Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bump Lagi!

Now I'm at PCM%C waiting for husband.

He called and said shall we have iftar together without the kids?

My first thought- erks now I have to tell Bibik to cook! I thought of cooking earlier. Quickly called bibik to instruct her to do kueyteow soup..

he came over to fetch me from the office and it turned out that he had to go back to the hospital....ada emergency..ooohh padanlah kita buka kat luar yannnnngg no wonder we are eating outside.

So off we went to the hospital and he went to operate on this little boy who needs about 8 stitches (or was it 8 laceration? or was it an 8 mm deep wound??) Hmm the number 8 was involved. I went to do Solat Asar in the prayer room and said babai...

When I came out I saw--- HIM!

My friend who was my pretend pretend bopren when I was about 15..the one that had a thing for me tu...the one that I kept bumping into since the year 2011 ni..for some reason...all these years we never meet, and lo and behold we bump into each other again at this hospital.

And whats more bizzare...lo and behold, his son is the one who my husband is operating on...ha ha ha

of course, we exchanged awkward small talk , he introduced me to his daughter , I heard my mouth say you are so pretty, she is warily looking at me, and he's going I know this auntie since we were in Malacca lagi when we were this small (about 10 years old height) , and I thought- is this guy crazy?? When did I ever meet him in Melaka? Until I realise he could be referring to my year in Terendak Camp- oh my gawd did I meet him there and did not remember him? Ersk ... In the end he said my wife is over there waiting for your husband and I thought . this is weird.

The world works in a mysterious way....the lesson here is--- DON'T BURN YOUR BRIDGES! You never know who your husband might operate on!

He he he!


MrsNordin said...

Hee..hee... That's all I can say about that!


My motto in life. Always be nice.hehehe..

Superwomanwannabe said...

I hope they dont read my blog is all I can say !!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hmm should I delete this post??

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