Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Raya preparation

Things to do :

1. Tukar duit raya. Need a lot of RM10 and RM5. Maybe also some RM2 for the kids that come from other places (I used to love doing that , but was not allowed !)

2. Baju raya Nadine Sara and Sophia- nampak gayanya kat Ampang Park je lah since they are away till lah to go buy. Unless I choose for them.

3. Angpow- set

4. Rendang- to buy meat. to cook rendang

5. Kueh raya

tu je lah.

Kad raya tak sempat nak hantar lah this year. Or ...should just hantar ??

1 comment:

Ezza said...

kat sini ,langsir pun masih belum siap ni..heheheh

Selamat hari raya Shila dan keluarga...

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