Monday, August 22, 2011

6.50 pm

Dah seminggu tak puasa ni (announcing dengan tak malunya) , rasa susah tol nak puasa today. Lembikkknyaaaa>But thank you God, the workload has been much so that I couldn't take a nap like I planned and neither could i go home. I didnt even get to do the work that i really wanted to do!!

Anyway im melayaning FB now and catching up on old friends. Tadi the door bell rang and thinking it was husband I went lah to see. Sekali mamat Arab! I am the only one left in the office now and I don't think I want to open the door thank you. He said he was a client and he has been trying to call the office for ages and la...anyway I called HIM back from the office line and he went away.

Did I lose a client? Lantak takut

Anyway husband wanted me to come along for a buka puasa at Aseana. Mmm normally he doesn't ask me along to his KingTho (MCKK) apa hai nih. Ok lah I pun tak kesah , although I prefer to eat at be honest wiht you. cereal pun jadiklah..

Mana dia nih....nasib baik lah ada kurma dalam opis...ada chan buka posa sini. ...

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