Someone who worked with my husband suddenly appeared in the news - he divorced his wife!!

The wife is someone famous' daughter...

The grounds of divorce- the wife suspected the husband to have another family for the last 6 years of the marriage....and have 2 kids with the 2nd wife!

SIX YEARS?? Which means that the first marriage lasted only 5 years before the husband took another wife.

When asked directly this guy refused to confirm or deny. But anyway they divorced.

Sayang...thefather in law has been really nice to this guy. And they have 3 kids together...Why lah divorce?? In the first place, why lah you go and marry another one? If its true? (But if its not true would the courts allow them to divorce?)

Eee how did this guy manage to hide the 2nd family? Especially the kids! Kids demand all your attention! School stuff, or baby stuff, or Raya..kids cannot be hidden! At least in your car, you'll leave hints!

Poor wife.... What would yOU do?


MrsNordin said…
Wow.. this is BIG news! 6 years and the wife didn't know??? Now I'm really going to check on my husband!!!

If I were the 1st wife, I'll divorce him for cheating me and ask for a lot of money!!
Anonymous said…
Now I'm very curious..if I were financially dependant on the husband, I think kenala sabar esp if he's providing well, not abusive etc etc..only because of the children. More often than not, after divorce sure anak2 lose out. BUT if I were financially independant..I'll do like Mrs N!!

Anonymous said…
this guy dont deserve to be alive anymore...cheated his wife for 5 yrs. i wonder whr is his conscience.

Anonymous said…
ni dasar lelaki i tak gemar ni, ada hati nak kawen lain, tapi sorok,.... aiyoh!!!!

Nadine said…
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Jah- berapa banyak wife is asked to bersabar...i think it depends on the wife..I know some who still stays even though financially they can say babai. The man tu tak pikir ke how much hurt they cause...
Mrs N- heheh I think you can trust your husband...but yeah by all means do surprise him now and again..romantic pun,DOnt be too lazy to wine and dine him girl!!
Sally..senang. his conscience was in his pants. Ha ha ha!
Aida..he knows how much he stands to lose..but then I think better come clean kan...face the music ...as second wife pun, not fair for you to be hidden away...karang mati karang baru lah jadi drama minggu ini

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