Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My husband talks a lot about his schooldays, most particularly the first 2 years he went abroad. (Ni belum masuk chapter dia borak pasal budak budak Oxbridge, budak budak MCKK dan lain lain nye)

The first 2 years must be quite special lah kot. It must have been such a culture shock for this Kluang boy, whom I don't imagine spoke English very often (I must check) , to land in a quintessentially english school ala ala Hogwarts, surrounded by rich boys (they must have been rich to go there in the first place seing the fees!) and not knowing anyone. He talks most about these 3 people, Pee, Mart and Ed, not because they were rich but because they were the kindest to him and they took him in. I have no doubt that he has filtered the stories (hehe innocent je story dia) but what came through was how they invited him to their homes, treated him as one of them - they took him skiing , they went walking on the Pennine Ways(orang puteh je yang gila jalan ratus ratus batu ni) and he also cycled through France for a whole month one time when his mom thought he was coming home.(NO WAY lah ok Johan if you have any such ideas ha ha) Their friendship continued after A levels and into Uni- they went skiing in his third year kot..I remember dapat postcard dia ...eee menyampah nye...aku sampai harini lah tak pernah skiing...ye lah , every year pregnant je kat UK tu kan....Padanlah tak pernah nampak dia kat Uni dulu..berjalan rupanye.

Kalau orang dengar sure meluat actually.

My first encounter with the maggimee hair (what my friend Thush called Mart) and Ed was when they both came to the flat , Masa tu bunga bunga cinta (Woooot!) baru nak ada lah so he was busy bringing all his friends to see me, his aunties his cousins. (macam nak mintak permission lak) I thought they were ok, very English. Penatgaklah nak speaking je dengan depa nih aaa

Anyway we came home, yadiyadi yaaa,made five children, made a life of our own, made a lot of debts ha ha and we kept hearing these stories about Mart and Eddie and Pee. He would wonder aloud mana lah these ppl now and what they were doing....ada lah email add which he would not use...Dia mana pandai carik orang kan so his wife lah jadik STALKER INTERNET... and I spent a lot of time looking for these people...

Ed senang sikit cause he worked with BMW and came over during one F1 race ..i remember my brother and me taking him up Genting Highland (Sazzli i think). And we had dinner at the KL Tower (tu je lah once)

And we visited Ed in Oxford 2 years ago (or last year?) when we went balik kampung (ha ha) to the UK. (yelah jumpa kawan and sedara je tak tengok sights sangat) . He now is married with 2 kids.

Pee was next - that was bizzare. Because dia lah paling takda dalam internet. I found him once in a shipping company in France, then he was gone. Finally I found this guy who was in Lisbon sounding about right and I emailed him and asked if he was the right Pee and he replied saying YES HE WAS STAY AWAY FROM ME you crazy woman, He he !

NO he didnt -he actually gave his contact number and guess what. I told my husband and he was so excited but he DID NOT call the guy until THIS YEAR , a whole year later, and itu pun I yang dialkan...tapi bila dah call wah so excited, hubby started talking about going to Lisbon, but lo and behold a few months later...Piers had a job in Singapore and KL!! And we met up with him!!

Mart lagi kelakar...he left England for the States to follow anak dia and girlfriend dia yang kawin lain and he has been there since 1999 and I found him via FB. Hubby memang tau email dia tapi takda lah keep in touch sangat. Dok talk about himmmmm all the time . Mart bukan balas pun..! So I started conversation on FB with Mart, the odd hi and such, hubby started talking about going to San Diego - but suddenly he said he was coming over to KL for a sales conference!

Bizzare coincidence? or depa ni taknak kita datang visit ?? hehehehe

So anyway Mart was here until this morning, we totally loved him. He is so humble, nak puasa dengan kita, refused to eat, refused to drink and I could see he was going to faint kot ...ye lah kita ni kan lasak..except we sleep a lot. hehehe. He played monopoly with the kids and they loved it (since we never play) ..dia nak tau about our religion. walhal dia staunch christian..kalau kita lah , sure freak out nak tanya pasal orang punya bible right..this guy siap baca lagi books on Islam. Why are we so easily threatened? We all bawak dia pi JADI BATEK gallery where he painted batek along with my kids (my kids tak bosan bosan nak buat tshirt etc) and we brought him back to my kampung for tahlil where he ate masak lemak cili api (oghang rombau kan) and he bersila (kesian gak lenguh) - sporting lah basically.

I hope my husband terubatlah rindu pada boyfriend dia tiga orang nih.....he he he

(PS Johan demam rindu )


Anonymous said...

Shila, Jab is a genius la..he didn't need to study too hard and still came out top. Zuber still relates this story to my kids..


Superwomanwannabe said...

benci kan. we all dulu pun dok say that. dia cycle cycle pas tu balik dapat award.

MrsNordin said...

Why do I get the feeling that you are a little "jealous" here...? :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Mrs N- I laaa baby sitter depa ni since mamat tu sebok..habih dah sejarah hidup depa I korek hihi

Im very happy for Jab..dia memang rindu dendam :)

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