Saturday, August 20, 2011

Complications of wedding planning!

Last 10 days of fasting month!!!

Sara and Nadine want to go to the Masjid Damansara for itiqaf- they'll be staying there for 7 days in the mosque along with their teachers and fellow students . Not all kids would be going, those who don't fancy it, will stay in school. Dad said :2 days ONLY kids! To which the reply was -" alah might as well stay at home because at school tak belajar apa apa!"( no lessons in school!)- laaaa sapa suruh tak belajar apa apa? Why don't the teachers teach then?

Baju raya-- we are co-ordinating our colours to match my brother's wedding..Haiyaaa cerita hindustan betol lah my brother's wedding nih...:

Che-ri-ta Hindustan!! (in the style of Doraemon announcement)

My brother is the last in the family. The gap between him and the one above him is about 7 years, so he is the baby of the family. In fact when he first mentioned he wanted to get married, we thought hah? you are so young!! But then, although we rib him and tease him a lot, he IS almost 30. I had 2 kids by then. I guess because he had JUST come back from Japan and we don't really see him that much, we still think of him as that teenager fresh from school. he he sorry lah...

So anyway when he first mentioned he wanted to get married, he said he didn't want to do it so fast. I was pushing for the end of this year (he mentioned it in February this year) . Parents and him said no and he said no,he has discussed with the girl's side and they agreed to do it in March 2012. Aiyoo so long ahhh. I said too far away, why cant you marry in December? what are you waiting for? He said too short notice lah, he needed the time to plan....kasi chan lah nak planning. Ok lah....can accept...

So the date of the wedding was set to be in March (he said the girl's side wanted it) , and it was decided to be a joint thing. Mom not too happy to have joint event but then to save cost and after all we are from the boy's side, we are ok lah. Meetings were held between 2 families.

But then- brother and girlfriend are both in KL and they are both working in the same office! So how? So to allow my brother to date in peace, we came up with idea of tunang(engagement)- no go. Don't want to tunang. Ok then how about NIKAH(marry) terus?? Ok . Nikah ok.

But when?

Then the girl's side revealed that the girl's brother is going to get married in December. Hey why not have the nikah on the same day? After all the relatives are there allready right...heheheh - just have another event on top.

SET! Everyone agreed.

So new plan- Nikah (marriage) in December and then reception (joint) in March. JAUHNYA March from December! They told me, oh its because March is cuti sekolah. (school holiday!)

I said let's do a mini doa selamat reception after DecemberLAAAA - otherwise it will be nikah gantung (ie hanging) and you would not feel so nice to stay together. Which is ridiculous because they are working together in the same office.! Married but not married? Funny.

Dad said- hmm no lah, expensive to have another function. I offered our house. No lah, said dad.


My father one day, said because the one in March will be in Seremban, some of his invitees (like imam surau gombak and mom's Perak relatives ) would not be able to come? Shall we do something in KL then first?

I said lets do a mini doa selamat reception .Ok tak? (sounds familiar?)

Dad and Mom said - okay jugak tu..

Dad said - after March lah, we hold our reception .

I said haaa? Before tak leh? (See earlier argument) .> They said ok lah

Question then became - where.

if you hold it in the house-no space. Too small since my dad has renovated the house to the hilt. If you hold it in a hall- too grand. Mind you the girl's side would not be having their reception yet at this time. Nanti potong jalan pulak...kita boy kan...

So how.

Then all of a sudden....!

Mom and Dad - well of course mom blamed dad (Why does she always DO that? Its not necessary to be so defensive lah mom!Half our arguments is me going - just say it was you lah mom, no need to say it was dad who wanted it. It's ok if it was you lar mom) for changing his mind but the LATEST news is:

Nikah in late Nov and girl's side will hold their reception a week later and we hold our reception the week after that.

HAH?? Ni dah macam what I proposed ages ago je? Ie a traditional set up early marriage nikah gantung ke, joint reception ke apa ke.

Kenapa tak decide je macam ni earlier on??

THEN I FOUND OUT - my brother no 3 yang kat Ireland coming home in November......and not in March like he originally planned...

LAAA- PASAI TU KAAAA?? Awat tak habaq??? Dok lahh cerita kat kita yang nak plan lah, nak kumpoi duit lah, nak habis kan closing accountlah, nak tunggu cuti sekolah lah..rupanya nak tunggu abang tu ka???


So tu lah dia....and of course mom said Shah lah ni, mana boleh takda abang teh dia masa kawin?

Ye ke Shah? Abang teh yang memang seantero dunia tahu is mom's favourite ? heheheh ..I rasa yang nak tunggu tu my mom... tak palah tunggu- cakap je lah kan...

Hiiiiiii complicated nye. Baru lah my brother yang nak kawin ni terflattered abang dia nak balik early JUST for him when he found out that my brother and sis in law's best friend is also getting married in Novemberr....

So now my youngest brother is a BIIIT offended because he thinks my no 3 brother comes home because of the best friend..and not because of him-- haa JAWAB sazzli jawab! hehehehehe

As for me...I am now looking at halls, cards, wedding presents etc!!
As for my husband- he has run to the hospital!!

THE END ....!!


Superwomanwannabe said...


mamasita said...

Superwomanwannabe..DON'T FORGET TO INVITE ME!! I PUN YOUR BEST FRIEND KAN?? Heeehee..( bila masa I jadi best fren kan?)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. mmg kelakar.... I hope Sazzli baca ni!!!.... So date fix tak? My family trip to Spore is at halt now sbb nak confirm date for Shah's wedding, we wanna be there too for him :)

-aida yurani-

Superwomanwannabe said...

Oh Mamasita,sungguh terhonour nye I kalau you bff I ha ha- haa boleh boleh nanti I hantar kad! :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yah Aida- its now - 27th nikah, 4th the girl's side and 11th our side!

MrsNordin said...

Best! There's a wedding coming! Actually, I dah lama tak pegi a proper wedding ceremony. The last one tu was my BIL's lah (the one you & Jab jadi MC). Kinda miss it. Baju pegi orang kawin banyak, tapi no occasion to wear it.

So your brother ter-senget, is it? Hee.. hee.. And I thought you are your dad's "anak emas"?? Enjoy the chaos. You'll love it, this being the last wedding in your family!

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