Monday, August 01, 2011

Hi Ramadhan


1st day fasting is over.....I am NOT and sophia. Nadine Sara Daya and Bibik went across the road (malunya surau depaaan rumah)..and jojo ikut Dadof6 and his sons. Sebabnya? daddy is not mummy has to stay home's not often that daddy is struck down...tapi takpa! kita buat later ok? Janji ok? Right now he's sleeping off the headache and joint aches. Married ladies out there will understand that when the husband gets sick it's always worse than all the children getting sick combined. ha ha ha! (The funny thing is I know he will be ok tomorrow JUST in time to go to work)

I broke my fast with 3 dates. Was quite happy to just have that. Then I had a bit of rice. Then of course I had to eat the cupcakes Dari*na left. Then KG very kindly kirimed the banana cobbler. So what happened to my 3 dates?? hehehee..everyday like this sure gemokkzzz lagi

Ok bye I am supervising Sophia's BM revision. Alahaiii how ah? Just do your best Sophia. (I went to the doc just now to check Sophia out. She's not been able to pray for the last 3 plus weeks. Happily doc said it was just hormonal imbalance btw and prescribed pills for her to take - its really contraceptive pills!! Aiyoo I sendiri never took , my 12 year old is taking them now. Kelakar as the staff at the hospital did not believe that she was only 12 and kept calling her Puan)

Byee !

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Penat first day puasa bukan hungry, more of the headache and other aches. Hubby was down too as with our youngest-fever! Blame the weather. We did tarawikh at 2.30am after waking up after zonked out at 8.30 after solat maghrib. Terukkan? Wish I had KG as neighbour too, sure gemuksssssss.. :)

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