??

Also : ada near my house :

Hope to do this !!


Anonymous said...

you can donate food items for all the residents. eg something which they usually dont get to eat daily like cake, cookies, milk, vitagen and so on. i usually prefer to donate food for each person compared to giving cash donations.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Thanks anony- just go and leave hampers ya.

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