Thursday, August 04, 2011

ode to Mrs Nordin

(me, Mrs N and Tireless Mom!)
Im reading Mrs Nordin's blog- yay!! You've returned to the blogworld!! I love your writing!

I feel so blessed to know you actually. You are put on earth solely for the reason of SORTING ME OUT I believe- heheheh you are my JIMINY CRICKET! Semalam I really tak tau what to do,** I called you and you provided the voice of reason that cuts through whatever crapz that I feel. Hahahaha!

You are SO the opposite of me. Calm, no nonsense. Practical. Adorable. Very trendy. Someone who really does not like, and is not, "remeh" (petty). A straight talker. Someone with a soft heart, really. NOT a drama queen. See? My very opposite ha ha!

But! You also have very interesting problems issues and thoughts which you very kindly let me tell you what I think! hehehehehe! And I feel that you appreciate my views, for what it's worth!

Hope our friendship lasts and lasts! Insyallah!!

** Yesterday the maid agent called. This guy took my money 2 years ago, then did not do any permit for my maid until now. He said because my maid wanted to go home (2 months into her arrival) he had missed the deadline to register her for fomema etc. This is what he said now, before he kept telling me the papers are in the post, on the way, etc etc. Last month he said the docs are with the kedutaan because of the freeze. Then thismonth I called him because my maid wants to go home and the passports are with him, he said she has to go through pemutihan (Cleansing) and this will cost me RM500 please (RM50 of which is hisupah, thanks) The cheek! So I took the maid myself to another agent to register her as having NO DOCUMENTS (Well, I'm severing all ties with this guy) and now he's calling me and I didn't pick up because I actually takut he might find out that I wentbehind his back!! And Mrs N said APA NAK TAKUT?? BASUH JE DIA!! Something like that. But I still will not take his calls lah. TAK PAYAH!!! :)


MrsNordin said...

Thanks babe.. for this posting! I'm flattered! We complement each other, that's how I see it.. hee.. hee...

So, you didn't answer his call in the end? He's really teruk lah... Take people's money just like that. Tak de conscience ke?? Lepas tu boleh mintak RM500 pulak to "whiten" the maid when he should have done it a long time ago! Cis!

Now your maid nak balik, are you getting a replacement?

Superwomanwannabe said...

I did answer,and he selamba je i said he was slow ...tak da rasa bersalah langsung.

dah biasa buat

You know any replacement??

Anonymous said...

You ahhh... so baik hati..... Anyway, i thought agent's can only charge RM35 for the pemutihan thing?

fulltime mom

azrini said...

my sister also buat sendiri je for pemutihan tu...apparently the most any agent should charge you is around rm300...not more than that

Superwomanwannabe said...

azrini.. i had to call the guy in the end lar..sbb he is holding my maid's passport and apparently she needs it to make a new passport.

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