Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Raya preparation

Things to do :

1. Tukar duit raya. Need a lot of RM10 and RM5. Maybe also some RM2 for the kids that come from other places (I used to love doing that , but was not allowed !)

2. Baju raya Nadine Sara and Sophia- nampak gayanya kat Ampang Park je lah since they are away till lah to go buy. Unless I choose for them.

3. Angpow- set

4. Rendang- to buy meat. to cook rendang

5. Kueh raya

tu je lah.

Kad raya tak sempat nak hantar lah this year. Or ...should just hantar ??

Monday, August 22, 2011

6.50 pm

Dah seminggu tak puasa ni (announcing dengan tak malunya) , rasa susah tol nak puasa today. Lembikkknyaaaa>But thank you God, the workload has been much so that I couldn't take a nap like I planned and neither could i go home. I didnt even get to do the work that i really wanted to do!!

Anyway im melayaning FB now and catching up on old friends. Tadi the door bell rang and thinking it was husband I went lah to see. Sekali mamat Arab! I am the only one left in the office now and I don't think I want to open the door thank you. He said he was a client and he has been trying to call the office for ages and la...anyway I called HIM back from the office line and he went away.

Did I lose a client? Lantak takut

Anyway husband wanted me to come along for a buka puasa at Aseana. Mmm normally he doesn't ask me along to his KingTho (MCKK) apa hai nih. Ok lah I pun tak kesah , although I prefer to eat at be honest wiht you. cereal pun jadiklah..

Mana dia nih....nasib baik lah ada kurma dalam opis...ada chan buka posa sini. ...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Complications of wedding planning!

Last 10 days of fasting month!!!

Sara and Nadine want to go to the Masjid Damansara for itiqaf- they'll be staying there for 7 days in the mosque along with their teachers and fellow students . Not all kids would be going, those who don't fancy it, will stay in school. Dad said :2 days ONLY kids! To which the reply was -" alah might as well stay at home because at school tak belajar apa apa!"( no lessons in school!)- laaaa sapa suruh tak belajar apa apa? Why don't the teachers teach then?

Baju raya-- we are co-ordinating our colours to match my brother's wedding..Haiyaaa cerita hindustan betol lah my brother's wedding nih...:

Che-ri-ta Hindustan!! (in the style of Doraemon announcement)

My brother is the last in the family. The gap between him and the one above him is about 7 years, so he is the baby of the family. In fact when he first mentioned he wanted to get married, we thought hah? you are so young!! But then, although we rib him and tease him a lot, he IS almost 30. I had 2 kids by then. I guess because he had JUST come back from Japan and we don't really see him that much, we still think of him as that teenager fresh from school. he he sorry lah...

So anyway when he first mentioned he wanted to get married, he said he didn't want to do it so fast. I was pushing for the end of this year (he mentioned it in February this year) . Parents and him said no and he said no,he has discussed with the girl's side and they agreed to do it in March 2012. Aiyoo so long ahhh. I said too far away, why cant you marry in December? what are you waiting for? He said too short notice lah, he needed the time to plan....kasi chan lah nak planning. Ok lah....can accept...

So the date of the wedding was set to be in March (he said the girl's side wanted it) , and it was decided to be a joint thing. Mom not too happy to have joint event but then to save cost and after all we are from the boy's side, we are ok lah. Meetings were held between 2 families.

But then- brother and girlfriend are both in KL and they are both working in the same office! So how? So to allow my brother to date in peace, we came up with idea of tunang(engagement)- no go. Don't want to tunang. Ok then how about NIKAH(marry) terus?? Ok . Nikah ok.

But when?

Then the girl's side revealed that the girl's brother is going to get married in December. Hey why not have the nikah on the same day? After all the relatives are there allready right...heheheh - just have another event on top.

SET! Everyone agreed.

So new plan- Nikah (marriage) in December and then reception (joint) in March. JAUHNYA March from December! They told me, oh its because March is cuti sekolah. (school holiday!)

I said let's do a mini doa selamat reception after DecemberLAAAA - otherwise it will be nikah gantung (ie hanging) and you would not feel so nice to stay together. Which is ridiculous because they are working together in the same office.! Married but not married? Funny.

Dad said- hmm no lah, expensive to have another function. I offered our house. No lah, said dad.


My father one day, said because the one in March will be in Seremban, some of his invitees (like imam surau gombak and mom's Perak relatives ) would not be able to come? Shall we do something in KL then first?

I said lets do a mini doa selamat reception .Ok tak? (sounds familiar?)

Dad and Mom said - okay jugak tu..

Dad said - after March lah, we hold our reception .

I said haaa? Before tak leh? (See earlier argument) .> They said ok lah

Question then became - where.

if you hold it in the house-no space. Too small since my dad has renovated the house to the hilt. If you hold it in a hall- too grand. Mind you the girl's side would not be having their reception yet at this time. Nanti potong jalan pulak...kita boy kan...

So how.

Then all of a sudden....!

Mom and Dad - well of course mom blamed dad (Why does she always DO that? Its not necessary to be so defensive lah mom!Half our arguments is me going - just say it was you lah mom, no need to say it was dad who wanted it. It's ok if it was you lar mom) for changing his mind but the LATEST news is:

Nikah in late Nov and girl's side will hold their reception a week later and we hold our reception the week after that.

HAH?? Ni dah macam what I proposed ages ago je? Ie a traditional set up early marriage nikah gantung ke, joint reception ke apa ke.

Kenapa tak decide je macam ni earlier on??

THEN I FOUND OUT - my brother no 3 yang kat Ireland coming home in November......and not in March like he originally planned...

LAAA- PASAI TU KAAAA?? Awat tak habaq??? Dok lahh cerita kat kita yang nak plan lah, nak kumpoi duit lah, nak habis kan closing accountlah, nak tunggu cuti sekolah lah..rupanya nak tunggu abang tu ka???


So tu lah dia....and of course mom said Shah lah ni, mana boleh takda abang teh dia masa kawin?

Ye ke Shah? Abang teh yang memang seantero dunia tahu is mom's favourite ? heheheh ..I rasa yang nak tunggu tu my mom... tak palah tunggu- cakap je lah kan...

Hiiiiiii complicated nye. Baru lah my brother yang nak kawin ni terflattered abang dia nak balik early JUST for him when he found out that my brother and sis in law's best friend is also getting married in Novemberr....

So now my youngest brother is a BIIIT offended because he thinks my no 3 brother comes home because of the best friend..and not because of him-- haa JAWAB sazzli jawab! hehehehehe

As for me...I am now looking at halls, cards, wedding presents etc!!
As for my husband- he has run to the hospital!!

THE END ....!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hariraya hampers

Why oh why was I born with NOT a single creative bone in my body..?

Then, I can ribbon, and basket, and weave, and bows to my hearts' content..!I wish I can do hampers that are value for money and impress people, My best talent now is to buy these ribbons baskets etc.

I am battling with my boss about hampers. I want to give everyone and he said we must of course look at cost . Dang cost! (Ceh millionaire style)- yeah lah we have to see the prices.. and the prices vary like anything.

I seriously do NOT want to get the normal kedai supermarket hampers (you know, the one that is triangle shaped and contain PEANUTS or longan tin). ..he wants Harrods hampers..hmm thats an idea...its the novelty isnt it.

Im thinking of layering cakes and cookies in one huge basket and giving to one huge department and say NAH. FOR ALL. Because I would hate it if some one said I dint get it how come? I remember one time at old firm when it was my job to give the parcels by hand, and I skipped a few desks...boy did I feel bad or what.

Boy I think I should try being a client must be nice to receive hampers! :)
Or maybe go into hampers business-- toobad about the talent thing!


My husband talks a lot about his schooldays, most particularly the first 2 years he went abroad. (Ni belum masuk chapter dia borak pasal budak budak Oxbridge, budak budak MCKK dan lain lain nye)

The first 2 years must be quite special lah kot. It must have been such a culture shock for this Kluang boy, whom I don't imagine spoke English very often (I must check) , to land in a quintessentially english school ala ala Hogwarts, surrounded by rich boys (they must have been rich to go there in the first place seing the fees!) and not knowing anyone. He talks most about these 3 people, Pee, Mart and Ed, not because they were rich but because they were the kindest to him and they took him in. I have no doubt that he has filtered the stories (hehe innocent je story dia) but what came through was how they invited him to their homes, treated him as one of them - they took him skiing , they went walking on the Pennine Ways(orang puteh je yang gila jalan ratus ratus batu ni) and he also cycled through France for a whole month one time when his mom thought he was coming home.(NO WAY lah ok Johan if you have any such ideas ha ha) Their friendship continued after A levels and into Uni- they went skiing in his third year kot..I remember dapat postcard dia ...eee menyampah nye...aku sampai harini lah tak pernah lah , every year pregnant je kat UK tu kan....Padanlah tak pernah nampak dia kat Uni dulu..berjalan rupanye.

Kalau orang dengar sure meluat actually.

My first encounter with the maggimee hair (what my friend Thush called Mart) and Ed was when they both came to the flat , Masa tu bunga bunga cinta (Woooot!) baru nak ada lah so he was busy bringing all his friends to see me, his aunties his cousins. (macam nak mintak permission lak) I thought they were ok, very English. Penatgaklah nak speaking je dengan depa nih aaa

Anyway we came home, yadiyadi yaaa,made five children, made a life of our own, made a lot of debts ha ha and we kept hearing these stories about Mart and Eddie and Pee. He would wonder aloud mana lah these ppl now and what they were doing....ada lah email add which he would not use...Dia mana pandai carik orang kan so his wife lah jadik STALKER INTERNET... and I spent a lot of time looking for these people...

Ed senang sikit cause he worked with BMW and came over during one F1 race ..i remember my brother and me taking him up Genting Highland (Sazzli i think). And we had dinner at the KL Tower (tu je lah once)

And we visited Ed in Oxford 2 years ago (or last year?) when we went balik kampung (ha ha) to the UK. (yelah jumpa kawan and sedara je tak tengok sights sangat) . He now is married with 2 kids.

Pee was next - that was bizzare. Because dia lah paling takda dalam internet. I found him once in a shipping company in France, then he was gone. Finally I found this guy who was in Lisbon sounding about right and I emailed him and asked if he was the right Pee and he replied saying YES HE WAS STAY AWAY FROM ME you crazy woman, He he !

NO he didnt -he actually gave his contact number and guess what. I told my husband and he was so excited but he DID NOT call the guy until THIS YEAR , a whole year later, and itu pun I yang dialkan...tapi bila dah call wah so excited, hubby started talking about going to Lisbon, but lo and behold a few months later...Piers had a job in Singapore and KL!! And we met up with him!!

Mart lagi kelakar...he left England for the States to follow anak dia and girlfriend dia yang kawin lain and he has been there since 1999 and I found him via FB. Hubby memang tau email dia tapi takda lah keep in touch sangat. Dok talk about himmmmm all the time . Mart bukan balas pun..! So I started conversation on FB with Mart, the odd hi and such, hubby started talking about going to San Diego - but suddenly he said he was coming over to KL for a sales conference!

Bizzare coincidence? or depa ni taknak kita datang visit ?? hehehehe

So anyway Mart was here until this morning, we totally loved him. He is so humble, nak puasa dengan kita, refused to eat, refused to drink and I could see he was going to faint kot lah kita ni kan lasak..except we sleep a lot. hehehe. He played monopoly with the kids and they loved it (since we never play) ..dia nak tau about our religion. walhal dia staunch christian..kalau kita lah , sure freak out nak tanya pasal orang punya bible right..this guy siap baca lagi books on Islam. Why are we so easily threatened? We all bawak dia pi JADI BATEK gallery where he painted batek along with my kids (my kids tak bosan bosan nak buat tshirt etc) and we brought him back to my kampung for tahlil where he ate masak lemak cili api (oghang rombau kan) and he bersila (kesian gak lenguh) - sporting lah basically.

I hope my husband terubatlah rindu pada boyfriend dia tiga orang nih.....he he he

(PS Johan demam rindu )

Friday, August 12, 2011


Someone who worked with my husband suddenly appeared in the news - he divorced his wife!!

The wife is someone famous' daughter...

The grounds of divorce- the wife suspected the husband to have another family for the last 6 years of the marriage....and have 2 kids with the 2nd wife!

SIX YEARS?? Which means that the first marriage lasted only 5 years before the husband took another wife.

When asked directly this guy refused to confirm or deny. But anyway they divorced.

Sayang...thefather in law has been really nice to this guy. And they have 3 kids together...Why lah divorce?? In the first place, why lah you go and marry another one? If its true? (But if its not true would the courts allow them to divorce?)

Eee how did this guy manage to hide the 2nd family? Especially the kids! Kids demand all your attention! School stuff, or baby stuff, or cannot be hidden! At least in your car, you'll leave hints!

Poor wife.... What would yOU do?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bump Lagi!

Now I'm at PCM%C waiting for husband.

He called and said shall we have iftar together without the kids?

My first thought- erks now I have to tell Bibik to cook! I thought of cooking earlier. Quickly called bibik to instruct her to do kueyteow soup..

he came over to fetch me from the office and it turned out that he had to go back to the hospital....ada emergency..ooohh padanlah kita buka kat luar yannnnngg no wonder we are eating outside.

So off we went to the hospital and he went to operate on this little boy who needs about 8 stitches (or was it 8 laceration? or was it an 8 mm deep wound??) Hmm the number 8 was involved. I went to do Solat Asar in the prayer room and said babai...

When I came out I saw--- HIM!

My friend who was my pretend pretend bopren when I was about 15..the one that had a thing for me tu...the one that I kept bumping into since the year 2011 ni..for some reason...all these years we never meet, and lo and behold we bump into each other again at this hospital.

And whats more bizzare...lo and behold, his son is the one who my husband is operating on...ha ha ha

of course, we exchanged awkward small talk , he introduced me to his daughter , I heard my mouth say you are so pretty, she is warily looking at me, and he's going I know this auntie since we were in Malacca lagi when we were this small (about 10 years old height) , and I thought- is this guy crazy?? When did I ever meet him in Melaka? Until I realise he could be referring to my year in Terendak Camp- oh my gawd did I meet him there and did not remember him? Ersk ... In the end he said my wife is over there waiting for your husband and I thought . this is weird.

The world works in a mysterious way....the lesson here is--- DON'T BURN YOUR BRIDGES! You never know who your husband might operate on!

He he he!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dark and gloomy

Sometimes's just not worth it.

It's not worth being shouted at, it's not worth having to rush and pressure other people because your client made the promise that they will do x y z by a certain time (which you did not have anything to do with) , it's not worth having to push other people to do their jobs that they are getting paid for and to hold their hands and its not worth having to nag and its not worth answering for mistakes that ultimately, will stop at your desk. Above all, it's not worth having people treat your service with so very little respect and expect premium for peanuts. It is just not worth it.

Maybe it's me. Maybe I suck. Maybe I don't know how to delegate . Maybe I don't know how to lead, how to follow up. Maybe my people skills are bad. Maybe it's me. Of course it's me.

Sigh..(will return to bright and sunny soon. As of now the weather forecast is gloomy)

Rumah oh rumah continued....

People!!! I went to the new house yesterday to see the insides (again) and guess what- the neighbour (who was showing me around) had ANOTHER house for sale there - no 7 jalan 3B. And its really NICE! Waaaaa did I make the wrong decision?? It's been totally renovated and has the shutters that I like too and is on the same road as the exit from the school.

NO SHILA!!! I have not made the wrong decision lah. it's 1.9m lowest (which is funny since the board that the neighbour put up said RM1.8 nego, but when I asked him what is nego he said lowest RM1.9! ha ha) Anyway it's out of our budget. Plus it's on the inside road and not facing the main road like our present house . Plus if we change our mind we are going to forfeit the 2 percent deposit....

Inilah cobaan.....Kalaulah aku ada duit mauku beli dua dua.....

And masa ni lahhhhh the neighbour tells me that the house right in front of me belongs to SHU*IB LA**ZIM. (I didnt know him but when I googled him I found out he was one of the DA*TUK T trio. And apparently he is a reallll nice guy (*NOT). Very not the friendly. Oh well nasib baiklah jalan tu besar takda lah laga hidung dengan dia....

My next door neighbour now (the one showing me around) is v nice. You would not think he has a big 22 year old son (and many other sons you know, trouble??) and he is a property manager. (googling up what a property manager actually does) and he is a property speculator. Beli and then FLIP. (Wah I pun dah pandai jargon jargon ni)- lots of money to be made (tapi can also rugi kan) . Anyway he had a lot of ideas for MY House. Letak pool lah, extend lah, reformat lah....

Ok jom sahur...

Monday, August 08, 2011

The astronaut's a dad!

nak tengok anak angkasawan??

She is so cute ! Boy babies these days grow a lot bigger faster eh?? My mom used to tell me dulu dulu 2 weeks old tak tau apa lagi this baby dah sengeh sengeh!

Lovely name by the way. Wonder if she carries a Siti infront of the Sophea Isabella!? Siti Sophea..

Congratulations Drs!!

Raya shopping

Raya shopping ...sigh

MUST you buy new things for raya? Sadly, for my kids, yes. Because they outgrow their clothes at an amazing rate. My daughters wear my clothes allready. (One of them anyway)

I don't mind sangat because we don't shop usually. They pass their clothes down anyway right. Kesian kaklong lah, dia yang pass things down. In fact she had been asking to go out shopping dah lama dah. Shopping is fun. I just don't like shopping when there are lots of people. I prefer GE Mall over KLCC for example. Jalan TAR is a no no no ...unless its at 10 am.

Yesterday , finally I gritted my teeth and took them to one of the busy malls. Masa pergi tak crowded, nak balik, so ramai ! I was with my eldest 2 and youngest 2. The middle one had seminar UPSR which she went to in protest.

When they were younger, we'd buy their things for them .Now, I have to let them choose. They have different style and sizes!

The mission : get blouses and jeans. 5 minutes on arrival , it became clear that my 2 elder girls were natural born shoppers. They were browsing leisurely, happily oblivious to the younger 2 who were getting restless and starting to invent games like let's run around the store or let's fight each other. In the end I left the kaklong and kakngah on the women's floor (women dah!sigh) and took the other 2 up to the kids' floor.

And I discovered that my no 4 is ALSO a natural born shopper once she was in the right place! She knew what she wanted and happily pulled things to try. She is such a girlie girl , the things she chose. But nak beli tshirt kena carik long sleeves and not much choice sadly. So happy to find her baju kurung there that fits her and that she liked - I can cross THAT off the list. In and out gak lah kita masuk changing rooom ..jojo's baju melayu lah, jeans lah. My son never mentioned it before but apparently he only has 2 pairs of good jeans left. he had his sight on one shirt over a teeshirt and wanted that. He was also particular about his jeans, not too long, not too loose. He doesn't like short sleeve shirts. He likes long sleeve shirts (so belia kan).

Thankfully that was soon done and we went to find our other 2. Round round gak lah since they were nowhere to be found. After going round the floor 3 times we found them in the changing rooms. They had found several blouses and i rushed them to the counter....tu pun ada hati nak try try lagi. 1 plus hours is not enough time! Girls.!

And out we go!

By the time we were going home it was crowded dah...with prams, and mommies holding kids' hands and daddies looking harrassed. he he he.

Shopping not done yet! We still have to get the baju kurung of no 1 2 and 3. And the tops for no 3..

Next week lah pulak

You all dah shopping?? .

Thursday, August 04, 2011

ode to Mrs Nordin

(me, Mrs N and Tireless Mom!)
Im reading Mrs Nordin's blog- yay!! You've returned to the blogworld!! I love your writing!

I feel so blessed to know you actually. You are put on earth solely for the reason of SORTING ME OUT I believe- heheheh you are my JIMINY CRICKET! Semalam I really tak tau what to do,** I called you and you provided the voice of reason that cuts through whatever crapz that I feel. Hahahaha!

You are SO the opposite of me. Calm, no nonsense. Practical. Adorable. Very trendy. Someone who really does not like, and is not, "remeh" (petty). A straight talker. Someone with a soft heart, really. NOT a drama queen. See? My very opposite ha ha!

But! You also have very interesting problems issues and thoughts which you very kindly let me tell you what I think! hehehehehe! And I feel that you appreciate my views, for what it's worth!

Hope our friendship lasts and lasts! Insyallah!!

** Yesterday the maid agent called. This guy took my money 2 years ago, then did not do any permit for my maid until now. He said because my maid wanted to go home (2 months into her arrival) he had missed the deadline to register her for fomema etc. This is what he said now, before he kept telling me the papers are in the post, on the way, etc etc. Last month he said the docs are with the kedutaan because of the freeze. Then thismonth I called him because my maid wants to go home and the passports are with him, he said she has to go through pemutihan (Cleansing) and this will cost me RM500 please (RM50 of which is hisupah, thanks) The cheek! So I took the maid myself to another agent to register her as having NO DOCUMENTS (Well, I'm severing all ties with this guy) and now he's calling me and I didn't pick up because I actually takut he might find out that I wentbehind his back!! And Mrs N said APA NAK TAKUT?? BASUH JE DIA!! Something like that. But I still will not take his calls lah. TAK PAYAH!!! :)

Chatting over Dinner

Ramadhan is a lot of things, but to me it's also family time. We breakfast and break our fast together and it's been really nice to sit with the entire family, chatting. Being able to be home ahead of breaking fast time, and not being rushed, means everyone is relaxed and wound down and everyone can be in a pleasant mood. My kids also realise their mom is a comedienne as I make fun of them or relate a funny story (or make the story funny). Ha ha. Tinggal tak join rajalawak je.

Dad is also at home more since fasting begun (ok ok baru 3 hari so we shall see) and I hope the trend continues. He seems tired and perhaps this is due to the sudden stop of coffee (1 cup instead of 6 a day~!) or perhaps its work or perhaps he's burnt out or what but whatever it is I'm just grateful that he seems to be enjoying spending time with the family and me. Spending time with us is paramount to me at whatever the cost, even if it means loss of income! he he he

So lastnight we talked about HOMESCHOOLING for Sara and perhaps Sophia. Homeschooling in my mind is when you keep your child at home and try to teach him yourself. But apparently now there's homeschooling where it's more like TUTION - about 10 kids with teachers teaching them physics, science etc etc. The students will all sit for O levels and you basically commit to this path and give up on the local syllabus lar basically. Ie,you decide NOW that the kids will not get (government) scholarship or others where being in proper school is required. But the kids study like 2 days a week. Other days you have to find other ways to fill in their time. There are teachers for Islamic studies and hafazan as well.

So I thought maybe Sara will do better under this way of teaching. She and Sophia. Macam tak do so well je in the current school cause they don't really push them to excell. They are doing ok (I just read wanshana's blog and shana! Your kids are amazing!! I am such a bad mom cause my kids are soooo not like your kids!) With the exeption of perhaps my eldest who is going to be Head Girl in the school (Woot !! Well done!!) my other kids are doing ok. Not failing, still in the top 5 but not excellently excellent.

So the kids loved this homeschooling idea! (No proper school?? What's not to love?) -

Nadine the HeadPrefect to be and the (Unofficial) Defender of Hogswart/Adni is against the idea, arguing (semenjak dah jadi debater ni ashik argueeeee je) that school is not just about the subjects but also things like community, qiyam, extra curricular activities. I countered by saying we can join outside club.

Then Nadine said - but you won't get to be prefects if you are homeschooled!!

And there is the catch. And Sara wants to be a prefect for such a long time. And she should be, and she deserves to be.

So how now?? hehehehehe

Oh well, husband is of course of the opinion that PMR and UPSR and SPM is good enough for us it will be good enough for our kids. Hehehehhehe

So how???

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

petang petang

I go through my days feeling very guilty these days. You know why? You know when your friend or neighbour keeps giving you things and you keep forgetting to call them, or forgetting their birthday, or perhaps not think of them too much and also not giving back to them as much as you should?

Well that's how I feel. I feel He has given me a lot of things, most of all a happy family and (so far) happy children and I am doing precious little to give back. I read Mawarnafastari's blog and it's so sad and she 's so brave., she's only 26 and married 3 years, to someone who was a friend to a friend and a very good soul. They both came home from their stint in Pakistan, and on their way to surprise his parents , the car hit a horse (what were the odds) and he was gone and she was a widow and a single mom of 2 all in one night. I feel her pain because she was so happy when it happened, a doting husband etc etc. But you can read her strong spirit between her despair and far from being a voyeur who loves to read about other people's misery this lady inspires me to be grateful to be grateful and above all, to be grateful.

I have to collect the gifts I want to give back for all my blessings. More prayers more charity etc, ,more berbakti to my parents more ibadah > for me its not that easy...malas...procrastinate....a thousand and one excuse.. nak tidor....sat lagi...banyak kerja....every day I pray- make it easy!!! let me remember to return the favour, say thanks and express my thanks

Eh,,,very muslimah lak this posting....mentanglah tunggu nak buka.....he he he


(Surah albaqarah- ayat 44 and 45)
Do you order righteousness of the people and forget yourselves while you recite the Scripture? Then will you not reason?
And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah ]

So...I have been told! personally! keep trying keep trying.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Hi Ramadhan


1st day fasting is over.....I am NOT and sophia. Nadine Sara Daya and Bibik went across the road (malunya surau depaaan rumah)..and jojo ikut Dadof6 and his sons. Sebabnya? daddy is not mummy has to stay home's not often that daddy is struck down...tapi takpa! kita buat later ok? Janji ok? Right now he's sleeping off the headache and joint aches. Married ladies out there will understand that when the husband gets sick it's always worse than all the children getting sick combined. ha ha ha! (The funny thing is I know he will be ok tomorrow JUST in time to go to work)

I broke my fast with 3 dates. Was quite happy to just have that. Then I had a bit of rice. Then of course I had to eat the cupcakes Dari*na left. Then KG very kindly kirimed the banana cobbler. So what happened to my 3 dates?? hehehee..everyday like this sure gemokkzzz lagi

Ok bye I am supervising Sophia's BM revision. Alahaiii how ah? Just do your best Sophia. (I went to the doc just now to check Sophia out. She's not been able to pray for the last 3 plus weeks. Happily doc said it was just hormonal imbalance btw and prescribed pills for her to take - its really contraceptive pills!! Aiyoo I sendiri never took , my 12 year old is taking them now. Kelakar as the staff at the hospital did not believe that she was only 12 and kept calling her Puan)

Byee !

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...